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Avengers: Infinity war press screenings room done, reviews written, red carpet occasions over — and also that means the internet is around to end up being a cesspool of spoilers.

It’s nearly unavoidable and impractical to stop going online until the movie’s out this Friday, April 27. However we additionally loathe having actually to adjust the method we usage our many frequented websites simply to insurance a spoiler-free movie-watching experience. Alas, this is the state of the internet. Below are some helpful tips to shot sneaking about the web without encountering any Avengers spoilers.


Twitter’s best tool remains the mute function. It’s no only helpful in quiet banishing trolls who continue to scream into the abyss, yet it’s additionally a decent method to store spoilers off her timeline.

Muting top top Twitter is also, conveniently, an extremely simple. Log into Twitter and click on your profile. Select “settings and also privacy” indigenous the dropdown menu, and then click the “muted accounts” tab to the left. From there, you can input certain terms, phrases and also individual words girlfriend don’t want to check out on her timeline.

If, because that example, friend don’t want to recognize anything about Hawkeye until you settle in for the movie yourself, your muted state page might look miscellaneous like:

HawkeyeAvengers: Infinity battle spoilersClint Barton Legolas Jeremy Renner

It likewise might not be a negative idea to mute specific accounts, choose enthusiast press sites, that will certainly be writing around the film in days come come. You deserve to do the by muting particular accounts native the very same page.

The last referral I have about safe looking on Twitter is to mute specific emoji. Making use of things like a hammer (Thor), bow and arrow (Hawkeye), tree (Groot), rocket (Rocket Raccoon), the American flag (Captain America) and a spider (Spider-Man) room some means that trolls might shot to bombard world with spoilers. Having details emoji blocked till you check out the film might seem choose the nuclear option, yet it’s come to be a essential evil.


Reddit is a breeding ground because that trolls. Spoiling movie is one area the Reddit’s mastered. Trolls indigenous unrelated subreddits, including r/ImGoingToHellForThis, were utilizing Star Wars: The critical Jedi spoilers in your tags and flares to spoil the movie for people. Below are a perform of subreddits that the Marvel neighborhood is anticipating will try to damage the movie:

Besides avoiding these subreddits, the best means to ensure they don’t pop up on your front web page is by going to r/all, hitting the “filter” button on the next of the page and also typing in the name of these subreddits.

Other subreddits the the Marvel fandom is wary of, i m sorry you might want to include to your list that filtered subreddits just in case, room as follows:


It’s a tiny disappointing and also wholly ironic that Tumblr, a website dedicated to fandom, doesn’t have a an extremely good, ideal mute function. There is one official means to mute posts, yet it depends on world using ideal hashtags the you deserve to then mute. Your ideal bet for avoiding spoilers on Tumblr, while likewise getting in her latest science Bros. Kicks, is to download the Tumblr Savior browser extension. The extension enables you to produce a “black list” and “white list” of an essential terms, indigenous or phrases. The white list will display you any type of post include a particular term, expression or keyword in it; the black list will certainly hide any post that uses a specific term, phrase or keyword.

Remember: This is Tumblr. The going to take it some additional muting actions to certain nothing is ruined. That means the name of well-known ’ships should accompany your an easy list that muted key terms, favor Avengers: Infinity War. Here are simply a few examples that I have the right to think of off the optimal of mine head:

StonyScience BrosStuckyPepperoniThorkiSTEM SquadGreen-Eyed WidowScarletVision

And, of course, whatever your other favorite ’ships could be.


Facebook it s okay a little difficult, because it additionally lacks a great muting tool. The ideal option you have is to hit snooze top top a friend or outlet that you follow for 30 days — or till you check out the movie.

Simply click on the ellipses in the top-right hand edge of a girlfriend or publication’s post, and also hit the snooze function. This will protect against those articles from appearing on her feed. SocialFixer, another Chrome extension, can likewise be download to help filter out hashtags and keywords. The a little janky, however if friend absolutely need to use Facebook prior to going to watch Infinity War, it’s no terrible.

Beware, though: over there are well known Facebook groups planning to troll Avengers fans v spoilers. Members will appear in facebook comments or write-ups that use hashtags. Down v Disney’s treatment of Franchises and also its Fanboys, a troll group that attempts to review bomb Disney movie (like The critical Jedi, which that went after ~ in December) and spoil the film for others, is back. There’s a great chance that nothing will come the it, yet remain alert.

on facebook


This sums up trying to usage 4chan while also avoiding spoilers. The possibility of running right into spoilers virtual is constantly going to be there. These are just a couple of tools the may aid in your pursuit to learn as little as possible beforehand. But if friend really desire to avoid all spoilers, try to continue to be offline until you walk out of the theater. And also remember: don’t be a jerk once you’ve watched it. Shot not come spoil the movie, both online and sitting in a bar ~ the movie, discussing every little thing you’ve seen.

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Never go complete Homer Simpson.