The return to greatness. WWE has actually posted a new video to its YouTube channel in which they display the full match in between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt from WrestleMania 31. This enrespond to was one year after Brock Lesnar dominated the streak at WrestleMania 30.You have the right to watch the video in its totality below:From the last notes of The Deadman’s design template faded, the crowd came alive. First, a chant of “Undertaker!” and also then an eruption once Undertaker leveled Wyatt through a boot to the challenge. The Phenom immediately collection about dishing out his signature strikes, bruising his opponent through deliberate punches to the challenge and also body. He went for Old School minutes right into the match, pulling it off via the very same crispness he displayed decades back. When he dropped Wyatt through Snake Eyes, it was favor going to see your favorite band play all their best songs.

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It was clear Undertaker was sfinishing a message — not simply to Wyatt, but to eexceptionally competitor that assumed they could have the ability to take The Deadman out after seeing his Streak finish.Bray was relentless, though. He beat The Undertaker to the mat through brute force, then started to rain hefty elbows onto the ago of The Deadman’s head. He even wedged The Undertaker’s neck versus the steel ring write-up and threw his entire body weight straight at the icon’s skull. A concussion had expense The Phenom his enhance — and also his Streak — against Lesnar at last year’s WrestleMania, and also, for a time, it looked as though background may have actually been repeating itself.And then, all of a sudden, Undertaker locked Wyatt in Hell’s Gate prefer an alligator snapping its jaws on an antelope’s neck. Bray freed himself, but both men struggled to obtain to their feet. It was The Phenom that went down initially, though, sent out right earlier to the canvas with a punishing slam from The New Face of Fear.There was a palpable feeling of concern in the stadium. No one wanted to see a breakable Undertaker. They wanted to watch the same man who felled Shawn Michaels, Triple H and also eincredibly various other Superstar who dared step up to him on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Only point was, no one was sure if that male still existed.Then aobtain, The Undertaker isn’t simply a male. He’s a Phenom.That was noticeable when Wyatt milked the setup for Sister Abigail and finished up through The Deadman’s hand also wrapped approximately his throat. Undertaker decimated Bray through a chokeslam, then dragged his thumb throughout his neck and also hoisted Wyatt up for the Tombrock. The piledriver was debilitating and, on any type of various other night, it would’ve been sufficient, however not below. Calling on some dark part of his soul, Wyatt found the toughness to power out of the pinautumn. This dance with the evil one would certainly proceed.Undertaker obtained up and dubbed for the Tombrock aacquire. This time, Bray would uncover his method out and hit Sister Abigail in an prompt. The Phenom controlled to kick out of that pinautumn, but both competitors verified their fatigue, lying on the canvas while the referee counted.Wyatt stirred initially, popping up in his horrifying spider walk, and also stalking toward his fallen adversary with eerie glee. Then The Deadman rose. The 2 monsters taken into consideration each various other for a moment. Right then, Wyatt shed his nerve. It’s one thing to call on the devil. It’s an additional when he reflects up at your dooraction.

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A fistfight followed, and Wyatt won it. Then he took a moment to mock The Undertaker, dragging his thumb across his neck just as The Deadman did minutes prior. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail aacquire, however Undertaker was ready. He reversed it, powered Bray up and dropped him with a Tombstone. The Deadman folded Bray’s arms across his chest and, for the 2second time, defeated an foe at WrestleMania.Editor’s Opinion:This was not just a great moment for The Deadmale, but likewise for The Eater of Worlds. This match ongoing to develop Wyatt as an up and also coming talent, which is somepoint that he has actually brought forward to the contemporary era.What did you think of the enhance between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt from WrestleMania 31? Leave us a comment below, or short article a talk about our Facebook page! Also, be certain to sign up for our newsletter!Follow