This is a overview to the Shrine Quest, Trial of 2nd Sight, in Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild. Right here you can uncover the search walkthrough, whereby to begin Trial of 2nd Sight and all quest rewards.

How to start Trial of 2nd Sight

Trial of 2nd Sight Location

search Giver location
Korok Forest

Find Zooki at the southwest part of Korok Forest and talk come him to start the quest.

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Completion that this search is required for The Korok Trials side quest.

Trial of 2nd Sight Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk to Zooki
Follow the stole trail
Talk come Zooki
You will find Zooki to dance on a rock. Talk to him and also he will offer you a hint for the trial. "The hungry tree will display you the way. Spy their iron to success the day."

Follow the steel Trail

2 3

Follow the iron trail
Use Magnesis to spot the metal objects inside trees and also use this trail to uncover your way through the forest until you watch a Rusty Shield.

Transfer the Rusty Shield
The rock in front of friend asks the you "feed" the Rusty Shield to the tree. grab the Rusty Shield and also drop it within the tree to reveal a chest and also your following destination.

Put the chest in the various other tree
Use Magnesis come grab the chest and also use it come "row" come the other side by pushing the raft. as soon as you acquire there, placed the chest inside the following tree as instructed in the nearby stone to disclose Kuhn Sidajj Shrine and also complete the quest.

Trial of second Sight pursuit Rewards


Completing the shrine quest unlocks Kuhn Sidajj Shrine.

Adventure log Entries

This is a full list that the Adventure log entries because that Trial of second Sight.

entrance Entry message
Quest Start You"ve embraced Zooki"s Korok Trial. The only hint: "The hungry tree will display you the way. Spy your iron to success the day."
Quest Clear "The hungry trees will show you the way. Spy your iron to win the day."You discovered an old shrine just past the trees with iron orbs in your mouths.

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