gift a expert bull rider means you need to be a fit, strong, and wildly functional athlete to remain on your bull together they it tries to throw you off. Therefore it’s no wonder the PBR star and world champion bull driver Bonner Bolton have the right to tear up the dance floor.

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Bolton and also his dance partner Sharna burgess kicked off the season premiere that Dancing through the Stars by happen the rodeo come Hollywood.

The 2 pulled off a terrific routine by dancing come “Move” by Luke Bryan ~ above a set that looked like the interior of a bull talk competition:

Boots on, stomp your feet!
bonner_bolton &
sharnaburgess tore up the dance floor! poll NOW: #teamdenimNdiamonds

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Bolton is just one of the finest athletes in the PBR and also is by much one the the toughest athletes ~ above earth: In January 2016, Bonner experienced a near-fatal injury ~ falling top top his head and injuring his neck in a competition, but that didn’t stop him native getting back on the bull:


Despite experiencing a broken C-2 vertebrae, Bolton propelled his means through a grueling rehab and eventually made it back on tour.

Now he’s dancing his method into America’s mind on one of the most well-known shows on television.

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