Hello gorgeous, Tell us a little bit around yourself.

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My name is Asia Monet, I’m a Singer/Artist, Actress , Model and Dancer! Born and raised in OC/LA, daughter of room of call Bodybuilder Shawn Ray. Mine life has certainly been a whirlwind that so countless blessings but a lot of of tough work! I’m so very committed to my craft and constantly see room for improvement for myself and also others. I have a passion for motivating others and also finding still I deserve to to assist and set positive instances for mine generation and the next to come. I love animals an ext than anything and hope to one day have actually a rescue farm of mine own! in its entirety success take away time and also I’m constantly ready because that the challenges, trials and tests come come v my journey God has for me.

How would certainly you define yourself in three words?The best 3 native that define me space Loving, Passionate, and also Driven.

In what ways have you been incorporating self – treatment into your everyday routine?Self-care is really important to me and also I shot to incorporate it into my day-to-day routine by functioning out everyday, making time because that skincare and face masks, writing and also listening to music, safety time with pets (including my 3 birds and dog), fitting in facetimes through my closest friends and keeping a clear attitude by journaling with a candle constantly near by.

What’s the most fulfilling component of your job?I would most certainly say, being able to inspire others with my work, when doing the points I love the most. I’ve constantly loved come entertain, spread out joy, encourage positivity and readjust while gift able to perform that v my work, socials platforms, provides me the happiest person and drives me to continue what I’m doing daily.

Can you tell us around an amazing time in her career?I’ve been really blessed v several exciting times in my career, so it’s really tough to just pick one. But I can constantly remember the feeling when I gained the contact from mine manager, that ns was actors as Sydney Simpson in American Crime Story, OJ vs. The People. Ns was for this reason excited and couldn’t believe I’d be working through Director Ryan Murphy and also this A-list cast. That was one of my 2nd acting duty and it was a really good and super liven time in mine career. Then, no too long after that i was fortunate enough to obtain a contact to song at 11 year old in ~ a offered out staples center crowd because that the LA Clippers. The was definitely a night come remember. Come look up at that whole stadium and see that numerous people, it to be so Amazing! i really felt the this is specifically what i was meant to do. Last, an additional exciting time in mine Career was Performing alongside Mariah Carey for a Month in brand-new York during the Holidays at a offered out Beacon Theater. I was cast to dance for her, but then was additionally asked to song 2 solos throughout the reflects as well, which i still can’t believe to this day just how amazing that time was. It was such one incredible experience to perform live.

What would you location this present chapter in your life?This thing in life would be referred to as “Growth and Self-Love.”

How execute you educate yourself on methods of maintaining healthy skin?Coming from someone who prospered up v a mommy who to be an paramedical esthetician, that instilled ideal ways of cleansing , toning and also moisturizing by the period of 5. I’d certainly say she was the most influential when it pertained to skincare awareness. Currently that I’m older I’m obsessed v product knowledge, scientific research, origin of the brand and also high grade ingredients. I’m still finding out so much when it pertains to product knowledge and also ingredients but, I always make certain to perform my research, always read the reviews and shot them the end myself to share mine thoughts with my audience.

What carry out you love most around Pixi Beauty?There’s so countless things that i love around Pixi Beauty, first of every it would be their Founder/Owner Petra. She has produced a brand indigenous the ground increase after being a assembly artist for many years, ns admire the she has developed a brand the is continually reminding human being of their organic beauty and also conveying that with her products for the previous 20+ years. Funny Fact: Pixi was one of the first makeup brand I began using and truly make me autumn in love through enhancing herbal beauty.

What room your height 3 favourite Pixi beauty, beauty products?My height 3 Favs native Pixi room their Glow mud Mask , Liplift Max and also OF course THE well known GLOW TONIC !!

What does the word empowerment average to you?Empowerments to me method : detect confidence in oneself to be able to share a positive encouragement , to lift rather , to use YOUR VOICE , to be able to convey a message through your an effective valid words and most importantly to be that person to others that you wish you had actually in her life as soon as you essential it the most!

