around The age of no Believing

"The age of no Believing" is a song written by Robert and Richard Sherman for the 1971 Walt Disney musical film production Bedknobs and also Broomsticks. Angela Lansbury sings the track in the movement picture. In the, Lansbury"s personality Eglantine expresses how as kids grow up, they lose their belief in magic and also doubt themselves. The song works on two levels, both on a personal, human level and thematically because that the whole film- a brothers grown downhearted from the pressure of battle must discover to borrow from its very own past magic in order to get over the tremendous challenge which lies prior to it, if the characters in the movie must finally learn to trust in Eglantine"s magic to accomplish their goals and save Britain from the Nazis. The tune earned the Sherman brother an Oscar nomination for best Original Song, (though it shed to Isaac Hayes"s layout from Shaft). Lock were also nominated for ideal Original Score (John Williams"s score because that Fiddler top top the Roof winner instead). This represented the songwriters" fourth and also fifth Oscar bids, respectively.more »

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When friend rush around in hopeless circlesSearching all over for something trueYou"re at the age of no believingWhen every the make-believe is throughWhen you collection aside your childhood heroesAnd your desires are shed up ~ above a shelfYou"re in ~ the age of not believingAnd worst of every you doubt yourselfYou"re a castaway wherein no one hears youOn a barren isle in a lonely seaWhere did all the happy endings go?Where deserve to all the great times be?You must challenge the period of no believingDoubting every little thing you ever knewUntil at last you begin believingThere"s other wonderfulIn youYou"re at the period of no believingAnd worst of all, girlfriend doubt yourselfYou"re a castaway whereby no one hears youOn a barren isle in a lonely seaWhere did every the happy end go?Where can all the great times be?You must confront the age of no believingDoubting everything you ever before knewUntil at critical you start believingThere"s miscellaneous wonderfulIn you

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