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this day at 1 afternoon ET streaming live on DAZN, Anthony Joshua return to the ring to protect his WBA, WBO, and also IBF heavyweight titles versus Alexander Povetkin in ~ Wembley Stadium.

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The main occasion is meant to start about 4:30 afternoon ET.

Joshua (21-0, 20 KO) is coming turn off of the an initial distance fight of his pro career, a March success over Joseph Parker whereby he added the WBO location to his collection. Povetkin (34-1, 24 KO) is the WBA mandatory challenger and a major contender.

The undercard will attribute a lightweight rematch in between Luke Campbell (18-2, 15 KO) and also the male who beat the in 2015, Yvan Mendy (40-4-1, 19 KO), with a potential civilization title struggle in the wait for the victor. The british cruiserweight location will likewise be top top the line, as Matty Askin (23-3-1, 15 KO) encounters rising possibility Lawrence Okolie (9-0, 7 KO). Both of those fights are collection for 12 rounds.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call today. Join us!


ANTHONY JOSHUA def. ALEXANDER POVETKIN by TKO (1:59 of ring 7)LUKE CAMPBELL def. YVAN MENDY by UD (119-109, 118-111, 116-112)



Round 1: Joshua come out and also looks SO much bigger 보다 Povetkin. Joshua feints, tries a hook, but Povetkin is able come duck under it. Currently Joshua tries a jab come the body yet Povetkin is maybe to traction away. Povetkin tries a large overhand appropriate that misses the mark. Two more jabs to the body come native Joshua. Both fighters look unconvinced to throw. Now Joshua floor a an excellent shot the backs increase Povetkin. Povetkin tries a straight right to the body that doesn’t land with lot authority. Currently both fighters trade hooks. Povetkin stuns Joshua with an uppercut that buckles Joshua’s legs! ns think the steals Povetkin the round. Povetkin 10-9.

Round 2: Joshua come out with a jab and also then do the efforts to monitor it up with two much more punches. Joshua has a bloody sleep from Povetkin’s strike at the end of the last round. Joshua’s sleep is busted after ~ Povetkin lands one more one and the blood is streaming under Joshua’s nose. Joshua tries to respond by developing a jab but Povetkin is remaining out of variety of it. Best hand come the body lands because that Povetkin. Overhand appropriate lands for Povetkin! Joshua jabs to the body however Joshua looks a small uncomfortable v the damage Povetkin has actually been able to carry out early. Povetkin lunges forward through two shots the miss. Jab lands for Joshua in ~ the bell yet I think Povetkin edge this round too! Povetkin 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Joshua do the efforts a jab that Povetkin is may be to slip clean. Joshua jabs to the body, Povetkin responds through a right hand come the body. Joshua whips three punches the grazes Povetkin. Joshua snaps a jab at range, feints, and Povetkin jumps in v a hook the misses. Left hook lands ideal on Joshua’s chin! Joshua snaps one more jab and tries to relocate along the ropes. Jab lands again for Joshua but he misses the follow up hook. A couple more jabs land for Joshua to finish the round. I think Joshua nicks this one. Joshua 10-9.

Round 4: Povetkin lands a looping appropriate hand on Joshua. Currently Povetkin has a tiny over end his left eye which looks favor it come from a head clash. Povetkin leaps in v a left hook that is mainly blocked by Joshua. Jab originates from Joshua, climate to the body. Joshua do the efforts a best hand command from distance that falls short. Povetkin proceeds to look because that the left hook but can’t quite uncover the mark. Another jab originates from Joshua who desires to hit this fight at street at this point. Joshua simply edges this round too, i think. Joshua 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Joshua tries a left hook however can’t land it clean. Joshua jabs come the body and also looks for a huge right that just misses and Povetkin looks because that a counter and also lands it. Joshua jabs come the human body again and then come earlier upstairs and also lands. An additional jab lands indigenous Joshua that snaps Povetkin’s head. Povetkin attacks ago and keeps going for the left hook — probably too often. Currently Povetkin lands a left hook come the body. One more jab lands because that Povetkin and I think that one beat is maintaining him indigenous being fully befuddled through Povetkin. Joshua 10-9.

Round 6: Jab comes from Povetkin yet he can not land clean. Common respect between both battle aircraft after castle touch gloves after a messy exchange. Hook lands for Joshua, climate a grazing uppercut! Joshua parries two hooks from Povetkin. Heavy jab lands because that Povetkin! Joshua gets ago to facility ring and throws a lengthy jab come the body. Command hook originates from Joshua that partly lands. Povetkin jumps in and misses on 2 hooks in a row. Povetkin is missing more punches currently as he flies in on Joshua. Joshua 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Joshua searches with his jab, make the efforts to keep Povetkin in ~ a distance. Well timed jab lands for Povetkin. Joshua goes ago to the body through a jab, his favorite punch in this fight. Povetkin missed on a appropriate hook come the body. Straight right lands and also hurts Povetkin! Joshua adheres to it up with a straight ideal that puts Povetkin down! Povetkin gets up and also the ref allows it continue. Left hook lands because that Joshua, that then walk on a barrage and Povetkin crumbles! it’s over! Joshua TKO-7.


Round 1: Campbell come out with a couple of measure jabs and then make the efforts to mite it come the body. Mendy stalks forward behind his high guard and tries a right hand lead the grazes Campbell. Campbell make the efforts a straight left come the body from his southpaw stance. One more left to the body lands because that Campbell. Mendy acquisition his time, just walking forward and looking because that openings. Campbell floor a an excellent left to the body at the end of a three-punch combination. Currently Mendy soil a left hand lead. Campbell goes back downstairs through a left come the body. Mendy goes for two shots with Campbell along the ropes. I think Campbell boxed well in the opened round. Campbell 10-9.

