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Avg. Rent for a 2-bedroom

$1,558 a month
Avg. Dimension of a 2-bedroom1,087 sq. Feet
% of populace within a 10-minute walk come a park75%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves and also tornadoes
City sloganCity that Excellence

Plano serves up reasonably spacious apartments, and also its affordability makes it one attractive clues to settle in. Plano doesn’t have actually the cheapest rent—in fact it ranks under at No. 73 out of 100 for short rent. But the city’s high median household income of end $95,000 method that Plano has a low ratio of rental to income (20% the median earnings would be invested on the typical 2-bedroom apartment).

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Plano is likewise a good bet if you’re trying to find an apartment v a brand-new or to update kitchen (one-third of rentals have stainless steel appliances) and a gym (90% have actually them). Notably, you usually won’t pay much more for an apartment with a swimming pool or gym in Plano, unlike various other cities wherein such amenities have the right to jack increase the rent.

Rates for violent crimes and burglaries are low. As an included bonus, practically all rental systems in Plano permit pets. Just be all set for the Texas heat.

Plano’s score: 844 out of 1,000

No. 2: Omaha, Nebraska


Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,084 a month
Avg. Size of a 2-bedroom1,086 sq. Feet
% of populace within a 10-minute walk come a park81%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves, tornadoes and also winter storms
City sloganWe nothing Coast

You can find affordable, roomy apartments in Omaha, and also perhaps even score a good view of the Missouri River. Median rent for a two-bedroom apartment would require just 22% that the city’s median family income of around $60,000.

Omaha renters have great access come parks and generally decent weather. Yet don’t mean to uncover an apartment structure with a pool in Omaha, where less than 10% of rental units have actually a pool amenity. That will likewise be really hard to find an apartment through a brand-new or update kitchen.

Aside native seasonal weather issues like tornadoes and also snowstorms, Omaha doesn’t normally experience destructive natural disasters.

Omaha’s rate of violent crime is at around the center of the pack of the largest 100 cities however has a lower burglary rate. Its price of motor car theft is the highest amongst our optimal 10 cities.

The city is in the procedure of revitalizing that riverfront, v plans because that a big green area for tasks and entertainment, including a performance pavilion and also interactive water features.

Omaha’s score: 842 out of 1,000

No. 3: Raleigh, phibìc Carolina


Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,273 a month
Avg. Dimension of a 2-bedroom1,066 sq. Feet
% of populace within a 10-minute walk to a park58%
Biggest weather/natural catastrophe risksHeatwaves and also hurricanes
City nicknameCity that Oaks

With a an excellent spurt of brand-new rentals built due to the fact that 2017 (an boost of end 11%), Raleigh is a great place to discover an apartment filled with amenities and at a an excellent rental price. Apartments come with ample space, on average, and also many have pools (42%) and/or gyms (75%).

While you’ll have to fight some hurricanes, you most likely won’t have actually to battle crime: Raleigh has really low prices of violent crime and burglaries.

Raleigh’s median family members income that $67,266 have the right to make rent affordable. Typical rent for a two-bedroom apartment would consume around 23% that median household income.

Raleigh is the funding of phibìc Carolina and also also part of the “Research Triangle” v Chapel Hill and Durham, thanks to countless diverse businesses and also the three significant research colleges in the area: duke University, north Carolina State University and University of north Carolina Chapel Hill.

Raleigh’s score: 828 out of 1,000

No. 4: Lincoln, Nebraska


Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$981 a month
Avg. Size of a 2-bedroom1,044 sq. Feet
% of populace within a 10-minute walk come a park92%
Biggest weather/natural catastrophe risksHeatwaves and also winter storms
City sloganNo main slogan, yet The new York Times dubbed it the “steak funding of the world” due to the fact that of that steakhouses

When you want to acquire out of your apartment for part fresh air, Lincoln is a an excellent place to execute so: 92% citizens are in ~ a 10-minute walk come a park. That makes it the finest city for park availability in our height 10 ideal cities for renters.

If you’re staying in and watching the snow, you can warm up inside a roomy apartment the you’re probably obtaining for a great price: Lincoln has actually the lowest typical rent among our top 10 best cities for renters and good average apartment square footage.

But it’s no a an excellent place for renters to have actually pets—only about 64% of rentals permit pets, which is the lowest typical on our peak 10 list.

