In December the 1993, i was walking from my parents’ residence to the rec center where Friday night league hoops to be being played. I had my jersey on and didn’t play till later yet wanted to walk watch mine homies play before my game. Many of the refs in our organization were friends through my older brother so they were constantly cool through Lil Timmy. I was in 7th grade and also while walking to the rec center, a vehicle pulled up beside me and also it was among the refs. Stefan, at least 4 year older than me yet was always cool through me, offered me a ride. I gained in and we didn’t talk as he instead cranked the volume on his ice cream deck full blast and hit play. The win rattling his trunk…. The fire in the emcee’s vocals…. The delivery… The sampling… The Snoop sample in the chorus… Everything. This was the very first time ns heard Brotha Lynch Hung and the song, “Had to Gat Ya.”

I just heard about fifty percent of the song yet that was all ns needed. I can’t remember just how I played the night in mine game however I probably dropped 4 points yet played part intense defense prefer my boy Patrick Beverley. I chosen hoops however didn’t placed in the actual time needed to get better. Ns was as well busy gaining into lab music. All that mattered to me that night to be plotting a way to acquire my hand on the 24 Deep EP that had “Had 2 Gat Ya” since I knew this rapper the end of Sacramento was special. That Saturday I visited Wherehouse Music to the laboratory cassette section and found 1 copy of simply what ns was spring for. A snapshot of a dude in a casket through a black beanie and locs through a 12-gauge shotgun draped end his body. Yup, this was part hood shit so my money was gone. I quickly purchased 24 Deep and also threw it best in mine Walkman. The “Thought castle Knew - Intro” was part smooth jazzy vibes which sampled Harvey Mason’s “Modaji” from 1975. What was this gangster sh*t doing through these jazz melodies?!

Right after ~ the intro we acquire into our first song which had introduced a menacing bassline sample indigenous The SouthSide Movement’s “I’ to be Watching You” adhered to by Brotha Lynch beginning his verse and also then those drums kick in and also you know you had actually a standard with the track “24 Deep.” Lynch verified off an effortless double-time circulation when we had to and likewise flexed a tiny Spice 1 and Das EFX form stutter rhyme come let you recognize he had actually it every in the pocket. Lynch’s storytelling took me right into the Sacramento hood and also in his songs i felt like I was in addition to him v my black color beanie and locs on. “24 Deep” is a classic.

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The final song off of the EP ns going to provide love to is “Walkin’ 2 my Funeral” i beg your pardon is the critical true tune on the EP. Beautiful track best here. Ns still can’t aid but song the chorus every time i bump it. And man…. This clip below? i don’t understand if it was the official video or simply some concert footage v the actual track over the top however either way, I’m right here for all of it. Ns never got to watch Lynch in the mid-90s yet I would have spent every red penny to execute so if I recorded wind of that performing in town.

Brotha Lynch made all of his very own beats and additionally produced for his other label mates like X-Raided and Mr. Doctor. if Cali had Dre, Snoop, and Tha Dogg lb in LA and E-40, as well $hort, and also Mac Dre in the Bay, Sactown had this slept top top label referred to as Black market Records that me and every one of my friends had on rotation because that years. Cedric Singleton began the label and had Lynch, X-Raided, Mr. Doctor, Sicx, Cold human being Hustlers, Gangsta Dre, Nonfiktion, and much more on the label back then. Prior to we obtain to Lynch’s very first full-length LP, I have to drop a few songs from the crew.

First we have actually “Everybody Killa” turn off of X-Raided’s 1992 album, Psycho Active. This monitor is only a minute long but features Brotha Lynch on the win (he produced every one of these enlarge albums) and X rappin his ass off. X constantly reminded me that The D.O.C. For his flow. Keep in psychic that once this album was recorded he was between the 16 - 18 years of age. Impressive.

