FIFA 16 is the huge sports game right now, and matches are being figured out by smaller margins 보다 ever. The society you choose to take into fight could make all the difference in whether or not you walk away victorious. The said, here is a look at the height 10 clubs in FIFA 16 because that you to choose from when pride is top top the line. Select a squad the fits your play style and prepare for glory.

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10. Atlético Madrid

It is for sure to say the FIFA 16 is the an initial installment in the franchise the would have Atletico in this discussion. It every starts v the well-rounded Jackson Martinez and resurgent Fernando Torres increase front. Martinez’s capability to muscle turn off defenders in chop spots and blast stellar crosses for Torres come send goalward will certainly make scoring avenues plentiful. Atletico gained the nod top top this perform due perform the truth that they are a team particularly designed come slay the dragon of the Spanish La Liga, and something tells united state we will view those dragons greater on the list.

9. Juventus F.C.

You won’t discover much in terms of elite strikers ~ above this Italian squad, however worry not, together Juventus has quality talent in both the midfield and also defense in every one of the Italian Seria A. Facility mid Paul Pogba has one of the many dynamic skill sets in the game, through the capacity to score at will certainly from practically anywhere over the midfield line. With assist in the ago from defensive midfielder Sami Khedira, center ago Giorgio Chiellini and also proven gamer goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, Juve have the right to compete against anybody in the world, proven by a 2015 champion League final appearance.

8. Arsenal F.C.

Arsenal joined the ranking of the five-star FIFA clubs, many thanks to the mainly play the center-mid Mesut Özil, in addition to Chilean superstar Alexi Sanchez on the wing. Include to the mix a player that is as quick as practically anybody in the video game with Theo Walcott, and also you have yourself a potent cocktail of offensive power. Finally, the gunners included legendary goalie Petr Čech, that will store matches near at every costs. Move the ball conveniently to open up passing lanes and also find simple scoring opportunities.


7. Borussia Dortmund

The an initial German team to appear on the list is Borussia Dortmund that the Bundesliga. Play with all-world midfielder Marco Reus, making use of his speed, flexibility and ability to manage the round in tight traffic. Assistance will come native striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and fellow midfielder İlkay Gündoğan in this rock solid starting 11. As an included bonus, Dortmund sports the most distinct home-field benefit in the world with its famed Wall. Opponents will be intimidated prior to the match even begins.

6. Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

For years, Zlatan Ibrahimović has actually been one absolute pressure in the FIFA franchise. Don’t intend that to adjust much in this year edition. Ibra’s combination of size and laser-like shooting permits him to transform the pace of a video game if he is given just a step of open space. With support from mainly midfielders Di Maria and also Cavani, and also a star studded defense through the likes that David Luiz and also Thiago Silva, PSG is prepared to run up the score top top whoever steps in the path.


5. Chelsea F.C.

Eden danger leads a Chelsea strike with Cesc Fàbregas and also Radamel Falcao (on loan) in an violation made to score in bunches. The perennial E.P.L. Peak dog likewise has one of the many underrated Goalkeepers in the sport best now. In ~ 6’6”, Thibaut Courtois confirmed his capacity to close up door down groups in large games, both ~ above international and also club levels. Chelsea theatre a physical format of football, v formations made to focus on push points bring about turnovers in dangerous areas. Capitalize top top Chelsea’s physicality and also press forward easily after transforms in possession.

4. Manchester City F.C.

Manchester City is simply stacked in FIFA 16. Captain Yaya Touré controls the midfield, if the strongest David Silva we have ever before seen in FIFA (90) have the right to break cost-free into open room with ease. The names store rolling in, with transfer Kevin De Bruyne also in the midfield, and also one the the ideal positional football player on Earth, Kun Agüero, slithering his means to open space through also the ideal defenses.


3. FC Barcelona

Messi, Neymar, Suarez. Need we say more? On optimal of the large 3, the defending Champions organization winners in Barcelona additionally have the premier possession player that the last te in the type of midfielder Andrés Iniesta. Every one of this elite offensive talent, an unified with a solid ago line top top defense, pipeline you no excuse to not give yourself every possibility to win matches. Lets just say it won’t it is in the team’s error if girlfriend walk turn off the key without a victory.

2. FC Bayern Munich

Quite probably the team with the most balance in every one of FIFA 16, Bayern Munich redefines excellence in the Bundesliga. That is virtually unfair to add Robert Lewendowski to the already incredible collection of wingers, open minded Ribery and Arjen Robben. Legend cutting board Müller and Arturo Vidal host down the midfield in prior of the game’s ideal defense. Manuel Neuer is widely considered the finest goalie top top Earth, as if Bayern needed much more help. This squad is virtually unstoppable if offered correctly, with no glaring weakness to exploit.

1. Real Madrid F.C.

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International superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale have the capacity to break a game open at any moment for real Madrid. Both guys have actually an remarkable mix that speed, handling and finishing that renders them part of the many unstoppable pressure in the game. Proven stud striker Kareem Benzema plays up top and rarely misses an chance to finish. Human being Cup breakout star James Rodríguez move the ball at a frantic speed in the midfield, functioning give and go’s through the other lethal weapons up front for “the whites.” In back, Ramos, Modric and also Marcelo keep the star-studded names rojo in for genuine Madrid. One point to watch for is the goalkeeping on Real. But honestly, with those names increase front, friend should have the ability to win without having actually a goalie guarding the net.