Yesterday, Apple released the much-anticipated upgrade to iOS 10, iOS 10.2. The update comes with an ext than 100 new emoji, through an increased selection of job (for men and also women), facial expressions, food, and pretty much anything rather you could want. Exactly how do you acquire the iOS 10.2 emoji? straightforward — every you need to do is update your phone through the new OS.

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The 10.2 update consists of a number of brand-new features, favor the ability to lock your camera settings, brand-new wallpapers, and also a new TV app. Yet of food what civilization are many excited about at the moment are the dozens of new emoji consisted of with iOS 10.2. Through the update, you’ll have actually 16 new professions obtainable in both genders and also five skin tones, including a farmer, health and wellness worker, astronaut, teacher, judge, cook, and also (my favorite) a punk-ish singer through a Bowie-esque streak the lightning throughout the face.

You’ll additionally get 72 new emoji indigenous Unicode 9.0. Amongst these space two that space sure to acquire a many use: The face palm and the shrug. This non-verbal expressions are so central to everyday communication (conveying “I can not even” and also “Meh” much more effectively than any kind of words feasible could), the I’m type of shocked that they didn’t already exist together emoji. How have actually we survived without them?



Other brand-new additions incorporate an avocado, bacon, a shark, a squid, and also a terrifying clown come haunt her dreams:


Er, it"s a an excellent thing there"s already a "Face Screaming in Fear" emoji.

To gain the brand-new emoji, you must update her operating mechanism to iOS 10.2. Here’s how you do that:

1. Go to “Settings” and also tap “General.”

2. Fight “Software Update.”

3. If you see a listing because that iOS 10.2, insanity “Download and Install.”

You’ll be asked to enter your passcode and to agree to the update’s Terms and Conditions.

4. After the upgrade downloads, tap “Install.”

Your phone will begin to download the update — it is in patient, it can take a few minutes come complete. As soon as your phone restarts, the brand-new emoji will certainly be ideal there on your keyboard. You can inspect them all the end here:

So fancy.

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Emojipedia reports that, once you include every one of the gender and also skin tone variations, iOS 10.2 supplies 422 distinctive emoji to users — and that’s on top of the emoji you already have. It’s probably safe to i think that prior to too long, humanity will be providing up written language entirely and also switching over to one emoji-based communication system — so you’d better start perfecting her emoji-game now.