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Notre Dame dropped come 2-5 on the season with a 17-10 loss to Stanford at home on Saturday night. Offered that this is the many irrelevant Notre Dame has remained in several years, questions have been swirling because that the majority of this season about head coach Brian Kelly’s task security.

After the Stanford loss, Kelly is report to have acquired into a “heated exchange” with one of the Cardinal strength coaches. Kelly later on told reporters that the coach told him “bye bye” when brushing previous him, i beg your pardon would suggest that the coach thought Kelly’s work in southern Bend are numbered.

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Game ends v Brian Kelly trading words through a Stanford stamin coach. Cook exchange.

— Irish portrayed (
PeteSampson_) October 16, 2016

Kelly stated a Stanford stamin coach claimed "bye bye" brushing past him postgame. Exchange followed. David Grimes adhered to him increase the field.

— Irish depicted (
PeteSampson_) October 16, 2016

Grimes wake up to be the stamin coach Kelly shoved throughout last year game versus Temple.

Despite Kelly’s team having a disastrous season, the Fighting irish head coach has added a pair of entries to his history of blaming everyone various other than himself for the team struggles. ~ the Fighting Irish’s 1-3 start, Kelly fired defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder. The shoot came much less than a week after Kelly insisted that a society media staffer accidentally liked a tweet calling because that VanGorder to be fired.

Among other issues, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly probably wants to deal with who walk his Twitter likes.

— Brian Hamilton (
BrianHamiltonSI) September 18, 2016

After shedding to duke 38-35 in late September, Kelly wondered about his very own players’ absence of motivation.

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It’s apparent that Kelly’s future in southern Bend might be in concern after 2016, relying on how the rest of the season goes. The roadway ahead i will not ~ be simple one; still staying on the schedule room Miami, Navy, Virginia Tech, and also USC.

A Chicago Tribune columnist was calling because that Kelly’s project even before Saturday’s rivalry loss in ~ home.

The exciting thing around the present Notre Dame season is the condition of Brian Kelly’s contract. He received a six-year contract extension in January. It came after ND’s 10-win season last year.

Notre Dame, in instance you forgot, gloriously gave Charlie Weis an unbelievable 10-year extension in 2006. He was fired in 2009, and given the ridiculous contract, his buyout totaled over $18 million, i beg your pardon he was still gaining money from as freshly as December the 2015.

I’m no saying Kelly’s six-year transaction is anything remotely close come Weis’, however it’s still type of funny to remember, given the present 2-5 record for Notre Dame. Walk I cite Notre Dame is 2-5?

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