A an excellent near-lost slice of Betty Everett’s job – product recorded for Uni Records, in the years after her very first big access time on Vee Jay! The sound here is a lot more soulful 보다 on previously albums – more grown-up and sophisticated, yet also retaining the ideal sweeter touches that made her good in the very first place. The album’s got a number of tasty originals – including the title cut “There’ll Come A Time”, Curtis Mayfield’s “Hold On”, and also the cut “Maybe”, and also “You’re falling In Love”.

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TracksA1 You’re fallout’s In Love 2:55A2 much better Tomorrow Than this particular day 3:37A3 perhaps 2:33A4 1900 Yesterday 2:35A5 sugar 2:28A6 I require a adjust 2:23B1 i Can’t to speak No to You 2:44B2 host On 2:26B3 There’ll Come a Time 2:47B4 take it Me 2:23B5 Is over there a possibility For Me 2:18B6 The very same Old Me 2:37


Review through Soulmakossa

This blows something Dionne Warwick did ideal out that the water… It’s advanced soul alright, but there are so many funky, heavy in the pocket grooves here that it’s a pleasant surprise for those who choose their heart raw.

Sure, tunes as “Maybe“, the title-track and also “1900 Yesterday” are absolutely in the Warwick-vein, but the supper society atmos evaporates on great, bouncing beaters together “You’re falling In Love“, “Better Tomorrow than Today” and “I need a Change“.

Nice, mid-tempo ballads that still journey a rumbling groove, such together “I Can’t to speak No to You“, and unabashed southern heart styled wailers choose “Hold On” further remove this LP indigenous AOR/MOR territory.

The funkiest cuts – the powerfully moved “Sugar“, the one-chord masterpiece “Is there a chance For Me” and the incredibly busy “Take Me” – are brilliant instances of that strange breed, the hybrid incorporating both gutbucket grooves and also indulgently created gloss.

Killer album, particularly for those who deem Warwick’s modern output as as well soft.

By the so late sixties, Betty Everett had countless solid standards under she belt & appeared to to explode on the step mid-sixties with bluesy standard “You’re No Good” adhered to by popular music smash “The Shoop Shoop song (It’s In His Kiss) & “Let It it is in Me” through Jerry Butler continuing with an excellent songs such together “Getting Mighty Crowded“, “Too warm To Hold“, “I Can’t hear You” which room the best from this golden era and list walk on. Vee-Jay records went belly-up prefer so plenty of of the great independent brand so Betty saw Uni records scoring a huge hit appropriate off & “There’ll Come A Time” (rich have to cry, negative have come cry and also I’ve gotta cry) is memorable, tho sounding great today as does the entire collection of exceptional glorious gems opening v the fiery & passionate “You’re fall In Love“, sounding favor what should have been a large chart-topping hit! ripe singles released from this burning collection of splendid soulful performances and one marvels why song by Curtis Mayfield, Kenneth Gamble, Jerry Butler, Neil Sedaka, and others weren’t significant hits yet by this time the singer/songwriter heat was taking hold and all one-dimension radio would program causing major labels across the board to drop an excellent singers i beg your pardon sadly to be to it is in Betty Everett’s fate. Legendary master Donny Hathaway i ordered it “It’s been A lengthy Time” is red-hot while “Just A Man’s Way” is a magnificent cool jazzy gem that should have spawned a Jazz collection by this remarkable singer who gives a stunning performance.

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Sublime collection is filled through a an excellent variety of fantastic songs all with an excellent arrangements performed come perfection by one of the greatest singers from this gold era and beyond. “There’ll Come A Time” is timeless in the appeal for anyone that loves a great singer in a sublime setting.