We just around lost ours minds when Cardi B obtained into one explosive, physical fight v Asia top top the Feb. 20 reunion that ‘Love & i know well Hop brand-new York’, and now Asia’s ex, Swift, has actually told thedesigningfairy.comexactly why Cardi lashed out prefer that.The reason is certainly going to surprise you!

“Cardi was mad . She knew what went down and also she was mad since I wasn’t speak anything to safeguard myself,” Swift speak thedesigningfairy.com specifically aboutCardi B, 24, and also Asia‘s blowout. “She threw the shoes at Asia because, well, it was a develop up the a most things. She was mad that Asia to be trying come play the victim while ns was holding that down,” Swift explains, “And she to be mad since she couldn’t acquire an explanation indigenous Asia as to why she didn’t favor Cardi.” Oh, man!

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“Even the hold at the reunion present was asking Asia to explain, saying, ‘Why girlfriend didn’t give her a chance?"” Swift to add of his ex. ‘ Asia didn’t desire to explain. So Cardi gained mad and also threw the shoes at her.” Yep, the really happened, and also the video clip is absolutely wild, if you haven’t watched it.

Oh, however wait: there’s more. “Cardi told Asia, ‘Just recognize it, friend didn’t favor me due to the fact that I was a stripper,”…which is truth, since Asia was denying it. She used to call me, ‘You are around a stripper, girlfriend doing this,’ and also I make the efforts to describe to her that this was Cardi’s previous — the she’s not a stripper anymore; the we’re functioning on music,” the “Check Me my Check” singershares through us.Cardi and Swift brieflyflirted ~ above the show, which also fueled the fight, as we witnessed in the episode. Well, you know what lock say…all’s same in love and also hip hop!

thedesigningfairy.comrs, space you surprised that Cardi B fought with Asia simply since she didn’t prefer her?

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