You’ve uncovered the perfect brick for your bathroom floor, yet it’s advertised together a wall tile. What does the mean, exactly? have the right to you put wall tiles on the floor? There’s a little bit of confusion neighboring floor and wall tiles, but we’re going to type it all out for you here.

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Floor Tiles and wall Tiles: What’s the Difference?

Outdated and also inaccurate rule of thumb bordering floor and wall surface tiles abound. Friend may have heard that ceramic tiles room for walls and porcelain tiles room for floors, or that huge tiles are for floors and also smaller tiles room for walls. Forget every little thing you’ve heard. The reality is, while floor and wall tiles have actually some differences, this don’t always preclude using wall tiles ~ above the floor. It all relies on the brick itself.

In general, tile made for the floor is extra solid and durable and is do to withstand wear and also tear. By contrast, in general, wall tiles can’t be afflicted with as much weight together floor tiles and are typically smaller and much more lightweight.

But that’s just in general. It all boils down to three crucial tile ratings.


Featuring Salerno Derby Series- Porcelain brick in Pebble. SKU: 15268892


Featuring Salerno Porcelain brick – metropolitan Concrete in Grey. SKU: 15191945

Choosing the ideal Tile because that the Floor

In most cases, wall tiles aren’t proper for the floor, because that a range of reasons. They might be much more slippery or less water resistant than a floor tile needs to be. Glass wall surface tiles are normally too fragile for the floor. However the an excellent news is the with all of the flooring choices available, you shouldn’t have actually too lot trouble finding a floor tile that you love and also which suits your decor vision.

Floor tiles room made from one of two people ceramic, porcelain, or stone. Ceramic tiles are frequently softer and less resistant come wear, when porcelain and rock tiles room generally an extremely dense and also extremely sturdy on the floor.

Although most wall surface tiles can’t be used on the floor, most floor tiles can be provided on the wall, as lengthy as the wall surface can be affected by each other the load of the tile. This is great news if you’re searching for a distinctive look in her decor, together as utilizing large-format flooring tiles top top the wall surface or on both the wall surface and the floor. There room endless options for equivalent floor and wall tiles.

Large tiles ~ above the floor have the right to make your an are feel larger than that is, due to the fact that there room fewer grout currently to rest up the visual field. Big floor tiles room dramatic and can provide your rooms a minimalist look. Small tiles top top the floor are best for very little spaces, such as the flour room or a tiny foyer. Small tiles develop luxurious texture and also visual interest.

Tiles for the floor don’t have to be square or rectangular. Other shapes, such together these luxe porcelain hexagonal tiles, space classically beautiful and also interesting, and also they’re impervious to water, make them ideal for the toilet or kitchen.

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Tile Floors space Beautiful and also Durable

Tile is one of the best choices for flooring. It’s simple to clean, needs very tiny maintenance, and also is frequently less high-quality than timber floors, depending upon the kind of tile you choose. When considering a tile for the floor, look at the manufacturer’s specs to determine the PEI, COF, and also WA ratings, and also choose a brick that will ofter best safety and also minimum wear because that the long-haul.