Consider a block of weight W lie on the horizontal board.As in the situation when $\theta=0$ and also we apply force parallel to board, friction force will rise until the unavoidable of motion and also equals come μN.Does friction pressure fs increases also when inclined at some angle? ns think fs, the revolution friction pressure decrease since when the plank is inclined Normal pressure becomes N=W $\cos\theta$, normal pressure decreases with increase in $\theta$.Am I thinking right? If not then explain. Or If ns am appropriate then it need to be created in books that friction pressure decreases through inclination.

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Remember that the maximum static frictional force is $\mu\, N$.

If the board is horizontal no frictional force is crucial to keep the block stationary.

Inclining the board will need there to be a static frictional pressure acting ~ above the block equal in magnitude however opposite in direction to the ingredient of the weight under the steep $mg\sin \theta$.

As $\theta$ rise so the revolution frictional force increases.

This proceeds until the angle of the board is such the the maximum static frictional pressure $\mu mg\cos \theta$ is same to the ingredient of the weight of the block down the steep $mg\sin \theta$.

So $\mu = \tan \theta$ and also this the communication of a technique for recognize the coefficient of revolution friction.

You room correct in saying the the maximum possible static frictional pressure $\mu mg \cos \theta$ reduce with boosting board angle.

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