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----------------------------------------Geez, Hawthorne isn't messing around.Then again, i guess lock shouldn't ever before underestimate harbor Mafia members especially bombers favor Kaiji. The feud in between Guild and Port Mafia is nice dramatic, especially seeing Akutagawa getting involved as well. I think the episode did a an excellent job at catching the thrills that the darker next of this show.This episode likewise made me favor Akiko even much more :DA the majority of mind gamings going around.

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Mafia creating a letter come Guild that they would certainly bomb the ship, yet the bomb user from Mafia got caught. He don't get defeated, though. "Bishop" from Guild (and occasionally his apprentice) vs. OnoKen's character. It likewise talks around defeat. He winner them?HiroC's character, in defense team, inquiry to speak to offense teams earlier from his detective skill. Also late because Mamo's character's ex-partner is the one who complied with them and also he currently arrived. He came for giving out Guild information. That seems prefer he also gave Guild around main group's information.

THE OTP HAWTHORNE and MITCHELL. I'm sad they reduced out some funny components such as Steinbeck doing an impression the Chuuya and Lovecraft being weird and also tired.Judging native the title of the following episode, I'm really worried due to the fact that The will of the Tycoon thing wasn't claimed to come next episode but rather following next illustration if they were to animate 3 chapters every episode.

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Somehow i feel some "sorry" for Akutagawa when he's fighting through that present condition. Yet well, because he don't really care around it either.
When they know it's a trap but still can't help going in. Port Mafia lugged some good game this episode.Hmm, lock didn't bring Naomi v them come the mystery base. She doesn't have an capability right?
starlightshine said:Hmm, they didn't lug Naomi with them to the mystery base. She doesn't have actually an ability right?
Really good episode . Though i intended Hawthorne's ability to be pure red since blood manipulation . Hawthorne and also akutagawa space going fast on every other, girlfriend can't see the english aphabets in Hawthorne's capability unless you stop the video clip lol . Guild took a heavy hit this episode due to kaji sneaky lemon bomb rain strike (i prefer this man's over the peak scientist persona) and akutagawa ambush in spite of Mori's warning . Some might not be fans of akutagawa, yet i prefer his savagery and barbaric usage of rashoumon. Doesn't hesitate to walk all the end . They nailed the jaws of endless gates.As a chuuya fan, see him go in in ~ akiko (who is as bae together always) and kenji was an excellent . Gravity and object stamin manipulation was well presented . Also setting the bait (which they recognize will be too priceless to miss on) because that the guild and at the same time informing the company of what they walk to collection up phase for both firm and guild to fight while harbor mafia kicks ago and doesn't lift a finger . Seriously, the mafia is nothing there is no Mori's brilliance . Trivia
:"The Scarlet Letter" is a story about a man's path for redemption and atonement . The story portrays themes the guilt and also sin . Therefore it's installation to check out Hawthorne here as priest whose capacity is the promise that atonement and also passing down judgement on the sinful. Currently we're done with irmão vs Diablo . So correctly for next episode !! following episode light Snow and also Doppo Poet Vs The great Old One and Grapes of Wraths (advice: don't eat grapes when watching)Best boys of the guild steinbeck and Lovecraft showcase your savagery .I hope they don't cut down top top the funny and comedic moments. Idc if civilization think it's the end of place, however imo that adds to the characters . Like as soon as kenji admired city folks prefer chuuya for not having the hat loss when utilizing his capability lol. It adds come his naïve county next nature . I'm likewise kinda worried if they're going to it is adapted 4 chapters following episode . Yet we might see shota young (see mine avatar lol)