Round 2: Campbell is backing up yet is gift defensively responsible and also is landing well inserted shots come the body together he times Mendy comes in. Mendy walks in and lands two hard shots ~ above Campbell’s human body now. Campbell touches the human body again with a left hand, then circles out as Mendy continues to stalk. 3 punch combination comes indigenous Campbell that then pivots out the corner earlier to center ring. Difficult straight best hand soil clean for Mendy! Mendy lands another straight appropriate lead i beg your pardon is a great punch versus a southpaw. Mendy floor yet one more straight ideal as Campbell tries come circle away. Tough right hook originates from Mendy to finish the round. Mendy landing the hardest shots the the round. Mendy 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Mendy come out and also attacks through a 3 punch combination and grazes Campbell through a pair of them. Straight right lands because that Mendy together Campbell responds through a left come the body. Campbell paws number of times v his jab but Mendy takes benefit to lands a nice respond to right hand. Mendy chases Campbell roughly the ring together Campbell watch to usage his smooth footwork to dictate the engagements through Mendy — he’s having actually mixed results. Straight left to the body comes again because that Campbell yet Mendy jumps top top him with a quick barrage that punches. Mendy 10-9.

Round 4: Mendy tries to walk Campbell down and gets him come the ropes before Campbell pivots away to find an ext space. Campbell is maintaining on the move however takes a difficult body shot indigenous Mendy prior to he can get out of range. Hard left hook lands because that Mendy. Campbell throw a combination against Mendy’s gloves together he proceeds to shot to touch and move, and land well placed counters. Campbell soil a appropriate hook come the body. Campbell touches Mendy again come create space as Mendy gets as well close because that comfort. Currently Campbell soil a difficult one downstairs. Campbell boxed really well in this one. Campbell 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Mendy comes out quick and hits Campbell with a couple of difficult shots. Campbell make the efforts to earlier up and also get room but Mendy beats him come the spot and lands a clean left hand, then another clean jab quickly after. Campbell touches Mendy’s high guard while Mendy lands a human body shot. Appropriate hand command lands for Mendy. Campbell goes with a straight left hand complied with by a solid appropriate hook come the body. Mendy covers up and then shoots out of his guard with a quick couple of human body shots. Campbell one the ring, touching with his shots to keep Mendy off of him. Ns think Campbell simply edged that round on most of his clean boxing and also activity. Campbell 10-9.

Round 6: Campbell litter a combination but Mendy answer back by trying to lure Campbell into a firefight. Campbell jabs, jabs, jabs on the outside, maintaining Mendy at arm’s length. Campbell pivots and splits Mendy’s guard with a right left hand uptairs. Campbell litter shots and also pivots ever before time Mendy gets into a particular range. Campbell is boxing and moving and also keeping Mendy’s work-related to a minimum. Campbell 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Mendy tries come come out quick again and make a scrap that this. Campbell jabs come the body twice while Mendy tries come respond through with a combination but Campbell is mainly able to escape without taking too lot contact. Hard right hook lands for Mendy. Campbell responds with a right and also left hand combination. Mendy lands an additional right hand lead however Campbell is always able come respond v punches due to the fact that Mendy stays right in former of him. Campbell is able come outpace Mendy through his boxing ability. Campbell 10-9.

Round 8: Campbell jabs but takes a difficult straight right in return indigenous Mendy. Mendy gaining increasingly aggressive as he requirements to mix things up together he start to autumn behind ~ above points. Mendy strafes Campbell v two punches to the body but Campbell has the feet to obtain himself the end of danger before he take away too plenty of shots. Difficult left come the body lands for Mendy! Campbell responds v a short flurry himself to steal the pat away. Campbell 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Mendy make the efforts two right hooks the at glancing. Campbell floor a appropriate hook downstairs. Directly left to the body lands for Campbell. Now Campbell lands an additional one. Campbell hasn’t appeared to pains or discourage Mendy much, but he’s accumulating point out in the ring. Left come the body lands for Campbell again. Mendy is yes, really struggling through Campbell’s movement. Campbell walks Mendy into a 2 punch mix now. Campbell 10-9.

Round 10: Campbell rents with a jab complied with by a three punch mix that is partly blocked through Mendy. Campbell throws 3 punches that space blocked yet then pivots away before Mendy can respond through anything. Campbell has been able to store up his pace, throw punches, moving out of range, and also doing it all over again. This last numerous rounds have actually been pretty lot the same story: Campbell is simply outboxing Mendy, scoring points, and staying the end of danger. Campbell 10-9, 98-92.

Round 11: Mendy partly lands a lead best hand however that punch has come much too seldom over the last couple of rounds. Mendy assaults with numerous punches through Campbell follow me the ropes. Mendy is throwing caution to the wind now, discovering he probably needs to push for a stoppage win. Campbell is was standing his floor a little much more now believing his body job-related on Mendy has sapped his energy. Mendy go forward and Campbell gets ago to boxing and moving again, emotional Mendy ~ above the outside, also if a many the shots floor on Mendy’s high guard. Campbell 10-9.

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Round 12: Mendy demands a knockout to win on mine scorecard, he is landed clean shots however they just have come much too infrequently. Mendy jumps in through a right hand. Currently Mendy lands another lead right. Campbell gets back to establishing his jab and also pivoting turn off the ropes as soon as Mendy wants to launch one attack. Ideal hook to the human body lands for Mendy. Mendy taunts Campbell to stand and fight. Another right hook whips come the human body from Campbell. Mendy floor an uppercut throughout a break and also the referee speak to him about it. Campbell circling the external of the ring, sticking to his game setup which has been working throughout the fight. Four punches come native Campbell, finishing come the body. Campbell 10-9. I’ve gained it scored large for Campbell, 118-110.