I constantly wonder why do men feel our bums when we"re talking, or kissing....Is the to turn us on, or they as with to feel it? What"s so nice abou tthe bum anyway?

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ooooh that is such a great question! i have actually no idea that the answer but i will be ago later to uncover out!! lol xx
i dont know, but I like once my bf areas his hand on it when we"re kissing - it"s pretty

native a masculine perspective, ns guess it"s down to the shape and also feel the the bum. It"s soft. The can additionally seem choose the most an ideal place to put your hands.

(Original short article by Jonah Ramone) indigenous a male perspective, i guess it"s under to the shape and feel the the bum. It"s soft. It can likewise seem prefer the most an ideal place to placed your hands.
do u median rest her hands
Its simply nice to feeling lol. Favor some times i"d subthedesigningfairy.comnsciously squeeze mine ex"s next (just below and also to the side of the ribs) when we to be walking and that uncomfortable her quite a little bit lol. So i guess the bum feeling thing thedesigningfairy.comuld be either a guys means of mirroring affection for his gf or just a thedesigningfairy.commpletely subthedesigningfairy.comnscious point lol. Type of choose saying "I like your body" but without the native lol.
It"s quite ;yes;I probably do it too much, yet meh. Perhaps because applying some pressure forces groin right into groin i m sorry most world agree is a pretty thing.
i reckon asses feel means firmer than boobies. And a spank win a pinch any day the the georgian calendar.
erm due to the fact that it"s hot maybe. Guys are attractive to womens bums because they denote fertlity. Emotion a girl arse is virtually thedesigningfairy.commparable to emotion a girl boobs.
fine my ex went crazy horny if friend squeezed her arse, therefore obviously.... but yeah the is simply a good place to remainder your hands......
(Original write-up by Guy Secretan) erm due to the fact that it"s hot maybe. Males are attracted to womens bums since they signify fertlity. Feeling a girl arse is almost thedesigningfairy.commparable to feeling a girl boobs.
How perform they denote fertility
perhaps it"s just since it"s more acceptable to feel a girls arse than to placed feel she boobs?

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