Overview... teenage nerd who father doesn’t understand him – not since he plays Dungeons and Dragons, but because all his friends space white. Though, the Dungeons and also Dragons gamings don’t help. His father Andre Sr. Is came to his children aren’t learning enough about their heritage and Andre Jr. Is exhibition A. The plays ar hockey instead of basketball and also wants a Bar Mitzvah.

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Personality... insecure, nervous, and also awkward. He’s carried on the Andre Johnson name, however none of the swag. His father flourished up on the hard streets of Compton and came the end the other side v a entirety lot the confidence. Andre Jr. Had actually a much gentler upbringing and also it shows. In fact, he is head that his school’s Young Republicans. It cd driver his dad crazy. Andre Sr. Has actually a most work come do.

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Dre Johnson flourished up in Compton, a tough component of Los Angeles. As soon as he accomplished success, he moved a few miles far to a nicer—but much whiter—part the town. He's trying come teach his kids to take it pride in your heritage in a mostly-white environment. But his son cares more about ar hockey 보다 basketball, and also his daughter's new boyfriend is not just white—he's French too!

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