In what methods do you usage your platform because that the higher good? I’m thankful to have a huge platform to be a positive role model and able to share my craft, encouragement, present affairs/event, reasons that are essential to me, civilization who inspire me and also be a voice of influence

During these hard times, what has kept you motivated?The last several months have actually been hard on just about everyone ns sure. Me, walking from having a busy schedule come literally a dead stop a pair months ago, to currently trying to perform a little more stuff the end of the house, yet still society distancing and wearing mine mask, I would say what keeps me encouraged is my passion for mine music and just acquisition this time to grow in mine craft as a artist, and be may be to have time to write and also post an ext music covers. I think that has actually really assisted me stay connected and also stay motivated.

How carry out you continue to be fit, active, and healthy v stay-at-home orders intact?Coming indigenous a family full the athletes who are in the fitness industry and also having dancer background and also being an ex mine gymnast myself, I’ve always loved functioning out and finding to means to improvise as soon as it pertains to self quarantine. Throughout quarantine i have actually incorporated finding brand-new ways of cardio together in hiking and enjoying part air, while going hardcore on the abs at home!!

As a an innovative in quarantine, how have actually you found inspiration and also ways to create?I’ve actually been more an innovative during this time than prior to by, finding alternative ways of incentive through music, books, writing, making use of social media because that fashion and also beauty and educating myself on existing affairs.

What and/or that has had the most influence on your growth and also why?I’d say mine mom since she constantly supported, encouraged, sacrificed and pushed me to execute the times ns was an excellent at and also to constantly proceed working difficult on my craft. There’s so numerous things that I deserve to say around her and also the points she’s done because that me however , most importantly, has constantly used words and also knowledge to encourage me to proceed what ns do.

How have the right to you as an individual proactively take part in fighting a device of oppression and standing in solidarity through your partner of shade to amplify your voices?There is so lot to say together we still proceed to today a non-stop fight versus a mechanism of oppression. I will continue to stand in solidarity through my black Community. I will always make certain I am doing what I have the right to as an individual and make that a allude to usage my platform to reach out and also continue to amplify our voices versus racism and also hold those accountable. We need to as individuals be active big or small to support our black color owned business, donate what we have the right to to our black color community and also foundations in need and also keep our foot ~ above the gas … and also keep fighting , educating yourself and also uplifting our sisters and also brothers!!! Fighting for a change, fighting for reforms , fighting because that Justice. Fighting for our cilvil rights, Dignity and Liberation for ALL black LIFES!!!

How have actually you discovered ways to educate yourself and also those roughly you?At the age of 15, i am still educating myself, reading Books, watching suggested Movies and making time to sign up with Live streams on present affairs, conversations with height speakers the my black community. Ns learning more about Black background than I ever before have prior to in mine life, therefore I can be more educated. I’m also young to vote, however when the time comes in 3 years once I am 18, i will absolutely be prepared. Education and learning is everything!!

What do you think are means that others have the right to help society and our bordering communities?There are countless ways to help society and the world. Below are a couple of things: it is in a Voice for what is right, hold civilization accountable, education yourself, poll if you space eligible and 18. If you have a society platform, usage it!! monitor Black ar Educators. Obtain involved big or small. Donate come a foundation in need. Fight Racism on every levels!!!

In what ways has your life changed due to present events?At 15 years old ns feel like I have actually mentally all set myself that the fight has just begun and we require to continue to use pressure and also fight for the adjust we must see! I proceed to learn and educate myself with my peers, and be a voice as lot as i can. Yet I execute feel Life has changed for all of us and we have to do much better as a society. Love Wins.

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What advice do you have actually for someone that aspires to create a career like your own?My advice would truly be “If it to be easy, everyone would certainly be act it”, every little thing takes hard work no matter how long it takes, to never offer up, to never ever let people steer you far from what you space passionate about and what you love. Remember we are all distinct individuals with different callings and must always support others and also their dreams. No dream is as well big, so never settle because that less.