In the majority of insects, gas exreadjust is accomplished by __________.

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A. LungsB. Flame bulbsC. A tracheal systemD. Publication lungsE. Diffusion throughout the exoskeleton
Some digestion in sponges takes area in the __________.
A. AmoebocytesB. Gastrointestinal tractC. OsculumD. Gastrovascular cavityE. Spongocoel
The proglottids of a tapeworm contain an elaborate __________ device.
A. SensoryB. CirculatoryC. ReproductiveD. AttachmentE. Digestive
Cephalopods are the just molluscs __________.
A. That are hermaphroditesB. That recreate sexuallyC. That have actually a mantle that produces a shellD. With a closed circulatory systemE. With segmented bodies
Evolutionary adaptations used by plants and pets for maximizing surface area incorporate every one of the adhering to other than _________.
A. FoldingB. FlatteningC. BallooningD. BranchingE. Producing projections
Characteristic of the clade Lophotrochozoa are features such as a lophophore, which is a(n) _________, and also a trochophore, which is a(n) _________.
A. larval stage; crown of ciliated tentacles for feedingB. adult stage; crown of ciliated tentacles for feedingC. crvery own of stinging tentacles for feeding; larval stageD. crvery own of ciliated tentacles for feeding; adult stageE. crown of ciliated tentacles for feeding; larval stage
Animal species that are endangered by extinction are mainly in the phylum ________.
A. PoriferaB. MolluscaC. RotiferaD. AnnelidaE. Arthropoda
The ________ is the middle matter of a sponge and is written of a ________.
A. mesoderm; gelatinous matrixB. mesohyl; chitinous matrixC. mesohyl; gelatinous matrixD. mesophyll; chitinous matrixE. mesophyll; gelatinous matrix
The two phyla that have actually characteristic U-shaped alimentary canals and a crvery own of ciliated tentacles are the ________ and the ________.
A. Rhabditophora; rotifersB. Ectoprocta; BrachiopodaC. Catenulida; rotifersD. Rhabditophora; TrematodesE. Catenulida; Trematodes
The three major body parts of the phylum Mollusca are a ___________.
A. Muscular foot, a visceral mass, and a scolexB. Muscular foot, a visceral mass, and also a radulaC. Muscular foot, a visceral mass, and also a mantleD. Muscular foot, a proglottid, and a mantleE. Lophophore, a visceral mass, and also a mantle
Some species of rotifers undergo parthenogenesis, which implies that __________.
A. The species consists of just females that produce even more females from unfertilized eggsB. Their larval phase of development looks entirely different from the adult stageC. They melted their exoskeleton as they growD. During advance of adult creates, some of the organs that were bilateral are diminished in dimension or are shed on one side of the bodyE. Each individual features as both male and also female in sexual reproduction by developing sperm and eggs
A significant characteristic of arthropods is __________.
A. A pseudocoelomB. All of the listed responses are correctC. A chitinous exoskeletonD. Radial symmetryE. Flame bulbs
The sponge cell form that is ________ and deserve to end up being various other sponge cell kinds is the _________.
A. Pluripotent; amoebocyteB. Totipotent; epidermal cellsC. Totipotent; amoebocyteD. Pluripotent; choanocyteE. Totipotent; choanocyte
Stages in the complete metamorphosis of arthropods incorporate all of the complying with except the ________ stage.
A. EggB. NymphC. AdultD. LarvaE. Pupa
The phylum __________ has both invertebrate and also vertebprice groups.
A. OnychophoranB. CephalochordataC. UrochordataD. ChordataE. Echinodermata
Invertebprice deuterstomes that are bilaterally symmetrical as juveniles yet have actually radial symmeattempt as adults are dubbed _________.
A. OnychophoransB. SchyphozoansC. TrilobitesD. EchinodermsE. Myriapods
Annelids __________.
A. All of the noted responses are correctB. Include leeches, earthworms, and also flatwormsC. Use their pseudocoeloms as hydrostatic skeletonsD. Have a mouth that is separate from the anusE. Have characteristically lengthy bodies through outside, yet not inner, segmentation
The choanocyte of a sponge and also the nematocyst of a cnidarian both feature in __________.
A. Obtaining foodB. ReproductionC. SightD. Locating matesE. Locomotion
In the phylum Cnidaria, jellies are members of the ________ clade and also corals are members of the ________ clade.
A. Scyphozoan; hydrozoanB. Anthozoan; medusozoanC. Medusozoan; anthozoanD. Scyphozoan; cubozoanE. Schyphozoan; anthozoan
_________ are characteristic of jellies.
A. Collar cellsB. ChoanocytesC. AmoebocytesD. LophophoresE. Cnidocytes
Which of the complying with is true around the phylum Cnidaria?
A. The bodies of cnidarians are bilaterally symmetrical and display cephalizationB. All of the listed responses are correctC. This phylum has even more species than any type of other phylumD. All cnidarians other than corals are in the medusa stageE. The bodies of its members are organized about a gastrovascular cavity
Thstormy what implies execute cdental animals capture their food?
A. Filter feedingB. Tentacles that trap food particlesC. Teeth that shred their preyD. Absorption of pre-digested food via their cuticleE. Dinoflagellates, photoartificial protists that live in the coral"s tissues
________ is a compound produced by sponges that have the right to kill ________.
A. Penicillin; tapewormsB. Choanostatin; cancer cells and also drug-resistant strains of StreptococcusC. Cribrostatin; cancer cells and drug-resistant strains of StreptococcusD. Cribrostatin; tapewormsE. Penicillin; drug-resistant strains of Streptococcus
The two lineperiods of the phylum Platyhelminthes are the ________ and the ________.
A. Catenulida; TrematodesB. Rhabditophora; TrematodesC. Catenulida; rotifersD. Catenulida; RhabditophoraE. Rhabditophora; rotifers
During typical earthworm reproduction __________.
A. Fertilization takes location in the time of copulation in between males and femalesB. Remanufacturing is by parthenogenesis, through no male participationC. Each individual fertilizes its own eggs through its own sperm (in self-fertilization)D. Hermaphroditic people exreadjust spermE. Hermaphroditic individuals exadjust eggs
Which of the adhering to is/are true about polychaete worms?
A. They are unsegmented bilateriansB. They are ecdysozoansC. They have actually a water vascular systemD. They generally live in a marine environmentE. They feed by making use of nematocysts
In arthropods, molting is important because __________.
A. Worn exoskeletons make arthropods more prone to predatorsB. Arthropod appendperiods generally increase in number as the pet agesC. The atmosphere degrades the exoskeleton, which therefore need to be burned and replacedD. The exoskeleton is significantly reabsorbed by body tissueE. The chitinous exoskeleton cannot grow
_________, account for ________ of all well-known animal species.

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A. Vertebrates, pets without a backbone; 95%B. Invertebprices, pets with a backbone; 95%C. Invertebrates, pets without a backbone; 95%D. Invertebprices, pets without a backbone; 99%E. Vertebrates, animals through a backbone; 95%
Tapeworms are very specialized worms that make their living as endoparasites. To which of the following phyla do the tapeworms belong?
A. Phylum MolluscaB. Phylum ArthropodaC. Phylum NematodaD. Phylum PlatyhelminthesE. Phylum Annelida
Sponges feed by __________.
A. Absorbing nutrients from the guts of their hostsB. Filtering small particles from waterC. Scraping bacteria and also algae from difficult substratesD. Percreating photosynthesisE. Paralyzing little crustaceans with stinging cells



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