While the state’s award-winning travel motto is “Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone,” you deserve to escape monotony in Lincoln in ~ the state same in August and also at the city’s museums, art galleries and also symphony performances.

Lincoln is Nebraska’s capital and also has a wide selection of business and commerce, spanning local government offices, agriculture, insurance and more, including correctional facilities. Nonetheless, you’ll find very little violent crime and few burglaries in Lincoln.

Lincoln’s score: 821 out of 1,000

No. 5: Gilbert, Arizona

Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,543 a month
Avg. Size of a 2-bedroom1,046 sq. Feet
% of populace within a 10-minute walk come a park31%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves and also floods
City sloganGilbert: Clean, Safe, Vibrant.

Gilbert has actually loads of advantages for renters, consisting of ample apartment amenities, brand-new and/or to update kitchens, and pet-friendly buildings. Notably, 94% of rentals have an in-unit washer and also dryer—a significant plus if you’re tired of hauling her laundry come a basement or a laundromat.

The bounty that apartment amenities is likely attributable come the rental structure boom in Gilbert: There’s to be a 33% rise in rental devices built since 2017, and much more are top top the way. The average year developed for rentals is 2005, which makes Gilbert the residence of the newest apartments among our optimal 10 list.

The city has actually plenty that shopping and dinings options.

While Gilbert drops at No. 72 out of 100 for short rent, you have the right to easily consist of for a higher rent due to the fact that of the city’s high median family members income of $96,857. Gilbert has the highest possible median family members income exterior of California amongst the largest 100 cities in the U.S., outranked just by Fremont, san Francisco, san Jose and also Irvine, California.

The median rent because that a two-bedroom apartment in Gilbert will require just 19% of the median household income in the city, leaving girlfriend plenty that money to pay her air air conditioning bill.

True to its city motto, “Gilbert: Clean, Safe, Vibrant,” Gilbert likewise has really low crime.

All of this perks might compensate for the absence of an excellent park-related benefits: only 31% of Gilbert occupants live in ~ a 10-minute walk to a park (the lowest among the 100 cities we analyzed) and only about 3% that the city is parkland. However, girlfriend can discover 4.5 mile of trails at the Riparian keep at Water Ranch, one area used for water resource management that includes wildlife habitat preservation and also an astronomy observatory.

Gilbert’s score: 820 out of 1,000

No. 6: Atlanta, Georgia

Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,608 a month
Avg. Dimension of a 2-bedroom1,114 sq. Feet
% of population within a 10-minute walk come a park72%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves and also tornadoes
City nicknameThe City in the Forest

Atlanta allows you go big: It has actually the largest average apartment sizes amongst the 100 huge cities in the U.S. It should be basic to discover an apartment building with a gym (75% have them) and also a brand-new or updated kitchen (34% have stainless stole appliances). Girlfriend may additionally be able come snag an apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer (half have this perk).

When you must escape the four walls of her apartment, you’re more than likely within a quick walk come a park.

But through the second-lowest median family income ($59,948) among the urban in our optimal 10 best Cities for Renters list, friend may need to stretch your budget plan to pay rent. The mean two-bedroom rent will eat up 32% the the median family members income in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s “City in the Forest” nickname comes from the canopy that foliage that dominates the city landscape. Within the pipeline you’ll find theater, arts, culture, an aquarium, a zoo and much more.

Atlanta’s score: 809 out of 1,000

No. 7: Scottsdale, Arizona

Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,698 a month
Avg. Dimension of a 2-bedroom1,083 sq. Feet
% of population within a 10-minute walk come a park40%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves and also floods
City sloganThe West’s many Western Town

Scottsdale is experience a rental structure boom: brand-new units under building and construction equal 13% of existing units—one of the highest levels amongst the largest 100 cities in the U.S. Us analyzed.

Scottsdale’s affordability helped push it to the height of ours rankings. With the city’s median family members income that $88,213, you’d spend only 23% the the median family members salary ~ above a usual two-bedroom apartment. And you’ll get great space for your money: Scottsdale has huge average apartment sizes.

You’re likewise likely to score a gym in your building (83% have actually them) and an in-unit washer and dryer (79% have actually them). If you have actually a furry companion, Scottsdale is additionally a good choice, together 94% the rental units allow pets.

In terms of weather, yes the Arizona heat, of course. Floods and also wildfires can likewise cause unforeseen problems.

