Before the 2016 NHL season begins, hockey pan can acquire a taste of the activity with NHL 17.

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The latest video clip game developments an currently popular franchise, featuring exciting gameplay, a selection of modes and also a realistic look that must keep pan excited.

As Brian Mazique of Forbes argued, "From a visual standpoint, NHL continues come be among the most attractive sports games available."

Of course, one point that will remain a allude of contention in any kind of game is the ratings provided out come the players and also teams. This year"s variation is no exception, through hockey fans likely ready to controversy for your favorites and versus Sidney Crosby.

Here is an early look in ~ the ratings because that the height players and also teams approximately the NHL prior to the video game is released on Tuesday.

Top football player on NHL 17
RankPlayerPos.TeamOverall Rating
1Sidney CrosbyCPittsburgh Penguins95
2Jamie BennLWDallas Stars94
3Patrick KaneRWChicago Blackhawks94
4Drew DoughtyDLos Angeles Kings94
5Alex OvechkinLWWashington Capitals94
6Jonathan ToewsCChicago Blackhawks94
7Shea WeberDMontreal Canadiens94
8Steven StamkosCTampa bay Lightning94
9Carey PriceGMontreal Canadiens93
10Anze KopitarCLos Angeles Kings93
11Vladimir TarasenkoRWSt. Luigi Blues93
12Duncan KeithDChicago Blackhawks93
13John TavaresCNew York Islanders93
14Evgeni MalkinCPittsburgh Penguins93
15Ryan SuterDNashville Predators93
16Jonathan QuickGLos Angeles Kings93
17Erik KarlssonDOttawa Senators92
18Braden HoltbyGWashington Capitals92
19Brent BurnsDMinnesota Wild92
20Victor HedmanDTampa only Lightning92
21Tyler SeguinCBoston Bruins92
22Henrik LundqvistGNew York Rangers92
23Joe PavelskiRWSan Jose Sharks91
24Ryan GetzlafCAnaheim Ducks91
25Nicklas BackstromCWashington Capitals91

Not everyone will be happy to watch Crosby listed as the optimal player, but he continues to prove self at a high level.


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After a sluggish start to the 2015-16 season, that was superior down the stretch with 44 points in 33 games after the All-Star break. The year eventually ended with him and the Pittsburgh Penguins lifting the Stanley Cup.

The 29-year-old center recently defined his initiative to protect against a performance like the begin of critical season, every Sports Illustrated:

I won’t remainder on mine laurels. I just can’t. Win is special. If critical season taught me anything, that was just how thin the line is between being “washed up” and also lifting the Stanley Cup. I don’t want to struggle like that again. That October to December stretch was awful; the lowest allude of my career exterior of injury. I’ll placed in any type of amount of work I need to so i don’t have to go v that again.

His effort and offensive play clearly make the the optimal player in hockey at the moment.

Patrick Kane, Jamie Benn and also Alex Ovechkin additionally represent the height offensive players in the sport and are adequately rated through the game.

Among the forwards who might deserve some more credit, look no more than the mountain Jose Sharks. Both Joe Pavelski (91) and Joe Thornton (90) room coming off solid years wherein they finished in the optimal six the the league in points and helped lead your team come the Stanley Cup Final.

Even despite they"re ~ above the wrong side of 30 year old, castle each might easily be among the height 10 or 15 players in the sport.

There will certainly likely also be many of debate amongst the best goaltenders listed. Although no a the majority of points separate them, Carey Price is noted as the height goalie through a rating of 93, tied v Jonathan fast (93) and also ahead that Braden Holtby (92) and Henrik Lundqvist (92).

Price was superior in his last full season, top the NHL in save percentage and also goals-against average in 2014-15, but he missed many of critical year v a knee injury. Fast has obviously proved himself in the past, although consistency has been an concern for him.

NHL Network (via detailed Holtby as the peak goalie in the league and also No. 5 player overall in that ratings, although that is helped by play behind among the most talented teams in hockey.

Debate is always fun, yet there room plenty of inquiry marks around the individual ratings.

NHL 17 Team Ratings
Anaheim Ducks909188
Arizona Coyotes868786
Boston Bruins888993
Buffalo Sabres898985
Calgary Flames869286
Carolina Hurricanes848787
Chicago Blackhawks928790
Colorado Avalanche909090
Columbus Blue Jackets879190
Dallas Stars929086
Detroit Red Wings919388
Edmonton Oilers918885
Florida Panthers888889
Los Angeles Kings909194
Minnesota Wild928989
Montreal Canadiens879194
Nashville Predators899094
New Jersey Devils878991
New York Islanders909088
New York Rangers909395
Ottawa Senators908990
Philadelphia Flyers908887
Pittsburgh Penguins908979
San Jose Sharks909483
St. Luigi Blues929186
Tampa only Lightning939290
Toronto Maple Leafs898185
Vancouver Canucks889088
Washington Capitals919093
Winnipeg Jets889187

The programmers acquired a lot of right, separating the peak teams in the organization from the rest. However, over there are constantly places to nitpick.

One area because that complaint might be the Dallas Stars, who are accurately depicted as having actually one the the best offenses in the NHL (92) while also rating highly defensively (90). The last is a big question mark, though, due to the fact that it to be the defense that organized the team earlier in the postseason a year ago.

As rob Vollman of ESPN Insider explained, this problem can be an also bigger hindrance following year:

After losing Alex Goligoski and also Jason Demers, the defense offers reason because that doubt.

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Not to continue praising the Penguins, however they could have a legitimate beef once it involves the goalie rating. When healthy, Marc-Andre Fleury is hard in net, while 22-year-old Matt Murray to be truly the breakout star that the postseason v a 2.08 goals-against median while top Pittsburgh come the title.