Come ~ above down, Bob Barker! The retirement "Price Is Right" organize is return to the well-known game present on Dec. 12 in celebration event of his 90th birthday, the display confirmed ~ above its Twitter account.Barker, who held the show for 35 years starting in 1972, stepped under in 2007, as soon as comedian attracted Carey took over. Barker has since returned to the display once, in 2009, to encourage his publication "Priceless Memories.""


HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: TV host Bob Barker attends The Hollywood room of business & The Hollywood sign Trust's 90th solemn event of the Hollywood sign at Drai's Hollywood top top September 19, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Ima
Come on down, Bob Barker! The retirement "Price Is Right" organize is returning to the popular game display on Dec. 12 in solemn event of his 90th birthday, the present confirmed ~ above its Twitter account.

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Barker, who organized the show for 35 years starting in 1972, stepped down in 2007, as soon as comedian drew Carey take it over. Barker has due to the fact that returned come the show once, in 2009, to promote his publication "Priceless Memories."

"I was in search of the perfect factor to lug Bob back again, and also this TV legend transforming 90 is the perfect reason," executive, management producer Mike Richards told TV Guide.

According come the magazine, the present will memory its most well known host"s huge birthday v a tribute that will certainly last the entire week the Dec. 9-13. Naturally, animals will it is in involved, together Barker has actually been a long-time animal-welfare advocate, signing turn off each show with, "Bob Barker remind you: assist control the pets population. Have actually your pets spayed or neutered." 

"Monday v Friday we"re walk to it is in doing pets adoptions, i beg your pardon is other Bob walk on the display for years," Richards called TV Guide.

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The legendary hold will assist place a dog up for fostering during his figure on "The Price Is Right," and will likewise be presenting prizes bound to transforming 90, follow to the magazine. 

The one-of-a-kind episode celebrating Barker will certainly be recorded on Nov. 5, follow to the show"s website.