Only around 40% of Scottsdale’s residents are in ~ a 10-minute walk to a park, if that’s essential to you. Instead, you might visit Old city Scottsdale, a pedestrian-friendly area of restaurants, shops and art galleries. Scottsdale likewise has bike and walking trails. As soon as you’re exhausted of self-propulsion, hop top top a trolley on among the 4 trolley routes.

Crime is around average for a city.

Scottsdale’s score: 806 the end of 1,000

No. 8: Henderson, Nevada

Avg. Rent for a 2-bedroom

$1,422 a month
Avg. Dimension of a 2-bedroom1,078 sq. Feet
% of population within a 10-minute walk to a park60%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves and earthquakes
City sloganA ar to call Home

You may know Henderson together a suburb of ras Vegas. Henderson has its own jackpot that good-sized apartments that have plenty that amenities. A median household income the $74,147 in the city way you’d spend 23% of her salary on rent because that the mean two-bedroom apartment.

You can probably uncover an apartment building with a pool to cool off in (51% have actually them), and you can easily discover a rental v perks favor a gym (91%) and also in-unit washer and also dryer (81%). About 31% that rentals have a new or to update kitchen.

Having a pet do not do it be an issue, together 91% the units enable pets. Additionally worth noting is that Henderson has actually a great number of dog parks.

When you’re prepared for part desert sun, Henderson has considerable trail mechanism for walking and also biking.

Henderson is house to Lake las Vegas, an man-made lake surrounded by luxury hotels and also homes, an blow up water park and a waterside public golf food designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Unlike other areas in our height 10 best cities because that renters list, you’ll must be all set for earthquakes in Henderson. This means having a catastrophe kit ready and taking precautions in your apartment such as bolting huge furniture come walls and having fire extinguishers handy. Nevada has many active faults, and even faults the seem far away, such together those in fatality Valley, have the right to rumble Henderson.

Henderson’s score: 795 the end of 1,000

No. 9: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,295 a month
Avg. Dimension of a 2-bedroom1,025 sq. Feet
% of populace within a 10-minute walk to a park68%
Biggest weather/natural catastrophe risksHeatwaves, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes
City mottoLandmarks that Our nation’s Beginnings

While Virginia Beach’s two-bedroom apartments have actually the smallest typical size amongst the cities in our height 10, they’re still fairly roomy, coming in in ~ No. 29 out of 100 cities for size. The place is additionally a bargain: you will do spend only 20% of her salary on rent for a two-bedroom if you knife the median household income of $76,610.

You can likely find an excellent apartment amenities if girlfriend shop approximately a little. Around one-third of units have a pool and two-thirds have gyms and also in-unit washers and also dryers. It will be harder to discover a brand-new or upgraded kitchen: Only around 13% offer stainless steel appliances.

Finding a home for a furry girlfriend shouldn’t it is in a problem, as 91% the rentals in the city permit pets.

Virginia Beach’s location provides a selection of landscapes, from ocean views come wildlife preserves, and also both urban and also rural areas. You can hit the city’s coast or the boardwalk—or one of its many hiking trails—when you’re trying to find some new air.

You’ll have to fight some weather war in Virginia Beach, including hurricanes and also floods. Critical year saw a document hurricane season, and Virginia beach is trying to tackle repeated flooding by widening that is beaches in order come protect surrounding properties.

Virginia Beach’s score: 788 out of 1,000

No. 10: Charlotte, phibìc Carolina

Avg. Rent because that a 2-bedroom

$1,336 a month
Avg. Size of a 2-bedroom1,071 sq. Feet
% of population within a 10-minute walk come a park37%
Biggest weather/natural disaster risksHeatwaves and tornadoes
City sloganCharlotte’s got a Lot

You’ll uncover a many of new apartments in Charlotte many thanks to construction that has increased the number of rental systems 22% since 2017. There are an additional 7,000+ units currently under construction.

Renting a two-bedroom unit in Charlotte will certainly demand an ext of your salary than most other clues in our height 10: you’ll spend about 26% of your salary on rent if you make the city’s median annual household revenue of $62,817. Still, that renders Charlotte’s affordability much better than fifty percent of the 100 cities we analyzed.

You’ll acquire some decent apartment space, together Charlotte ranking at No. 9 the end of 100 for average square footage for a two-bedroom rental.

