Former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden turned heads Tuesday v comments about former Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston.

ESPN"s Paul Finebaum passed follow me the comments:


"I think it's a consensus amongst FSU fans and also boosters the he to be an embarrassment come the University" - Bobby Bowden ~ above Jameis Winston


Here is audio that Bobby Bowden's discuss Jameis Winston:

Safid Deen of the Tallahassee Democrat provided Bowden"s explanation around the comments adhering to the interview:

In a phone interview v the Tallahassee Democrat ~ the radio appearance, Bowden reiterated his comments were no a personal view that Winston, yet a depiction of FSU and its alumni and boosters.

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Bowden also said he has never met Winston.

"Anytime you do a statement choose that, it"s not favor the world thinks the exact same way," Bowden claimed after social media sites erupted in solution to his comments. "I was asked that question, and also I tried to provide an honest answer."

Winston won a nationwide championship and the Heisman Trophy during his two years as Florida State"s beginning quarterback. He likewise led the Seminoles to the very first College football Playoff, although Florida State at some point lost come the Oregon ducks in the semifinal.

His on-field talent was never ever in question, i m sorry is why the Tampa just Buccaneers drafted that No. 1 overall in the 2015 NFL draft.

Winston"s brand-new coach, Lovie Smith, protected his brand-new QB top top Wednesday, per Rick Stroud the the Tampa bay Times:

I"m disappointed. To say the the young man is an "embarrassment?" That"s quite strong. I simply don"t think he"s speaking for all ..of Florida State, also though he"s in one official role there. Normally, what we"re doing now with our greats, girlfriend (embrace) them. Everyone on the outside may be throwing stones in ~ them. Normally, as soon as you"re in a family, you don"t perform that. I"m really disappointed that somebody like that would certainly make that form of statement.

We do not see (Winston) together an embarrassment by any kind of means.

However, Winston repeatedly found himself in hot water external the lines, i beg your pardon is likely what Bowden to be referring come in his statements.


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Kevin Vaughan of Fox Sports noted a timeline of Winston"s off-field incidents, the many serious the which was a rape allegation in 2012. Winston also reportedly stole "$32.72 precious of crab legs from a Tallahassee supermarket" and also screamed a "sexually charged expletive-laced expression that was made popular on the Internet" top top a table ~ above campus.

Bowden is among the many revered numbers in the background of the Florida State football program, for this reason his opinion stop plenty of weight amongst Seminoles fans (and college football fans in general). If Winston did get vocal assistance from some in the school"s fanbase, many around the country criticized his behavior, therefore Bowden"s comments space noteworthy.

Bowden coached at Florida State indigenous 1976 come 2009 and led the Seminoles to nationwide titles in 1993 and 1999. He claims former Florida State president T.K. Wetherell forced the out of his position, though, which makes this take it from ESPN"s Bomani Jones interesting:

El Flaco

and to it is in clear: i’m no saying bobby to be lying (at least about boosters). Simply doubt he’d to speak it had his time there ended differently.

While that might be the case, Winston found himself in problem off the field a number of times. It appears Bowden and others grew worn down of reading an adverse headlines bordering one of the most prominent public figures connected with Florida State University.

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