The Tapu Pokémon are the local guardians of the four islands the Alola, yet you can also capture them and add them come you ever-growing army of monster in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They"re powerful and tricky beings, v special capability that change the very field you"re fighting on. This Pokemon Sun and also Moon guide will certainly tell friend how to record all the Tapu Pokémon.

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The one prerequisite to recording all the Tapu is the you need to have beat the elite Four. Once you"ve done that, the 4 shrines on the 4 islands will certainly play host to a Tapu because that you to perhaps capture. If girlfriend accidentally KO a Tapu in your record attempt, you"ll should beat the Elite four again to get them come respawn for one more chance in ~ them. What adheres to is the place of every of the 4 guardian Tapu Pokémon. Don"t forget come visit our Pokémon Sun and also Moon overview for much more tips, hints, and walkthroughs!

How to catch Tapu Koko

If friend play v the game and also defeat the Elite 4 as normal, climate you"re going to run right into Tapu Koko no issue what. ~ a long sequence celebrating her victory, Lillie will lead you come Tapu Koko"s altar, wherein it will appear and also initiate a fight through you. Tapu Koko is a Lightning/Fairy Pokémon, so before you take it on the Elite four for the an initial time, make certain you either have actually a Pokémon tailor make to catching Tapu Koko when you take them ~ above or come all set to usage a master Ball top top it.

How to capture Tapu Lele

Go to the holy place of Life top top Akala Island previous Memorial Hill and also Akala Outskirts. Once inside, use Machamp shove to press the rightmost crate up right into the hole, then push the box directly to the left right into the left hole. Finally, press the box on the left next in prior of friend up into the hole to gain accessibility to Tapu Lele. Tapu Lele is a Psychic/Fairy Pokémon, for this reason prepare accordingly.

How to catch Tapu Bulu

Go to the Haina Desert ~ above Ula"Ula Island and head north pasta heap of two rocks. Next, departure this screen to the east past a solitary small rock. You should now walk North past a little tree, then cut across the next screen with Mudsdale Gallop to go east past a heap of 4 stones. You"ll then uncover the pedestal v Psychium Z ~ above it. For more information on wherein all the Z-Crystals are, examine out just how to find All the Z-Crystals. Go back the method you pertained to find a brand-new screen. Currently head phibìc one an ext time to uncover the damages of Abundance.

You"ll need to push some much more boxes through Machamp shove to continue. Push the right one up till you can cross the main path left, then push the left one in front of you up to acquire to the altar. Tapu Bulu is a Grass/Fairy Pokémon.

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How to catch Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini is on Poni Island, and the ruins of hope should already be addressed from when you went there throughout the key game. Tapu Fini is Water/Fairy, and likewise uses the relocate Aqua Ring to heal a little bit of health every turn, therefore be prepared with means to store Tapu Fini whittled down as that does.