I can’t just leave you through one X-Raided tune so this is what rather I have for you. X served many years behind bars for murder that has long been questioned if he traction the trigger. He to be convicted by an all-white jury due to the fact that of text in his Psycho Active album. Keep in mind, this was in the early on 90’s when rap music was “devil music” and also the media and white persons were out to squash the in fear that the youth to be going to come to be crack addicts because of what the media fed us. X has actually been the end of jail for a bit and still pleads his innocence. I simply wonder what would have actually happened if the didn’t get locked up. The Lynch and X-Raided combo was unbelievable. I think they would have blown up around the world with that circulation deal from Priority Records and also some struggle singles. Oh well, this is all in hindsight. At least we acquired the album Xorcist native X-Raided i m sorry is the rapping his vocals from prison over the phone. My homies and also all believed this was the hardest sh*t. The beats were cold.

Mr. Doctor dropped his album Setripn’ Bloccstyle in late 1995 and me and my homies all preserved this in steady rotation. Lynch’s beats, Doc’s dope voice and also delivery, and several impressive guest appearances indigenous Lynch self made this album a classic. This is “Bloccstyle” which girlfriend really should listen to in a auto with a boomin’ system to get the true effect. A stems rattling is yes, really the only method to bang this song. Is Mr. Physician still record music? Is the alive? can not find any kind of trail of the on the socials.

Lynch to reduce his second album, Season the Da Siccness the day before my 15th birthday. Ns couldn’t have actually asked because that a better birthday existing either since this album was and is a classic. Lynch’s production relocated away native the jazz samples and also dropped an angry g-funk murder rap album. The beats to be scary. The lyrical content is difficult to stomach in 2021 yet me and also my crew understand allllll that the lyrics. To every Lynch fans out there, we all know just how magical this album was. This album have to be talked around right together of The Chronic and Doggystyle since it had actually that huge of an impact up and also down Cali. If Lynch was from LA and also his subject issue was tweaked a bit, that would have been well-known worldwide. Lynch to be spitting Freestyle Fellowship kind rhyme trends (shout the end to Aceyalone and also Myka 9) with impressive cadence top top tracks. This is the “Rest in Piss” edited version. Most edited versions ago in the day simply bleeped out the negative words however Lynch did something completely different with this. He adjusted up his flow from the OG track and also it came out great. I honestly don’t know which variation is better. You?

I can honestly create paragraphs on most songs indigenous this album. “Locc 2 Da Brain,” “Siccmade,” “Return the Da Baby,” and so many more. This is gangsta rap in ~ its finest. But to wrap up this article, I have actually to end on a storytelling note. When Season that Da Siccess dropped in 1995, we all retained it in stable rotation years after that. However in 1999, this album, and also one track in particular, took on a new definition in my life.

In march of 1999, my homie RP threw a residence party while his mother was the end of town for the weekend. Us sought the end to make this the home party the all residence parties. I acquired my friends to DJ, we extended the walls to protect all of his mom’s trinkets, and we gave the rager a theme. But every one of our parties seemed to have actually the very same theme so this wasn’t any kind of different. It simply meant that we had to hit all the thrift shops to come clean due to the fact that we were all on a limited budget. Yet for any type of Pimp & Ho party friend knew you had actually to come correct.


When ns say that this was a raging party it’s quiet an understatement. We went through 5 kegs prior to the party involved a screeching halt. I don’t also recall what time the was but I was with my homies by the turntables once my TW ran inside the front door screaming. The music to be so damn loud that ns couldn’t hear a word about of his mouth but I could see the panic and fear top top his face. I automatically ran outside and the very first thing i heard to be a few gunshots walk off. Everyone ducked come the ground as with it to be Menace II Society or Boyz n the Hood and i looked straight into the street. Best there I observed my homie RP in the middle of the street in a wife beater looking under at his stomach. He had actually been stabbed in the stomach and also the look at on his face and also the moment itself is one that will never leave mine mind. Ns sprinted the end to him and over to mine left I saw my homie ~ above his knee punching the concrete like Bushwick bill in “Mind’s play Tricks on Me.” He to be so mad that this had happened and these men had gotten away. I gained to RP and also knew I had to act fast.