And through the new construction comes a great shot in ~ amenities that have the right to make her apartment much more enjoyable. Almost fifty percent of apartments have actually a pool, slightly over 80% have actually gyms and nearly a third will have actually an updated or new kitchen v stainless stole appliances.

About 94% the rentals allow pets, so having a fur baby do not do it be a problem.

Only 6% the Charlotte is parkland, do it one of the lowest among our top 10 urban for parkland.

A couple of years earlier an opinion item in The Charlotte Observer pondered the city’s motto, “Charlotte’s obtained a Lot.” new mottos proposed consisted of “Where America come to develop Apartments” and also “Only hours from Everything!” Still, the CharlottesGotALot.com website will aid you find attractions, the end fun and nightlife.

Charlotte doesn’t really have actually weather problems aside from heat and also tornadoes. That far sufficient inland that hurricanes generally aren’t a difficulty to consider—even though Hurricane Hugo in 1989 surprised everyone by coming inland and ravaging the city.

In fact, the city’s weather is so uneventful that one of the mottos suggest in the Charlotte Observer to be “See our TV Forecasters walk Apoplectic around Thunderstorms.”

Charlotte’s score: 784 out of 1,000

The short List: finest Apartment Perks

Apartment featureBest city

Apartment feature

Best city

Rent because that a two-bedroomWichita, Kansas
One-bedroom apartment sizeGilbert, Arizona
Two-bedroom apartment sizeAtlanta, Georgia
Rentals through a poolGilbert, Arizona
Rentals with a gymGilbert, Arizona
In-unit washer and dryerGilbert, Arizona
Pets allowedGilbert, ArizonaPlano, Texas
Weather and natural disastersGreensboro, north Carolina

How much Do Apartment Amenities include to Rent?

Having a pool and also gym right where friend live sounds great, but how lot are you ready to pay for the convenience? Nationwide, a pool will add an mean of 10% to rent. However in urban such together Plano, Texas, and Henderson, Nevada, a swimming pool doesn’t add to the mean one-bedroom rent, according to data native Apartments.com.

The worst city for paying extra for a pool? brand-new York City, through a swimming pool “premium” that 47%. Other cities v high extr rent because that pools are long Beach, California, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Having a gym in the structure adds an mean of 11% come rent. The highest possible gym premiums space in Honolulu (50% extra), Detroit (45% extra) and also Long Beach, California (31% extra), according to Apartments.com.

Full List: ideal Cities because that Renters

RankCitythedesigningfairy.com advisor scoreOut of 1,000 possible points



thedesigningfairy.com advisor score the end of 1,000 possible points

1Plano, Texas844
2Omaha, Nebraska842
3Raleigh, north Carolina828
4Lincoln, Nebraska821
5Gilbert, Arizona820
6Atlanta, Georgia809
7Scottsdale, Arizona806
8Henderson, Nevada795
9Virginia Beach, Virginia788
10Charlotte, north Carolina784
11Chandler, Arizona783
12Madison, Wisconsin781
13Chesapeake, Virginia778
14Jacksonville, Florida775
15Durham, north Carolina763
16Orlando, Florida763
17Austin, Texas760
18Dallas, Texas760
19Greensboro, north Carolina758
20Fort Worth, Texas757
21Tampa, Florida755
22Irving, Texas750
23Fort Wayne, Indiana746
24Garland, Texas744
25Louisville, Kentucky740
26Nashville, Tennessee737
27Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania736
28Columbus, Ohio734
29Kansas City, Missouri733
30Lexington, Kentucky732
31Houston, Texas730
32St. Paul, Minnesota730
33Las Vegas, Nevada729
34Irvine, California727
35Tulsa, Oklahoma727
36New Orleans, Louisiana722
37North las Vegas, Nevada719
38Indianapolis, Indiana718
39St. Petersburg, Florida708
40Winston-Salem, north Carolina708
41Arlington, Texas704
42Cincinnati, Ohio704
43Laredo, Texas704
44Wichita, Kansas704
45Oklahoma City, Oklahoma702
46Milwaukee, Wisconsin700
47Minneapolis, Minnesota700
48Aurora, Colorado695
49San Antonio, Texas693
50Norfolk, Virginia691
51El Paso, Texas690
52Baltimore, Maryland689
53Denver, Colorado688
54Cleveland, Ohio687
55Lubbock, Texas686
56Boise, Idaho685
57Baton Rouge, Louisiana681
58Phoenix, Arizona681
59Buffalo, brand-new York678
60Detroit, Michigan678
61Colorado Springs, Colorado676
62Toledo, Ohio674
63Richmond, Virginia668
64Philadelphia, Pennsylvania666
65Reno, Nevada666
66Spokane, Washington666
67Mesa, Arizona663
68Portland, Oregon659
69Glendale, Arizona658
70St. Louis, Missouri658
71Corpus Christi, Texas657
72Sacramento, California655
73Memphis, Tennessee654
74Washington, district Of Columbia653
75Tucson, Arizona651
76Anaheim, California647
77Fresno, California645
78San Jose, California644
79Miami, Florida642
80San Diego, California642
81Albuquerque, new Mexico641
82Hialeah, Florida633
83Santa Ana, California632
84Riverside, California631
85Jersey City, new Jersey627
86Fremont, California626
87Seattle, Washington622
88Chula Vista, California621
89Bakersfield, California620
90Newark, new Jersey616
91Chicago, Illinois606
92Long Beach, California601
93Anchorage, Alaska594
94Los Angeles, California593
95Boston, Massachusetts552
96San Francisco, California552
97Stockton, California552
98Oakland, California547
99New York, brand-new York468
100Honolulu, Hawaii430

