X-Men: how Apocalypse REALLY developed Archangel when X-Men angel was gravely injured, Apocalypse transformed him into the Horsemen Death. This paved the way to his becoming Archangel.

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Warren Worthington III, aka Angel, was one of the initial members of the X-Men. Although he is just one of the founding members that the team, recruited by Professor Charles Xavier himself, point of view is probably finest known for his change at the hand of Apocalypse into Archangel.

The events leading up to Angel"s revolution began through the Mutant Massacre that developed in the "80s. A team of villains referred to as the Marauders got into the secret tunnel the the Morlocks (mutants living underneath brand-new York) and began slaughtering every mutant in sight. The event was shocking in the it was one of the many violent events in X-Men background and left a long-lasting impact on the X-men teams affiliated in the assault.

Angel suffered one of the many brutal injuries the the battle. The Marauder Harpoon threw his trademark spears right into Angel"s wings and left him pinned against one the the walls of the tunnel.

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together a an outcome of the damages suffered in ~ the hands of Harpoon, Angel"s wings to be amputated. This sent him into a deep depression, which led him to crash his an individual jet in what appeared to be an plot of suicide.

However, prior to he was eliminated in the explosion of his plane, Warren to be taken by Apocalypse. The immortal mutant offered Worthington the possibility to regain his wing if that agreed to serve Apocalypse as among his Horsemen. Despondent over all he had actually lost, Warren agreed.

When point of view was next seen in the pages of X-Factor, he had been totally changed through Apocalypse. His skin was blue and also he had razor sharp wings extending out that his back.

Warren"s abilities to be greatly enhanced as well. Prior to his transformation, his sole mutant ability was the power of flight, however his brand-new wings to be able to reduced through nearly anything at Warren"s command. The could also use the individual feather of the wings together projectiles that might not only slice through opponents but likewise temporarily paralysis them by method of a potent chemistry that worked as a neural inhibitor. Additionally, his new wings greatly increased his paris speed, allowing him to soar v the waiting at unprecedented speeds.

This brand-new incarnation of point of view was simply referred to as "Death" and he was the leader of Apocalypse"s Horsemen.

Death came into conflict with his former teammates in X-Factor throughout the Fall of the Mutants. The felt no loyalty toward them, in no small component due to medicine administered come him when Apocalypse experimented on him. Warren"s personality adjusted as well; while the was formerly a happy-go-lucky playboy, Warren ended up being cold and also brooding, a persona much more in line with his brand-new namesake.

While his previous teammates were reluctant to injury him, death had no such reservations and also used the weaknesses of his previous friends to loss them in your initial encounter. However, in a succeeding encounter, Iceman tricked Warren right into believing he had killed his previous friend and the shock was sufficient to get over the results of the drug and complimentary him from Apocalypse"s control.

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Once Warren was totally free and back in his best mind, the still retained elements of the dark personality he had taken on. He initially refused come rejoin X-Factor, rationalizing that he had readjusted too lot to proceed being a hero. He later on revisited the decision after a little of soul-searching (and the decapitation that arch-enemy Cameron Hodge) and also joined the team under the new code surname "Dark Angel" prior to deferring come "Archangel" during Inferno.

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While Warren has actually still struggled end the years through his new, darker persona, there is little doubt that the alterations come his powers have actually made him a better asset come the X-Men. Because his return, he has held his own with Wolverine and been a component of the mutant black-ops team X-Force; he was even offered leadership of a team of X-Men. The changes to his character have actually resonated well v fans end the years, do him not only one of the many venerable members of the team but likewise one that the many popular.