Winesburg, Ohio starts with a prologue, describing an old writer who has hired a carpenter to rebuild his bed, so it will certainly be level v his window. ~ the occupational is completed, the old writer lies in bed and also thinks around death. As he nears sleep, every the people he has ever met pass slowly prior to his eyes. That sees them all as "grotesques," some amusing, some terribly sad, and some horrifying. Immediately after this experience, the climbs the end of bed and writes every little thing that he experienced down in a book, which the calls "The publication of the Grotesque." In this book, he conjectures the the world is complete of various truths, all of them beautiful, yet when a person seizes on and also tries to live by just a solitary truth, that person"s life becomes distorted. The old male writes top top this subject for hundreds and also hundreds the pages, his obsession practically making himself a grotesque; in the end, he never publishes the book.

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the story of soup Biddlebaum, an eccentric, nervous guy who stays on the suburbs of the city of Winesburg, Ohio. In spite of having lived in Winesburg because that twenty years, Biddlebaum has never become close to anyone, with the exemption of George Willard, a young man who works as a reporter for the Winesburg Eagle. ~ above this specific evening, Biddlebaum is pacing on his porch, hoping the George will visit. As he paces, that fiddles v his hands, i beg your pardon are well known for your dexterity and wanton behavior. "Their restless activity," Anderson writes, "like depend the beating the the wings of an imprisoned bird, had given him his name." that has an obstacle controlling his hands, which have a propensity to float inappropriately that their very own accord. The critical time he was talking through George, he jerked ago in horror after detect himself starting to caress the young man"s face.Biddlebaum"s horror stems native his past as a schoolteacher in Pennsylvania, where he was called Adolph Myers. He was very talented, but during his passionate lectures, he would often caress the shoulders and also heads the his pupils, and one young accused the of molestation. The schoolteacher barely do it out of town through his life, adjusted his name, and also moved to Winesburg, wherein he resides in a seclusion broken only through his friendship with George Willard. Top top this particular evening, George does not concerned visit. Hides his hands
concerns the aged doctor Reefy, who has actually worn the same suit of garments for ten years. In the suit"s deep pockets that keeps tiny scraps of paper, which eventually wad up right into balls of paper. The old medical professional was married once, to a lot younger mrs who passed away a year after your marriage. She to be an heiress with two principal suitors, one that "talked continually of virginity," and one that said nearly nothing at all prior to trying come kiss her. Eventually, she ended up being pregnant by the quiet suitor, and went to physician Reefy for medical help. ~ she had actually a miscarriage, she and also the doctor were married, and also during their few months of delight he would check out to her from what he had written on the small scraps of file in his pockets. No a grotesque. That has plenty of thoughts and also not just one, which the writes down on these file slips which come to be "paper pills"
concerned with Elizabeth Willard, George Willard"s mother. She and her husband, Tom Willard, operation a boarding home in Winesburg, i beg your pardon is perpetually on the verge of failure, prefer her marriage. Elizabeth is typically ill and has become a pale, ghostly figure, wandering aimlessly with their home. Tom, an energetic man with a zest because that politics, is embarrassed by his wife, and also spends his time airing his grievances. That is a Democrat in a greatly Republican town, lamenting the truth that the should have achieved great things politically, yet now time has actually passed him by. The relationship between Elizabeth and also her son is stiff and uncomfortable, and also they frequently sit together for long periods the time without talking.One night, ~ Elizabeth has been in bed for number of days, she realizes the George has actually not come to see her, and also becomes concerned. She gets up and also hears Tom haranguing your son, urging George come "wake up" and make other of himself. This infuriates Elizabeth, and also she decides the she will kill she husband. "When I have killed him," she speak herself, "something will snap within myself and also I will certainly die also. It will be a release for all of us." She remembers her girlhood, when she provided to scandalize the city by dressing increase in men"s clothes and also riding a bicycle, or by walking about with male guests native the boarding house. Looking at it s her in the mirror, she decides that she must make it s her appear much more impressive, more beautiful and terrible before she kills her husband. But her sudden burst of power subsides, and her setup slips away. George enters and also talks to her awkwardly for a moment around his intention to leaving Winesburg, most likely in a year or two. The goes out for a walk, leaving she alone in the dark house.
