The events we write around at Gaslight Records occurred in some type or another 50 years ago to the day. Roll in addition to us and also imagine friend are back in 1971.

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Recorded live in late 1961 at Carnegie room in new York City, Dylan"s cover of a song initially written by his hero and mentor Woody Guthrie, is a reminder of wherein America was inserted at the time and somehow the still echoes a similiar emotion fifty years on. Guthrie himself composed the text in the mid-forties, and put them come an existing timeless melody. The song, virtually as famous as Dylan himself, has actually been spanned by everyone from The Seekers to the Boss, and has even been used by Barack Obama as part of his 2008 Presidential campaign, demonstrating it"s an interpretation and ar in the towel of American culture. Much like Waltzing Matilda is to an Australian audience… Maybe..? (footnote: Tom Waits "Tom Traubert"s Blues" is the ideal cover by anyone ever of Waltzing Matilda, turn off his 1976 album little Change).


A 20 year old Bob Dylan in 1961

Dylan, add by nothing yet his voice, a guitar and a harmonica, treats the tune with obvious reverence yet still infuses it through his distinctive style. Sure, the guitar is the end of tune and Dylan"s voice arguably lacks the conviction and confidence he ended up being famous for later on, but it"s his rawness and also honesty the carries every little thing so fine – so much so that till the audience applauds you nearly forget that it was a live take.

The text have progressed over time to incorporate a variety of themes that the American landscape and also it"s occupying people, yet not plenty of songs room as enduring, and also this certain version stands as a reminder that humanity and of the American spirit, i m sorry Dylan has constantly managed to capture so poignantly.

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