"Are you the One?" will select 10 solitary women and 10 single men that have had no lucky in finding lasting love and will first conduct a thoroughly assessment, utilizing a team of skilled matchmakers, and psychologists.

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Season year2019NetworkViacomPurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming virtual video)DevicesAvailable to watch on supported devices
AngelaReviewed in the United claims on July 19, 2019
thedesigningfairy.com CustomerReviewed in the United claims on respectable 7, 2019
I absolutely love this show, the is the ideal reality tv present to watch! mine only problem is the element video. Ns purchased the totality season, and two that the episodes placed stuff out of order and also cut other things the end completely. Really disappointing and wishing because that my money back.
thedesigningfairy.com CustomerReviewed in the United says on respectable 6, 2019
thedesigningfairy.com CustomerReviewed in the United states on July 30, 2019
Yani VillanuevaReviewed in the United claims on July 11, 2019
Haven"t had any issues until episode 4. There were scenes that were out of order and no preview because that the following episode in ~ the end.edited to add: episode 8 is also worse! i am switching to another streaming organization as some of the various other reviews have suggested.
I have actually watched every season that AYTO and also this is by far my favorite! This season is so much much more inclusive because that LGBTQ+ community and also that to add its own flavor come this season. Mine partner and also I noticed the this season is much less catty than various other seasons. Dont obtain me wrong, over there is quiet drama and backstabbing and tears. But at the finish of the day, anybody can be everyone else"s match so people tend to it is in a bit more open minded this season. We loved it and also we expect they carry out the following season prefer this too!
I watched 1 minute the this season after ~ watching every the rest and immediately to be disappointed. This season is not prefer the past seasons whereby the guys shot to find the girl that"s their match. They now are act it where everyone is either bi due to the fact that it looked favor everyone was trying to hook up with everyone regardless of what sex they were. Males were do out v guys everywhere so I made decision to pass on this season. Yes, really upset ns cannot obtain a refund ~ above this season. We have actually watched all the prior seasons and I"m yes, really sad they ruined this show.

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