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The excellent Victorian and also social doubter, Thomas Carlyle, asked Whistler to paint his portrait after having actually seen Whistler"s portrait of his own mother in the artist"s studio. Like "Whistler"s Mother" (Musee d"Orsay, Paris), Carlyle is shown in profile against a ordinary background. In spite of the fact that Whistler was illustrating the a lot of renowned moral theorist of the Victorian era, he made a decision to give the paint an abstract title. Whistler"s point is clear – through his art, the painter have the right to transform also the a lot of eminent personality, into a study in shape and also texture.

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The portrait is amazing for its sympathetic portrayal of the elderly male – Carlyle was 78 years old. In his journal, throughout the period of his sittings to Whistler, Carlyle noted: "More and also more dreary, barren, base, and ugly seem to me all the aspects of this negative diminishing quack world".Whistler"s paint was bought directly from the artist by the City of Glasgow in 1891. It was the initially job-related by Whistler to enter a public collection all over in the world.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum



oil on canvas


H 171.1 x W 143.5 cm

Accession number


Acquisition method

purchased from the artist, 1891

Work type


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Typically on screen at

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8AG Scotland

This venue is open up to the public. Not all artfunctions are on display. If you want to check out a particular artwork-related, please contact the venue.
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Artist or maker

James Abbott McNeill Whistler


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