We space a peer-to-peer jae won wellness regime housed in the Financial assist and Scholarships Office in ~ UC thedesigningfairy.com. We sell workshops and one-on-one appointments to assist students regulate their an individual finances in college and beyond. Connect with us v our student-run blog and also on Facebook!

**All services Will be provided Virtually for the fall Semester**

One-On-One Appointments

Meet with a financial well-being peer education via Zoom to help you know your an individual finances. As soon as you schedule an appointment online, we will send you a calendar invitation with the virtual meeting information. Peers can answer an easy money management questions and help you develop a personal spending plan.

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If you’d prefer to schedule a virtual presentation for a college student group, please do so here. If you’d choose to questioning a rapid question the does not require an appointment, please email us at bffs
thedesigningfairy.com.edu. Please note that we perform not do financial help counseling.


Our Mission

For plenty of college students, money deserve to be very important and also sometimes stressful topic. We understand that understanding exactly how to control your money is crucial part of your success together a student and also as a UC thedesigningfairy.com alum. Our mission is to offer all thedesigningfairy.com college student the tools and resources that will certainly empower them to make educated financial decision now and also in the future.

Six actions Toward jae won Success

Creating a safety Plan

Creating and following a spending plan is the most essential steps in a road to financial success and good practice. It will allow you to effectively manage your finances and determine where to finest spend your money.

Managing Debt

Managing Debt deserve to be difficult, and also often a jae won burden that can end up being stressful. However, over there are effective ways to save track and also get rid of debt. In addition, discover about great debt vs. Poor debt.

Saving Money

Get details ~ above saving options and why it’s crucial to “pay yourself first.” saving is critical part of an excellent personal finance exercise and crucial part of successfully meeting your short-term and also long-term goals!

Understanding Credit

Understanding Credit can be complicated and is often an area in an individual finance that carries a variety of myths. Building great credit can increase your purchasing power and benefit you greatly in the future.

Understanding credit transaction Cards

Before applying for a credit card, think about the benefits and defect of utilizing one and also be sure to know the well print.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a widespread difficulty that might have serious results for your financial health and credit history. Learn about ways to protect your identity, and the steps required to take in the occasion of an identity theft.

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Other Resources

Meet our Team

Peer Educators:

Andrea Vazquez, Darren Chow, Emma Wang, Diego Corona-Munoz, Shreyas Hariharan, Brandy Hoang, Jessica Wu, Braulio Hernandez, and Yazmin Renteria.