What taken place To Antonio Brown ~ Dancing through The Stars Season 22 Antonio Brown is gaining plenty that headlines, but not for the best reasons. What taken place to the NFL star after Dancing with the Stars?

The year is 2016, and Antonio Brown and his kid are charming the ballroom and audience during the 22nd season that Dancing v the Stars. Rihanna"s Love on the Brain blasts v the ballroom, and on radios and iPods across the world. Four years later, where is the NFL star now?

It is 2020, and also Antonio Brown is facing legal troubles adhering to felony charges and sexual harassment allegations from not one, yet two separate women. When regarded as one of the best players of this generation, we are three weeks right into the NFL season and he is suspended and also still no signed by any type of team. Through charges too heavy to brush aside, is the time that shelves his NFL career?

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Recent news stories on Brown cast into light several accusations and charge that concern the player"s integrity. His vault trainer accused him of sexually harassing her on lot of occasions. One more woman has come front with comparable charges against him. Follow to NBC, Brown and also his legitimate team room denying the charges but in a surprising revolve of events, on September 30 his lawyer made the statement that he will certainly no longer be representing Brown. Together for the verdict, reportedly the court day is collection for December. Most recently, cryptic tweets shared on his personal Twitter acc0unt allude to a soon-approaching finish to his football career.

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Brown opened up to cameras during his DWTS cameo. He speak of a childhood the was tumultuous because of his parents" divorce. Brown"s football job kicked off once he was playing college football at main Michigan, but not till the sixth draft. In his words, that went from, "top dog come underdog." He to be drafted and played wide receiver and punt returner for the Pittsburgh Steelers and also was called the team"s MVP in 2011, 2013, and also 2015.

On 2013, that made history together the only receiver come record five receptions and also at least 50 yards in every single game of one NFL season. His numerous other honors encompass the Fantasy Player that the Year because that 2015-2016. In 2018, Brown requested to transfer as result of internal disputes and was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in a transaction that made him the highest-paid recipient in the league. His carry was short-lived and also he was shortly dropped. Quickly after, that signed with the brand-new England Patriots however was rely after one game due to the NFL"s investigate of his sexual harassment charges.

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Antonio Brown and also his dancing companion Sharna citizen were going steady until the semifinals wherein they faced eliminations. He and also his partner placed fourth and also fifth. That is the second Pittsburgh Steelers player to run on DWTS. Hines Ward, his former teammate, danced and won season 12. That is 2020, Antonio"s NFL career is in question, and women room still being exploited in arenas anywhere the world.

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