describes doctor Parcival, a middle-aged male who consistently visits the workplaces of the Winesburg Eagle come chat with George Willard. Physician Parcival has been in Winesburg for 5 years, but his medical practice is still an extremely small. Nevertheless, he always seems to have actually plenty of money. A talkative man, that tells lengthy stories come George, around his previous in Dayton, Ohio: exactly how his father remained in an insane asylum and also his brother was a violent miser, and how he self was at various times a minister and also a reporter. Throughout his recounting, he implies that he has actually a criminal past by dropping hints about having dark secrets. Then, one day, a girl is eliminated in a Winesburg street, and every one of the town"s physicians are dubbed to the scene. Medical professional Parcival refuses to come, however nobody notices his absence. As soon as George involves visit that later, the medical professional is encouraged that the town will be furious through him because that refusing to involved the scene, and that a mob will certainly gather and hang him. That pleads with George, making him promise the if anything happens, George will "write the book that I might never get written." This publication will contain the mystery of human life--"that anyone in the world is Christ and also they are all crucified."
describes how George Willard walk out into the nation with a girl named Louise Trunnion to have sex. Later on that night, he walks right into town feeling an strange mix of pride and embarrassment. "She hasn"t obtained anything on me," he speak himself. "Nobody knows." berry patch time
begins deep in the past, recounting exactly how Jesse Bentley involves inherit his family"s farm close to Winesburg after his 4 older brothers are killed in the polite War. After your deaths, Jesse"s dad slips into a depression and the farm starts to fall apart. As soon as Jesse returns home after going away to examine for the ministry, many human being laugh in ~ the idea of this small, fierce young man regulating by self on such a huge farm. Jesse soon manages to best the farm"s affairs, and it becomes much more productive 보다 it has ever been. This success come at a cost, however: Jesse is a small tyrant, and also everyone that works because that him is fear of him. This has his new wife, that works it s her to the bone on the farm and then dies in childbirth.Jesse Bentley, Anderson writes, is a type of male who might only exist prior to the industrial Revolution, as soon as farmers had actually no time for analysis or thinking around the more comprehensive world. Instead, every their intellectual energies often tended to be concentrated on the basic truths the religion and also God. Walking approximately his property, Jesse pertains to see himself together a type of Old testament figure, the founder the a "new race of men sprung native himself." that sees self as favored by God come prosper greatly
flashes forward plenty of years to the story the David Hardy, the kid of Jesse"s only daughter, Louise Bentley. Louise is an unhappy woman v a sharp temper, and also living at residence with her makes David unhappy. In one instance, life at house becomes for this reason unbearable that he operation away for a day, and finds, to his surprise, that when he comes home his mother is suddenly tender and also loving towards him. When he reaches at an early stage adolescence, the goes come live through his grand Jesse ~ above the farm. Disappointed the his only child was a daughter, Jesse look at David together God"s gift, who to carry on his legacy--which, due to the fact that he has end up being one of the richest farmers in the area, is quite impressive. David concerns love life on the farm. One day, Jesse take away David to a clearing in the woods and also begins come pray. This terrifies David, and also he operation away, only to stumble on a rock and cut his head. Jesse tote the bleeding young home, emotion that the incident is a sign of God"s disapproval.
entitled "Surrender," flashes ago to the girlhood the Louise Bentley, Jesse Bentley"s daughter and also David Hardy"s mother. As a young woman, she pipeline her father"s farm and also goes come live v the hardy family, a well-to do clan that lives within the town of Winesburg. The 2 girls in the family hate Louise for being such a goody-goody and also a effective pupil in school, while castle struggle in addition to poor grades; to make matters worse, Mr. Hardy typically points out Louise"s accomplishments in bespeak to criticize his own daughters. Louise no her environment, and longs because that escape and for love. She the town hall the Hardy girl necking through their boyfriends, and abruptly decides to go after their brother, John. She sends him a note, questioning him to come to her window and call if he wants her to pertained to him. After ~ a while, he does contact to her, and a little while later on she erroneously thinks the she is pregnant, and also they get married. She conveniently realizes that marital relationship to john Hardy will not administer happiness, and when her child David is born, she neglects the baby. Her husband criticizes her, yet she says that "It is a guy child and will gain what it desires anyway. Had it to be a woman kid there is naught in the civilization I would not have done because that it."
called "Terror," returns to David Hardy and his grandfather Jesse. Jesse has just bought a new piece the land, along with brand-new machinery because that clearing it. David, meanwhile, has actually just rotate fifteen, and also has taken to going ~ above long, introspective go in the woods. One day, Jesse makes another foray through David deep into the woods, pass a lamb with them this time, hoping that if they pray and burn the lamb together, God will finally appear with a message for them. The does not tell this setup to David, and when they involved a clearing and Jesse pulls the end a knife, again David i do not care terrified and also flees. Jesse chases him, and his nephew throws a stone and hits the old male in the forehead. Jesse falls over, and David believes the he has killed him; he resolves come flee Winesburg forever. He is never seen again in the neighborhood. As soon as he wakes up, Jesse is upset and also insists endlessly the an point of view of God take it the boy "because ns was as well greedy for glory."