Apartment Trends

A solid apartment-hunting arrangement includes a checklist of needs and wants, and also unfortunately those could not always align. For example, you can want a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, however if you own a dog, you need to discover a ar that allows pets, i m sorry could significantly limit your find results. Or if she a far employee who demands extra space for a home office, girlfriend need an are for her work.

There’s a good chance you’ll have the ability to hit that sweet point out in the venn diagram where your needs and also wants intersect with a great price. Save an eye out for the apartment patterns below.

It’s a Renters’ Market

“There are definitely many much more apartment transaction to be found than over there has been in a lengthy time, states David Pierce, an elderly business analyst in ~ Apartments.com. “I would certainly absolutely call it a renters’ market.”

In many cities, the pandemic synchronized with a rise in advance and construction, which has actually resulted in landlords dangling transaction to entice renters come sign brand-new leases. It’s not unusual to find structures that are offering discounts the exceed more than one month of free rent.

A an excellent example is mountain Francisco, says Pierce. In the winter that 2019, about one in 50 structures in the city were supplying discounts that surpassed one month’s rent. Currently, around one in three structures are offering similar discounts, and also “33% is unheard of” prior to the pandemic, states Pierce.

He observes the the discounts have had an effect on monthly rental overall. Once you have actually a high portion of structures offering discounts, you watch a flatline the rents. “It’s difficult to progressive rents once the building next door is giving two months complimentary on a 12-month lease,” claims Pierce.

Remote Workers desire Bigger Spaces

The need for bigger apartments had actually an instant spike at the onset of the pandemic, follow to Pierce. Pre-pandemic, the search volume because that 2-bed/2-bath systems was around 35% the apartment searches. Through April and May that 2020, that find volume raised to 40%. Three-bedroom units saw a similar uptick, if 1-bed/1-bath and also 2-bed/1-bath systems saw a relative downturn in searches.

Post-pandemic, the desire because that bigger life spaces could stay high. While many American workers will return to their offices, a part will watch remote work come to be a permanent way of life. The post-Covid recovery duration could see 3 to 4 times together many people working from residence than prior to the pandemic, according to an analysis by McKinsey & Company.

Virtual Apartment Tours space the brand-new Normal

Interested in a new apartment but don’t want to have to meet civilization in-person? You might have the option to tour an apartment remotely. While online tours space not new, it’s end up being a safe alternative for apartment hunters to check out a potential rental while keeping their distance.

Several year ago, it to be harder to uncover 3-D tours or “click-thru” tours, which enable users to virtually move room to room to check out the space. But the an innovation has come a long way and the much more common, claims Pierce at Apartments.com.

“A lot of world have been presented to digital tours since of the circumstances,” states Pierce. However he notes the while virtual tours will certainly be common post-pandemic, most renters will still desire to see an apartment in-person and get a feel for the neighborhood.

How to Prepare for a Disaster

One that the most overlooked aspects of relocating to a new city is its danger for natural disasters. Some disasters are obvious and also well-covered by the media, favor hurricanes slamming the Atlantic coast or wildfires on the West Coast. Some renters deserve to forget to element in the inconvenience and costs of calamities such as winter storms, heatwaves, earthquakes and also flash floods, every which deserve to have disastrous effects.

