Mike Smith’s accomplishments in his very first three seasons as Atlanta Falcons Head Coach are simply unprecedented in team background and are amongst the best in the NFL as soon as measured versus his coaching counterparts.

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Smith guided the Falcons come the second-most wins in a season in team history, the peak record in the NFC with a 13-3 mark and an NFC South department crown in 2010. The 13 victories likewise secured the number one seed in the Conference for only the 2nd time in franchise background and the division title was just the fourth ever before for the team in 45 years in the league (and first since 2004). His club’s eight-game win streak throughout the 2010 project was the second longest ever before in team annals. The Falcons also were the just team in the organization to location in the top 5 in both scoring violation (25.9 points) and also scoring defense (18.0 clues allowed) critical year and boasted one NFL-high and a franchise-best ripe players that were named to the agree Bowl. With an additional playoff berth come his credit in 2010, the Birds have actually now advanced to the postseason 2 out that last three years with the qualified Smith ~ above the job. Needless to say, the three straight winning seasons developed under the direction of smith (11-5, 9-7, 13-3) has actually never been copied in team history.

Smith’s impressive 33-15 continuous season record due to the fact that 2008 is the second-best mark among all NFL coaches and his 33 wins are the most in the entire NFC. His .688 winning percent is the highest possible in team background over a three-year duration and likewise the second-best portion in the League. Smith’s secure hand in ~ the helm consists of a strong emphasis on creating a true house field advantage and that ideology has produced an astounding 20-4 residence record and also .833 win percentage throughout his tenure, the second-best point out in the NFL end the last 3 seasons.

For every the turning points he completed in 2010, smith earned the call Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year and the KC 101 Club’s NFC Coach of the Year award for a remarkable second time in 3 seasons.

Preaching to his team the value of beginning fast and finishing strong, the Falcons have heeded Smith’s coaching mantra by amassing a 26-6 document in games where castle score first.

With core values built approximately playing basically sound football in all three phases, Smith’s disciplined groups have displayed a knack because that holding ~ above leads and also closing the end the opposition. Smith’s troops have posted a 27-1 document in gamings where the Falcons command at halftime (since 2008). And also Atlanta also owns a 26-1 mark in contests where the Birds hold the lead at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

The former defensive coordinator teaches a rugged and also physical approach to defense, i beg your pardon has developed the second stingiest group in the NFC in points allowed since 2008 in ~ 19.5. Also, the Falcons defense has been challenging when closing the end halves and also games in the last two periods by enabling just 14 points in 35 possessions in the last two minutes of either half.

The Falcons’ special teams units have likewise excelled with Smith’s emphasis and also direction through finishing in the optimal 10 in NFL rankings in each of the previous three seasons.

In 2009, Smith’s club recorded their final three games of the season, consisting of two win on the road, come secure a winning record and the an initial back-to-back winning seasons in team history. His club’s hard-fought three-game to win streak in ~ the end of the 2009 campaign to for sure a win season was especially impressive considering the Falcons faced the fourth-toughest schedule in the NFL and also five the the team’s seven losses came against playoff teams. Smith’s Falcons additionally lost nine key starters because that at least one game because of injury (and a full of 45 games of missed action overall) yet still continued to display screen the sort of fix that is properties of Smith-coached teams since he took end in Atlanta.

One of Smith’s basic coaching viewpoints centers top top his team displaying sustainability. He wants his Falcons to have the ability to maintain a certain level that performance, not simply each season, yet from game to game, 4 minutes 1 to quarter and play come play. Smith is building a team that will repeatedly be in the championship hunt in December every season. This to win formula has seen smith boast a 33-15 regular season document (.688) because 2008, i m sorry is the second-best mark amongst all NFL coaches and the many wins in the entire NFC. His .688 winning portion is the highest possible for a Falcons head coach over a three-year period. A strong proponent the defending their home at the dome, Smith’s 20 win at residence over the critical three periods (against just four defeats) and also .833 winning percentage are the second-best in the League.

Under Smith’s identified leadership in 2008, the Falcons appreciated one that the greatest turnarounds the the NFL has ever witnessed. The seven-win totter going indigenous 4-12 come 11-5 is tied because that the fourth-best note (at +7 wins) in the league for a rookie head coach due to the fact that 1978. Smith’s 11 victories space tied for the top note with five other head coaches for the best record for a rookie head coach acquisition over a team the finished below .500 the previous season. And only 3 rookie head coaches in NFL history had an ext wins in their first campaign on the sidelines than Smith.