tells that Joe Welling, the conventional Oil agent in Winesburg. He is defined as a volcano, constantly ready come burst out v an odd decided on the topic of some brand-new idea that has caught his fancy. During George Willard"s an initial year functioning for the Winesburg Eagle, Joe Welling organizes a regional baseball team, and also his remarkable energy makes the a successful and also well-respected manager. Meanwhile, he starts courting buy it King, a "lean, sad-looking woman" whose father and brother space widely thought about dangerous. Anyone thinks that Joe Welling will finish up obtaining beaten increase or eliminated by the King males for being affiliated with Sarah, yet when he finally has a meeting with them, that sweeps castle off their feet, as he walk everyone, v a "tidal tide of words."
tells the story the Alice Hindman, who is twenty-seven, clerks in ~ Winesburg"s dry items store, and still lives with she mother. Alice, we learn, was once the lover that a young man named Ned Currie, and after he went turn off to look for his happiness in Chicago, she stayed faithful come him. For a long time, he wrote every day, but eventually he became swept increase in his brand-new life and forgot her. Now, ten year later, Alice still carries a torch for him. She feel herself getting older, however she can not imagine herself marrying anyone however "Neddie." Eventually, she join the local Methodist Church and also attends weekly prayer meetings in order to rest the dull routine of her life. Still, she feels a restlessness taking hold of her and a desperate need to be loved. One rainy night, she comes residence from work and goes maximum floor to obtain undressed. Seized by a strange urge, she runs outside in the rain naked and accosts an old guy who is pass on the sidewalk. Unexpectedly ashamed, she rushes ago inside and lies under to challenge the wall surface and expropriate "bravely the reality that many human being must live and die alone."
"Respectability" centers around Wash Williams, the telegraph operator in Winesburg. Hugely obese, filthy, and defiantly antisocial, he has no girlfriend in town, and particularly despises all women, calling lock "bitches." seeing George Willard the end walking through a girl one day, the takes the young reporter aside and also tells him his story. Once, he to be a successful, good-looking young man, running the telegraph office in Columbus, Ohio. He had a wife and loved her very much, just to find that she to be cheating on him through a number of men. He left she immediately, however after numerous months the girl"s mom invited him come their house in Dayton, trying to aid the couple reconcile. She told to wash to sit in the parlor, and also then sent out his wife, distinct naked, in to watch him. Shocked, the telegraph officer attacked his wife"s mom with a chair. Since then, that has had nothing to do with women, considering lock to be uniformly depraved and deceitful.
concerns Seth Richmond, the child of a family that has actually fallen on hard times since the father"s death. Seth is so clean thinking and also sensible that also when he operation away because that a week, hitching a journey on a crate car, his mother is can not to bring herself to punish him. Seth is friends v George Willard, and one summer night he and also George sit together and also talk in the Willard boarding house. George declares his intention to fall in love, and also settles on Helen White, a neighborhood girl, together the thing of his affection. That asks Seth come tell Helen, yet Seth i do not care flustered and also leaves. Seth wanders around for a while, emotion alienated, and ends up at the White"s house, where he invites Helen the end for a walk. As they walk, he tells her the he plans to get out that Winesburg, one of two people by walk to college or gaining a job. There is romantic tension in between them, yet it dissipates amid shared awkwardness, and also Seth is left thinking about how Helen will probably finish up in love v "some fool... Part one choose that George Willard."
extremely brief, describing how a girl named Tandy difficult comes by she name. She is the daughter of Winesburg"s leading atheist, Tom Hard, that enjoys arguing against the visibility of God. One day, when she is seven years old, a drunken male staggers through the porch where she is sitting v her father. That launches into a speech about the perfect woman, encouraging the little girl come be the woman, who name, he insists, will certainly be "Tandy." After that staggers off, the seven-year-old bursts into tears and demands that her father always call she "Tandy Hard."