I prospered up top top songs favor Public Enemy’s “911’s a Joke” and also everybody at that party to be underage and also all f*cked up so us didn’t desire to contact the cops. Ns didn’t drink or smoke earlier then so i was accurate the only person sober at that party. I ordered RP and we gradually walked to mine ‘91 liquid Red Volkswagen Fox in his driveway. We reversed out quickly and also I drive as rapid as I could to acquire him come the hospital. He was tripping the f*ck out together his huge intestine and guts were exposed native the knife wound. The uttered i beg your pardon hospital to take it him to yet I had actually no idea exactly how to obtain there. I was gunning with the roadways running every red light and also peeling about corners to acquire onto the freeway. There came a point where he told me to tell his mom that he loved her. I had actually never before been placed in a case like this however knew over there wasn’t time come panic. ~ not understanding where i was walking I determined to take it him to script Hospital. I never looked once at his stomach yet told him everything was going to be alright. Ns blasted the CD in mine deck to store our mind off of what was going under while ns drove 90 down Genesee Ave to run every red light barely feather left or right. The song being play through all of this? Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Liquor Sicc” turn off of the Season the Da Siccness album.

Keep in mind…. My girlfriend is in really negative shape but we have actually this gangster ass song playing complete blast in the whip. RP was simply thinking about making it out of there alive and my mind to be hearing the lyrics the so very closely tied come the case at hand. Just how were these thugs just going come crash our party and also then stab my homie? us weren’t offered to obtaining stabbed and hearing gunshots going turn off in our hood. However if something to be to take place to RP the night you much better believe there to be going come be part retaliation. And also the song’s lyrics literally talked about what had actually transpired. Chilling stuff.


We pulled as much as Scripps in our gold chains, khakis, and pimp hats and also I got hold of RP and also we visited the glass doors. It to be late….. Us were panicking…. The doors i will not ~ open and I was banging ~ above the home window telling lock to open up for united state while RP’s in major pain. We lastly get inside and also they obtain him in a wheelchair and also wheel him earlier to the operation room. Climate I simply stood over there frozen in my mam beater and also thick gold chains wondering if I simply said goodbye to my best friend because that the critical time. The hospital required Ryan’s insurance information however his mommy was out of town and this was prior to cell phones so us literally can not reach her in the center of the night. Therefore I had to speak to my parents and wake lock up. Mine dad came approximately Scripps to sign off on gift RP’s legitimate guardian for this reason they might start the surgery. Cops quickly came and pulled me right into a room and were bullying me around what had actually happened. I weighed 115 pounds soaking wet through pure fear across my face because of RP and these dumb f*cks want to pressure me into saying part sh*t? It was truly odd however after a couple of minutes they establish that ns didn’t perform anything wrong. One of my other friends acquired questioned the same way. Was it JT? MM? ns can’t remember…

RP came out of surgery alive but lost 5 pints of blood with the process with a wound that became a half inch indigenous his aorta. We all saw him in the hospital in the days after while that recovered. This was a night that so many of us will never ever forget. This was my next of the story and I know others have different angles from wherein they were the night. Yet my most vivid memory of this night to be listening come Season that the Siccness and “Liquor Sicc” in general. That album and also that song gave RP the strength to do it ~ above this night. This laboratory music is deep man! Brotha Lynch is precise in ours blood.

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I quiet feel like Black sector Records together a totality is slept on. The music the Brotha Lynch, Mr. Doctor, and also X-Raided were placing out ago then was the an interpretation of part G sh*t. As teenagers, us loved what was coming out of Sacramento. We even went come go watch Lynch increase in north Cali about ‘99 or ‘00 however he didn’t perform due to the fact that he assumed he would be sue by the label. Us all finally got to watch him approximately 2008 but he didn’t execute anything off of 24 Deep or Season the Da Siccness. I’d still pay at least $20 to view him carry out some songs turn off of this albums and also know part others that would certainly too. Therefore Lynch, if you’re analysis this, obtain at me. It’s tho EBK every work til the day i die.

Here’s a Spotify playlist listed below that has actually a lot of the black Market, Lynch, X-Raided, Mr. Doctor, and also Sicx monitor we supplied to bump. And also if you’ve never ever heard any kind of of this before, just a warning…. The lyrics space gruesome.

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