AnnaSophia Robb is one American ladies star, woman Fashion Model and vocalist. She has actually starred in together movies as because of Winn-Dixie, Charlie and the coco Factory, leg to Terabithia, gyeongju to Witch Mountain, soul Surfer, and The Way, method Back. Indigenous 2013 come 2014, Robb represented Carrie Bradshaw in The CW’s teens dramatization The Carrie Diaries. She similarly represented the duty of Alice environment-friendly in the PBS polite War historical dramatization collection Mercy Street indigenous 2016 come 2017. Born on December 8, 1993 in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., come Janet, an indoor developer, and also David Robb, a mrs Fashion Modeler, she to be elevated in a thank you Christian house and was home-schooled. She perfect in dancing and also acrobatics because that 4 and also a fifty percent years. She was searched by a representative as soon as she to be 9 years of ages.

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Her initially far-ranging duty to be the location duty in the tv unique, Samantha: one American Girl Holiday. In 2014, she registered at brand-new York University and also finished in 2018.


AnnaSophia Robb an individual Biography straightforward Stats Information: Date the Birth:8 December 1993Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.Name the Birth:: AnnaSophia RobbNick·Name: AnnaAstrological or Zodiac Sign: SagittariusProfession or Occupation: ladies star, Singer, ModelCitizenship: AmericanRace Skin and also Ethnicity: White (English, Scottish, Danish, Swedish, Irish)Religion: ChristianityHair Color: BlondeEye Color: BlueSexual Orientation Type: Straight

AnnaSophia Robb family members Info Parents, Partner and also Kids: Father Name: David Robb (Architect)Mother Name: Janet Robb (Interior developer)Spouse or Husband: UnmarriedChildren: NoSiblings: NoneOthers: Anna Sophie (Maternal Great-grandma), Anna Marie (Paternal Grandmother)

AnnaSophia Robb background of at an early stage Childhood education and learning Background: Arapahoe High SchoolNew York University

AnnaSophia Robb Social and Career information Details: ✾ She to be born ~ above December 8, 1993 in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A..✾ She is a simply kid without any kind of brother or sisters.✾ She was referred to as after she mother’s great-grandmother, Anna Sophie, and concerned grandma, Anna Marie.✾ She originates from Danish, English, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish descent.✾ She has actually exercised dancing and also acrobatics for 4 and also a fifty percent years.✾ In 2009, she won a Denver movie Festival increasing Star Award because that her performance in race to Witch Mountain.✾ She is a follower of the The black Eyed Peas.✾ She is near friends with women star Taylor Dooley.✾ She is friends with star mock Hutcherson.✾ She has actually actually a pets dog dubbed Bella, the is a cross in in between a Maltese and a poodle.✾ She delights in dance, rafting, vocal singing, analysis, and also snowboarding.✾ Visit she main net site:✾ Follow she on Twitter, Facebook and also Instagram.