tells the story the the Reverend Curtis Hartman, the prosperous and also popular minister of Winesburg"s Presbyterian Church. Reverend Hartman is in the habit of creating sermons in his church"s bell tower; looking out the tower window one day, the spies a young woman named Kate Swift, a local school teacher, lied on a bed in a surrounding house. Hartman had actually married the first girl he courted, and also has thus had restricted experience v women. Kate Swift soon has a bizarre hold over him. His sermons become more passionate and personal as that wrestles with sexual temptation, and also he finds self going as much as the bell tower at arbitrarily times, in the expect of capturing a glimpse the her. This temptation plagues him terribly, however he cannot find a method to complimentary himself that it. Eventually, one January night, he goes approximately the bell tower, deciding the he will give himself entirely to sin. She does not appear for a lengthy time, and also the coldness in the tower reasons him practically to freeze to death. All of sudden Kate"s figure appears in the window. She is naked, and as that watches, she throws it s her down and also begins to pray. This vision delivers the minister indigenous his sex-related desire for her, and also in a wild sense of release, he runs outside and also dashes about in snowy Winesburg. Finding George Willard in the newspaper office, the seizes the young man and tells him that Kate Swift is an instrument of God, and that upon see her, he broke the bell tower window, for "the toughness of God remained in me."
follows Kate Swift top top the exact same snowy night. George Willard is lusting after her, while she is hike the roads of Winesburg. She is typically cold and also forbidding, but occasionally a good sense of joy comes end her, completely transforming her. She is a passionate person, and she is captivated by George Willard, in whom she look at a "spark that genius." they have had a number of long talks, fraught with sex-related tension, and also on this night she goes come the newspaper office to watch him. After ~ an azer conversation, the starts to embrace her, and she abruptly runs away. A brief while later, the Reverend Hartman runs in through his strange declaration around Kate"s holiness. Completely confused, George walk home, feeling that Kate Swift continues to be a secret to him.
the story the Enoch Robinson. Born in Winesburg, he move to brand-new York as a young man and falls in v a one of imaginative types. Eventually, though, the grows worn down of them, since he own a type of childish egotism that makes him unable to tolerate various other people--save imaginary ones, who always agree v him and never threaten his self-image. He grows lonely ~ a while and also gets married, in an effort to command a normal, respectable life, yet the same self-centeredness afflicts his marriage, and also eventually his wife leaves him. She considers the a little bit insane, maybe justifiably, since after she leaves, Enoch moves back into his very own apartment and also busies himself v his large, ever-growing arsenal of imaginary friends. The is happy because that a lengthy time, but eventually something goes wrong. Enoch meets a mrs in his apartment building, and also she comes to visit him. One night, the tells she all about the "people" that live in the room v him, and also after a lengthy time, she seems to understand. As soon as she leaves, however, all the imaginary people follow her the end the door, never ever to return. He has actually been alone ever before since, he tells George Willard when relating this story years later, having actually left new York and returned come Winesburg.
The main character in "An Awakening" is Belle Carpenter, a bookkeeper"s daughter that works as a milliner"s assistant in Winesburg. Ed Handby, a neighborhood bartender, is courting she awkwardly; so far, they have actually spent just one night together. Still, that insists that they will be married. Meanwhile, though, she has been going the end for walks at night through George Willard, also though she prefers Ed. One evening, when wandering around town in one introspective mood, George senses himself having actually an epiphany, and also he take away Belle out for a walk and tries to admire on her the he has become "different." the is suddenly persuaded that she will "surrender it s her to him," because of the change that has come over him. However while the is kissing her, Ed Handby comes upon them, shoves him aside, and moves to take Belle Carpenter away. George tries come fight him, however the bartender knocks that over right into the bushes and drags the girl off. Humiliated and also unhappy, George renders his means homeward, noticing that all the magic has actually vanished indigenous an evening--and a town--that currently seem "squalid and commonplace."
concerned with Elmer Cowley, a newcomer to Winesburg, whose father has actually opened a store selling various curiosities. The business is unsuccessful, and Elmer is persuaded that the whole town thinks that the Cowleys space strange and that anyone is covertly laughing in ~ them. He becomes belligerent and slightly unhinged, and shouts in ~ his father and also a travel salesman in the shop. After ~ this incident, he takes a long walk right into the country, all the means out to what used to be the Cowley farm, to tell his problem to a retarded man who used to job-related for his family. Quiet dissatisfied, Elmer stalks back to town, whereby he singles out George Willard together representative of Winesburg"s scorn because that the Cowleys. Additionally, he doesn"t believe that George has ever been dissatisfied in the method that he himself constantly is, and thus feel alienated. Elmer attempts come harass George, and then robs his own father, intended to take it the money and run far to the city. At the train tracks, Elmer runs right into George again. He tries to define himself yet fails; that then gives the money that stole come George. Suddenly, and also without provocation, Elmer attacks George, knocking him out cold. The jumps plank a passing train and rides away from Winesburg.
