If you have actually a trig function $f(x) =- 3\sin (2x) + 1$ then would certainly you ever say the the amplitude is negative? I"ve viewed it stated that it deserve to be negative or the amplitude is a distance so it have to only be a confident value. I"m wondering if it relies on the paper definition of the problem. But if I"m talking around a general duty with no context, would I constantly say the the amplitude is positive and also then the role is "flipped"?


The amplitude, due to the fact that otherwise the amplitude would depend on the phase: if you shift the $\sin$ function by $\pi$, it becomes $-\sin$. You don"t really desire to have what you contact the amplitude count on something as arbitrary as whereby the duty crosses zero.Another example: what would certainly the amplitude that $\sin(x-\pi/4) = -\sin(x+3\pi/4)$ be?


Amplitude is optimistic as far as i know. That one half the positive difference of the maximum and minimum values. Think of it this way, it is the street of the maximum and minimum from the centre axis. For example we have a role $y=-sin(3x)$ the amplitude the this duty is amplitude=|a|=|-1|=1. Let me know if you require further aid or suggestions.

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