CHBrClF (bromochlorofluoromethane) is a chemical compound with one of the simplest feasible stable chiral compounds.

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VSEPR concept (The Valence shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory) uses the AXE notation (m and n space integers, m + n = variety of regions the electron density).

For bromochlorofluoromethane:

m = 4; the number of atoms bonded to the main atom.

n = 0; the number of lone bag on the central atom.

According come VSEPR theory, the "AXE method" is supplied for count electrons roughly the main atom, where A is the central atom, X is the ligand that make a covalent bond through the main atom and E is the variety of lone pair of electron on the central atom.

In CHBrClF, The central carbon atom is tied to four ligands and has no lone pair of electrons. Therefore, the category for CHBrClF is AX₄E₀. And as expected from the axmen classification, CHBrClF (AX₄E₀) has a tetrahedral molecule geometry and also tetrahedral electron domain geometry.

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Answer is: Benzene is trigonal (or triangular) planar.

VSEPR theory (The Valence shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory) provides the AXE notation (m and n room integers, m + n = variety of regions the electron density).

For benzene molecule (C₆H₆):

m = 3; the variety of atoms bonded to the central atom.

n = 0; the number of lone bag on the main atom.

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Theclassification for each carbon in benzene is .

Further explanation:

VSEPR Theory:

The VSEPR concept is also known together valence shell electron pair repulsion theory. This concept is supplied to recognize the geometry the a central atom or ion. It is based on the repulsion in between bond pairs and also lone pair in the valence covering of the main atom.

The group is provided to expresses the geometry that the main atom in VSEPR theory. In classification, A is a central atom, X is covalent bond, E is the lone pair, m is the total variety of covalent bond existing on main atom, and also n is the total number of lone pair current on central atom.

Since group is just calculated because that the central atoms and benzene has 6 main carbon atoms therefore we can calculate classification of each main carbon atom.

In benzene, every carbon atom has actually 4 valence electrons. These 4 valence electron is are supplied in forming 3 covalent bonds, one C-H solitary bond, one C-C single bond, and also one C=C dual bond. Therefore, the value of m is 3. There is no lone pair ~ above any central carbon atom hence the worth of n is zero.

Therefore the construction for each carbon in benzene is .

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