"The Untold Lie," 2 farm laborers space working with each other in a field. One, ray Pearson, is a serious man with a wife and six children. The other, Hal Winters, has actually a reputation as a fighter and also a womanizer. Hal confides to ray that that has gained a girl pregnant, and wants to understand if he have to do right and also marry her. Oddly, beam cannot manage to formulate a reply, and also when the goes house that night that feels a remarkable bitterness around his own marriage, which similarly came around through an unwanted pregnancy. He has an urge to tell Hal no to acquire married, come stay totally free at every little thing cost, and suddenly runs out of his house to uncover him. Once Ray finds Hal, though, his voice falls short him. Hal is very cheerful, and also says that he has made decision to get married the girl. Together Ray to walk home, a pleasant memory of his children seems to involved him, and he realizes that whatever he would have actually told Hal, "it would have actually been a lie."
introduces Tom Foster, a boy who moves to Winesburg v his grandmother after ~ his parents die. Tom is a gentle, well-liked young who never asserts himself, like to continue to be in the background. The is also forgetful to organize steady employment, but works weird jobs, and is made happy by tiny things. One night, the decides to acquire drunk just to view what that feels like. This occurrence occurs in ~ a time in which that is in love through Helen White, the daughter of one of his employers. He buys a bottle of whiskey and sits on an embankment in the feather air, drinking and enjoying his intoxication. Eventually, George Willard happens by, and also Tom starts babbling around Helen White, informing George that he has made love come her. George, who has feelings the his very own for the girl, tries come quiet Tom, yet Tom take away his hand and tells him that he is glad to it is in drunk due to the fact that it has taught that something and enabled him to suffer like everyone else.

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returns to physician Reefy and also Elizabeth Willard. Elizabeth"s disease is worse, and she goes come see physician Reefy commonly during the critical year of she life. Ostensibly, she is walking to watch him for she health, but in fact, she visits him because she enjoys their conversations. They "renew and strengthen" her against the "dullness of her days." together she slips toward death, she thinks back on she girlhood, and also on her numerous sexual liaisons, and cries bitterly over her failure to uncover love. She remembers her father telling her prior to her marital relationship that Tom Willard was no good, and that the would offer her eight hundreds dollars to take through her if she left Winesburg and also started a brand-new life. She made decision to obtain married anyway, and also her father still offered her the money, however he made she promise to hide it and never phone call Tom about it. She tells doctor Reefy this story, and that she still has actually the money surprise away under a floorboard, and he finds self falling in love v her. They practically embrace, but a noise startles her, and she rushes out, unexpectedly embarrassed. Physician Reefy does not see her again prior to her death.When Elizabeth, his mother, lastly dies, George Willard is strange unaffected in ~ first. That decides that currently he will certainly leave Winesburg. Sitting v his mother"s corpse, he begins to think of kissing Helen White. Having actually this assumed while sitting beside his dead mother makes him feel guilty, and he starts to weep again. He leaves the room, still crying, overcome by a mix of "fright and also uncertainty." The eight hundred dollars stays under the floorboard, because Elizabeth failed come tell her son about its existence before she dies.
George begins to look back on his childhood for the first time, giving him a new sense of manhood--a "moment that sophistication," as Anderson explains it. The Winesburg county Fair has set up shop in town, and also as George watches the bustle the a late afternoon in autumn, his mind turns to Helen. That remembers an evening they invested together when he boasted to she foolishly around becoming a "big man," and also he decides to go view her. Helen has come residence for the weekend from college in Cleveland, and also she, too, has begun to feeling sophisticated. She has actually spent the work walking around with an instructor indigenous the college, however she finds him boring and pompous, and also in the night she goes out seeking George. Castle encounter each other and go because that a walk down to the edges of the same ground, where they sit on a decayed grandstand as night settles in. Lock kiss briefly, yet that impulse gives away to a sudden desire come run around in the darkness, knocking each other over choose "excited tiny animals." Eventually, lock come earlier into town, walking together in a an extremely dignified fashion. "For some factor they can not have actually explained," Anderson writes, "they had actually both got from their silent evening together the point needed."
George Willard is leave Winesburg. He gets up early and walks about town in the morning silence, and also then provides his means to the train station. World gather to shake his hand, and also he boards the train hastily, just absent Helen White, that has concerned say goodbye. As the train pulls far from the station, the leans earlier in his seat and remembers little details the life in Winesburg. Once he looks up, the town has disappeared, and has "become but a elevator on which to paint the dreams of his manhood."




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