Alex Isley wishes to do her legend father Ernie Isley that The Isley brothers proud with her guitar-based work again, please again of “At Your finest (You space Love).” that is the recent release in the room + it is in Spotify Singles series.

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Fleshing the end a fine cover of the 1976 classic, later on popularized through Aaliyah in 1995, wasn’t a difficult task for Alex. She tenderness weaves her smooth harmonies and also pleasant tone through acoustic guitar lines and soft finger snaps, providing her best to the timeless song.

“I’ll constantly have such a strong emotional connection to this song; that was created by mine dad,” stated Alex in a statement. “There’s such sweetness and also honesty there, it always resonates through me. Aaliyah put her own stamp ~ above this tune in together a uniquely beautiful and timeless way, and I psychic the very first time ns heard it as a little girl. Cultivation up in the 90s, ns saw exactly how much of an impact she was making and will constantly have. So now, to pay homage to her in this way, with the words and also music of my family, and also so much thanks come Spotify, it’s definitely a full-circle minute for me.”

In March, Alex exit the“Good & many (Remix)”featuring lucky Daye. The original version, i beg your pardon is aduet v Masego, fight streaming services back in July 2020.

Before 2020 capped, Alex showed up on Kenyon Dixon’s song“Expectations.”

Alex was amongst Rated R&B’s11 R&B artists to watch in 2021.

Listen come Alex Isley’s rendition of “At Your finest (You space Love),” exclusively on Spotify, below.


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