Every game equivalent a No. 8 seed and a No. 9 seed always feels choose a coin flip. The story is no different with Arkansas and also Seton Hall. This assures to be among the better first round gamings with a matchup of two teams that closed out their respective constant seasons with a bang.

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The Razorbacks (25-9) have actually won eight of your last 10 games, shedding to just Florida and also Kentucky in the stretch. They average 80 clues per video game in those eight wins and managed to with the SEC competition championship video game where they lost 82-65 come the Wildcats.

The Pirates (21-11) overcame a sluggish start in large East play to rip turn off eight wins end their final 10 continual season games. They took Villanova come the wire in the huge East Tournament prior to falling 55-53 come the defending national champions.

This is the second meeting in between the 2 schools. Arkansas and Seton hall met previously in a neutral site game in the 2010-11 season. The Razorbacks won that contest 71-62.

South Region: No. 9 Seton hall (21-11) vs. No. 8 Arkansas (25-9)

When: 1:30 p.m. ET (Friday)

Where: Bon Secours well-being Arena (Greenville, SC)




Line: Arkansas -1

Keys because that Seton Hall

The Pirates must attack the glass early and often. Arkansas is a team not well-known for its rebounding prowess. The opposite is true with Seton Hall. Coming into the NCAA Tournament, the Pirates space collecting 6.5 more rebounds per video game than their opponents.

One variable that can assist Seton Hall regulate the glass is the visibility of angel Delgado and Desi Rodriguez around the basket. Delgado is a double-double machine. The small forward average 15.3 points and also 13.1 rebounds during the regular season. Rodriguez is a talented scorer who can pull defenses the end to the wing. That is second on the team in scoring (15.9 ppg).

If Khadeen Carrington gets hot, the Razorbacks will certainly be in significant trouble. Carrington is a streaky shooter, but also leads the team in scoring (16.9 ppg). When the small guard finds his shot, the Pirates' offense sizzles. If the happens, lock will be able to force Arkansas to slow-moving down.

Keys for Arkansas

The Razorbacks need to gain out and run. Arkansas is at its best when going in ~ a frenetic pace up-and-down the court. This is a team that has actually eight players who typical 10-plus minutes and also uses that depth to try and run opponents into the ground.

Arkansas is strongest in the backcourt. Fifth-year an elderly guard Dusty Hannahs leader the team v 14.6 points per game. Small guard Daryl Macon is a an useful sixth man. Macon provides instant offense off the bench with 13.4 points every game. Both football player shoot 38 percent indigenous 3-point range.

Getting a big game from an elderly forward Moses Kingsley will certainly be an important to counteract Seton Hall's dynamic forwards. Kingsley leads the team with 7.8 rebounds and also 87 blocks. He is 4th in scoring with 11.8 points per contest.

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Final Analysis

Arkansas and Seton room mirrored one another in just how they closed the end the consistent season ~ above a hot streak to acquire off the bubble. Both groups are much more than qualified of winning. The outcome will really come down to i m sorry team deserve to dictate tempo. Seton Hall has actually a slim edge in this area with its ability to crash the boards. The Pirates will certainly be may be to collection a speed limit top top Arkansas' efforts to begin a track meet.

Prediction: Seton hall 73, Arkansas 70

— written by john Coon, that is component of the Athlon Contributor Network. Coon has more than a te of experience extending sports for various publications and outlets, including The associated Press, Salt Lake Tribune, ESPN, Deseret News, MaxPreps, Yahoo! Sports and many others. Monitor him on Twitter