~ above Amazon today and after the wonderful evaluate I’ve seen, I’m considering purchasing it for our boys periods 4 and 2. That sounds prefer a good way to obtain into the vacation spirit.

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Year ~ year, children and adults alike are baffled by the secret of just how Santa really knows who’s to be naughty or nice. After lot urging through the elves and also Mrs. Claus, Santa has allowed his biggest an enig to it is in revealed in The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas tradition . Touted as “The finest thing because The Night before Christmas” this gift collection includes a irradiate skin, blue eyed north Pole pixie-elf, hardbound children book and also keepsake box. Children can register their elf online and also receive a special solution from Santa.

Some the the rave evaluate from Amazon:After hearing from friends and also reading evaluate how great this was, we little the bullet and also got it. I cannot speak enough about how cute this was for our two boys (age 6 and also 3). Castle bolted below every morning to discover the elf, and also the earliest cried when he touched it accidentally because he assumed it would lose its magic. The story and also elf to be the sweetest thing. Note, however, that parents need to remember to relocate the elf approximately every night, or come up with an imaginative excuses for why the elf decided to come ago from the north Pole into the very same spot! :-).

Wanted a same skin, blue eyed elf because that my blonde, blue eyed grandchildren which is tough to find. This elf is perfect and an extremely well constructed. The publication that accompanies that is educational and also adds the sense of reality for the non-believer! Pricing because that the elf is the best I discovered in my 2 years of trying to find it. Mine daughter place it up the job after Thanksgiving and moves it every day. The children look for it very first thing every morning and it adds to a positive and joyful self-control experience. Lock “know” they space being watched by Santa’s elf and never understand where the elf will display up. The is absolutely a household tradition the maintains a child’s heart. Ns hope castle never lose it.

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But then i came throughout this review and I started to think twice…

I received this book as a gift and am sad to say just how creepy this book/toy is. The elf chin looks like something the end of a horror movie…and I’m an alleged to let that hang out in mine house?! The publication has beautiful illustrations, yet the story is something else. This elf is claimed to spy top top your children no matter where lock are, noting whether they have been great or bad, and report ago to Santa. I believe that this is infringing top top their rights to it is in kids. For this reason what if they’re bad once in a while…they’re kids! kids make mistakes and also PARENTS should be the ones come teach lock this, not some tiny toy! I’m every for legacies like Santa, but can do without the elf on the shelf.

Do you have actually The Elf ~ above the Shelf? What perform you think that a toy the spies on your children? carry out you think the is a fun or creepy tradition? Please assist me decision whether ns should present this together a fun Christmas tradition in mine family!