Smith’s certain guidance in 2008 permitted the Falcons to make several enhancements from the previous season, which contained points per video game average, rushing yards per video game average, happen touchdowns come interception ratio and also fewest sacks allowed. He had his team all set to play in every game in 2008 as the Falcons to be tops in the league in an initial quarter points scored and registered a streak the holding adversaries in 12 of 15 gamings to under 20 yards rushing in the opened quarter of games.

The shrewd drafting that quarterback Matt Ryan and also astute totally free agent signing of running ago Michael Turner were two aggressive moves the paid instant dividends and also laid a hard foundation. Under Smith’s direction in 2009, the Falcons ongoing to establish themselves as among the NFL’s finest home groups posting a 6-2 record at the Georgia Dome. The club captured their final three games of the season, including two win on the road, to secure a to win record and the very first back-to-back winning periods in team history.

For his coaching efforts in 2008, smith earned the honorable associated Press and Sporting News 2008 NFL Coach that the Year honors, and NFC Coach that the Year through the respect KC 101 Club. Smith boasts a solid coaching lift that has 12 NFL seasons and also 29 full years in football. His protective track record has witnessed a amazing amount of success together he helped guide the Baltimore Ravens come a Super bowl XXXV Championship in 2000 together a defensive assistant coach and led the Jacksonville Jaguars defense to peak 10 rankings in several categories (overall defense, points permitted and rushing defense) throughout his time as the club’s protective Coordinator.

With Smith’s help, the Jaguars had actually the sixth-most wins in the NFL (from 2004-07) with 40 victories. Native 2003–2007, blacksmith led Jacksonville’s defensive unit, i m sorry ranked fourth in in its entirety defense (296.6), 3rd in attack points enabled (16.1) and fifth in rushing defense (99.3) indigenous 2003–2006. In his last season in Jacksonville in 2007, the Jaguars rushing defense ongoing that tendency as the unit ranked 6th in the AFC, holding opponents to 100.3 yards per game. The Jaguars defense under Smith’s direction additionally finished 12th in the NFL in complete defense in ‘07.

In 2006, Jacksonville ranked 2nd in the league in total defense (283.6), which to be the greatest mark for the franchise in its history. The Jaguars defense likewise contributed to a team-record 20 interceptions and enabled an NFL-low 11 clues per video game on their home turf.

During Smith’s five seasons in Jacksonville, three defensive players garnered six Pro bowl selections, which had defensive handle Marcus Stroud (2003–2005), protective tackle john Henderson (2004, 2006) and also cornerback Rashean Mathis (2006). Smith also coached the likes of defensive end Bobby McCray, who came to be just the 4th Jaguar to document at the very least 10 sacks in 2005. Smith added to 3 winning periods in Jacksonville (2004–2005, 2007) as the team reached the playoffs because that the 6th occasion in franchise history in 2007 and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC Divisional Playoff video game on the road at Heinz Field.

Prior to joining the Jaguars, blacksmith spent 4 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and also was the protective Assistant/Defensive line Coach native 1999–2001, which included the team’s 2000 Super bowl winning season. The Ravens defense collection an NFL 16-game document by enabling only 165 clues en course to the team’s an initial NFL championship.

In 2002, Smith offered as Baltimore’s Linebackers Coach. That season, the Ravens featured All-Pro linebacker beam Lewis and Pro bowl linebacker Peter Boulware, who tape-recorded 57 tackles, seven sacks for a loss of 51 yards, one interception and four overcome defensed in his ideal NFL season under Smith’s tutelage. Prior to joining the NFL ranks, Smith invested 12 seasons at Tennessee technology from 1987–1998. He was the golden Eagles’ defensive Coordinator for the last three periods as the team finished in the optimal 10 in the nation in full defense (1997 and also 1998). He join the Tennessee technology staff together the protective Line Coach and also then served as the distinct Team Coordinator from 1988 to 1995. Before his last season with the golden Eagles, smith was promoted to Assistant Head Coach on optimal of his defensive Coordinator duties.

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Smith played college soccer at east Tennessee (1977–1981) and was named defensive MVP twice at his position. The led the team v a school record 186 tackles as a senior. A native of Daytona Beach, Florida, Smith to be born on June 13, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois. He and his wife, Julie, have one daughter, Logan, and also reside in Suwanee, Ga.

Smith"s Coaching Background 2008-11 -- Head Coach // Falcons 2003-07 -- defensive Coordinator // Jaguars 2002 -- Linebackers Coach // Ravens 1999-01 -- Def. Asst./Def. Line Coach // Ravens 1996-98 -- protective Coord. // Tennessee tech 1988-95 -- Special teams Coord. // Tennessee technology 1987 -- protective Line Coach // Tennessee tech 1986 -- protective Line Coach // Morehead St. 1983-85 -- Linebackers Coach // san Diego State 1982 -- Assistant Coach // san Diego State