(Solution) (1) funding budgeting decisions room risky because every one of the adhering to are true except: The outcome is uncertain. Large amounts of money are usually...

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Capital budgeting decisions room risky because all of the following are true



The outcome is uncertain.

Large amounts of money space usually involved.

The investment requires a irreversible commitment.

The decision might be challenging or difficult to reverse.

They rarely create net cash flows.



A brand-new manufacturing maker is intended to expense $278,000, have actually an eight-year life, and a

$30,000 rescue value. The an equipment will productivity an yearly incremental after-tax revenue of

$35,000 ~ deducting the straight-line depreciation. Compute the accounting rate of

return for the investment.








The calculation of yearly net cash circulation from a certain investment project should include

all that the following



Income taxes.

Revenues generated by the investment.

Cost of commodities generated by the investment.

Depreciation expense.

General and also administrative expenses.



A disadvantage of using the payback duration to compare investment alternatives is that:

It ignores cash flows past the payback period.

It has the time worth of money.

It cannot be supplied when cash flows space not uniform.

It can not be provided if a agency records depreciation.

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It cannot be supplied to compare investments with various initial investments.

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