Oh dear, also the initial Power Rangers have actually expressed your disappointment through the recently rebooted movie.

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Speaking at the C2E2 Convention in Chicago (via ComicBook.com), original Black Ranger (aka Zack Taylor) Walter Jones and original Blue Ranger (aka Billy Cranston) David Yost opened up about the movie – and what lock didn"t like around it.

"I to be a small disappointed that they changed the characters around a little bit because I wanted Zack to be through his kido due to the fact that Hip Hop Kido was a really important facet of that I to be on power Rangers," Jones said.

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"I think if they would have included that then there could have been some parkour and there can have been so plenty of other facets to the character the it would have been awesome."

Yost added: "The just thing ns care around progression-wise, when they perform a sequel and they morph, they far better bring it and also they much better say, "It"s Morphin Time"."

"When we said, "It"s Morphin Time", it was like, "Shit"s around to go down". Once they stated it in the movie it to be so lackadaisical. I was like, "Are friend kidding me?""

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Still, at least they didn"t gain kicked out of the Power Rangers premiere favor original eco-friendly Ranger star Jason David open minded – who made a cameo in the movie alongside initial Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson.

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