“It’s an extremely human nature to think that wherein we move have the right to be similar to whereby we are from,” states Dan Kessler, CEO the harbor, a website and also app that helps civilization with emergency planning and also disaster preparedness. Kessler to add that part folks move to a brand-new area and also do very small research into what natural tragedies might impact their lives.

Fortunately, catastrophe preparedness is a solvable problem. Through an understanding of what types of natural disasters affect an area, you can do straightforward things the go a long means to ensuring your safety and security if catastrophe strikes. Kessler claims that among the greatest mistakes civilization make in their disaster preparedness (aside from doing nothing) is doing points they don’t need to be doing.

For example, Kessler states some folks could focus on acquiring mace for house break-ins however fail to inspect the batteries in your smoke detectors. Or people might stock 4 months precious of food for the freezer but not think about how a long power outage could spoil the food.

Kessler recommends starting by focusing on the simple stuff. These are core materials that have the right to prepare you for a wide selection of disasters:

Non-perishable foodWaterFirst assist kitBatteries for essentials prefer smoke detectors and also flashlightsList that emergency contactsAn evacuation routeInsurance information

Locking in Renters Insurance

Renters insurance money can easily drop come the bottom of a to-do list. Yet for a fairly small monthly expense you have the right to lock in the finest renters insurance allowance that might save you financially ~ a disaster.

The average price of renters insurance allowance is $193 a year, follow to thedesigningfairy.com Advisor’s data. The will administer coverage for your belongings if they’re damaged or damaged in a fire, tornado, explosion or other difficulty covered through the policy.

Renters may not realize that a renters insurance allowance policy likewise gives you legal responsibility coverage in instance you’re sued—for example, if your dog bites someone. And a plan will reimburse friend for extr living expenses while her apartment is uninhabitable due to damage.

Renters insurance for co-living situations provides every one of the above, too.


We scored the 100 biggest U.S. Cities based on the adhering to measurements.

Apartment qualities: 35% the score

Having enough an are in her apartment and good amenities can impact your basic happiness. And with the trend toward working native home, having actually a roomy apartment i do not care even much more important.

We scored mean square footage for one- and two-bedroom rentals and also the percent of systems in a city that have actually a pool, gym, in-unit washer and dryer, and stainless steel kitchen appliances (an indicator that a new or to update kitchen). We also scored the percent of units that enable pets.

Source: Apartments.com, a leading apartment-listing website that connects renters to much more than 1 million easily accessible units across the country. Apartments.com’s study team collects and also verifies details such as availability, monthly rents, pets policies, apartment amenities and also more. Apartments.com also provided data on new construction of rental units.

Apartment affordability: 35% of score

We evaluated apartment affordability through scoring every city’s median household income, mean rents because that one- and two-bedroom apartments, and the percent of median salary that would certainly be spent on a two-bedroom rental.

Sources:Average rent: Apartments.comMedian family members income: U.S. Census Bureau

Weather and also natural disasters: 10% the score

A good apartment is less enjoyable if you have to frequently deal with severe weather or to escape from catastrophes such together hurricanes or wildfires. Us scored each city based on the hazard of heatwaves, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, eye storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Source: harbor, a platform that enables users to assess their certain risks based on location, family members details and more, and also delivers actionable and also customized plans that walk them with step-by-step work to increase day-to-day readiness. Harbor’s mission is to assist people, families and also communities type everyday actions so they have the right to be more ready and resilient for all of life’s emergencies: indigenous climate change to kitchen fires. Download the application or visit harbor’s website to gain a personalized danger score.

Getting outside: 10% that score

Opportunities to reap fresh wait are important when girlfriend don’t have a yard. We scored the percent the a city’s population within a 10-minute walk come a park and also the percent of each city dedicated to parkland.

Source: The trust for public Land, a conservation organization that to trust in “the strength of land for people.” The trust for windy Land works to defend public property of land; create parks, playgrounds and also gardens; develop trails because that public use; placed parks in ~ walking distance; and assist communities create public funds because that parks and also conservation.

Crime: 10% of score

Our scoring had the prices of violent crime and also burglary in every city.

See more: God Danced The Day You Were Born Lyrics, God Danced (The Day You Were Born)

Source: FBI Uniform Crime reporting Program, 2019 crime data. We offered 2018 data once 2019 no available.