Deontay Wilder sent a statement to the boxing people with his first-round knockout the Bermane Stiverne as soon as they fought earlier in November 2017.

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The then-WBC heavyweight champion to be calling because that a unification fight v Britain’s Anthony Joshua and made his point in disastrous fashion.

Three years prior, Stiverne had actually won the WBC location which Vitali Klitschko left vacant after retiring indigenous the sport.

His first challenger to be Wilder, who’d racked up a stunning document of 38-0 (38 KOs).

However, in his first world location fight, Wilder take it a various approach and also outboxed the solid, resilient Stiverne.

He won by unanimous decision to claim the belt and, to this day, that fight stands together his only win on points.


Ryan Hafey/PBC
Wilder stared threateningly in ~ Stiverne after ~ the first knockdown

When the rematch came around, Stiverne was much less solid and also durable.

Wilder flattened the Haitian-Canadian with a straight appropriate hand in ~ the an initial round.

Stiverne made it ago to his feet and also foolishly told the referee he was alright to continue.

Wilder posed in the center of the ring with his hand down before unleashing when again, this time a right hook knocked his challenger down.


Ryan Hafey/PBC
The referee to be lifted off of his feet

Stiverne remarkably gained up a 2nd time and also it looked as though he can make it come the bell.

However, Wilder had other ideas.

He skidded throughout the ring top top finding out there were just ten secs left in the round and also pummelled his foe with one final combination which left him slumped ~ above the canvas.

Referee Arthur Mercante Jr attempted to traction Wilder away but became ragdolled by the furious heavyweight champion, who maintained his title in spectacular fashion.


Ryan Hafey/PBC
Wilder make his statement

Wilder later told CBS Sports: “I was possessed.

“At one suggest in time in the fight, ns watched myself whupping on this man.

“I to be standing on the outside of my body just watching and also observing myself win this man.

“Every move, that wasn’t Deontay. The was the ‘Bronze Bomber’ for sure. It’s crazy.” will have actually live and also exclusive radio comment of Tyson rage vs Deontay Wilder 3 from las Vegas on October 9.

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