Those typical Sixth Graders room up to their tricks again in south Park: The fractured But Whole and the situation is anything yet "super" - big Gay Al"s cats have actually gone missing and it"s up to you to rescue them, brand-new Kid. ~ you"ve beat Professor Chaos, go and speak to huge Gay Al outside his residence to get the Scavenger Hunt: big Gay Al"s huge Gay Cats next mission.

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There are six cats in total to find, and also you"ll should use your buddy powers and also TimeFarts to collection them all. Monitor them down and return lock to large Gay Al, to get some brand-new feline outfits together your reward.

1. Big Gay Shadow

Fartkour up to the Lofts at SoDoSoPa, collecting blossom from the finish of the plank sticking out on your way up.

On a branch in the tree outside Bebe"s home - usage your firecrackers to rest the branch, then use TimeFart stop to grab Kirby. If the branch is currently broken, usage TimeFart Glitch to restore it.

On a branch in the tree close to the Church fast Travel Flag - usage your firecrackers to rest the branch, then use TimeFart pause to seize Bono. Again, if the branch is currently broken, use TimeFart Glitch to reclaim it.

5. Huge Gay Loki

Behind a snowdrift to the best of the southern Park Mall building site - usage TimeFart stop to grab Loki.

6. Large Gay Bogie

On a branch in the tree alongside the course to Canada behind Hillvale farm yard - use your firecrackers to break the branch, then usage TimeFart stop to take Bogie. Together before, if the branch is already broken, use TimeFart Glitch to restore it.

With all 6 cats in the bag, return lock to huge Gay Al and also you"ll get the Feline Costume collection and Snowcat Costume Set, plus huge Gay Al will currently pose for a selfie through you to rise that all-important follower count on Coonstagram. Everything is super!

Iain is much better known to countless as ‘Mr Trophy’, because of his contempt unhealthy obsession through amassing intangible playstation silverware, and he now has over 200 Platinum pots in his digital award cabinet. The does not care for Xbox Achievements.

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