The fantasy football season is winding down with the playoffs ~ above the horizon. Below are the top running backs to include heading right into the next week that NFL action.

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It"s currently time come look in ~ which to run backs to include to her fantasy soccer team. Complying with a wild NFL mainly 10, there"s some brand-new names emerging, while other old vets are showing they still have actually something left in the tank.

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Be certain to check the end our QB adds. Now, here"s a look at the optimal RBs come add.

Falcons RB Steven Jackson

Because Jackson is one of 4 running backs that the Falcons commonly rotate around, countless potential owners have skipped out on choose up Steven Jackson, and also out of those that have him, just 51% have actually started. I was lucky enough to it is in in the bare majority of the statistic, as his 81 yards top top 16 carries, add to a touchdown offered me the boost I needed.

Jackson had what was arguably his finest game the the year for this reason far, spring fresh turn off the farewell week and accumulating a 5.1 yards per lug average, a number many would think about representative the a very successful outing. He included 14 yards on two receptions as well. Ns wouldn"t allow the four running earlier deal scare me out of a hard pickup if you need a running back.

Despite the fact that the carries have been split, it would certainly be a negative move not to ride the hot hand if you"re the Falcons coaching staff. Ideal now, that way going v Jackson.

Broncos RB C.J. Anderson

It was supposed to it is in Hillman that got the carries, however Anderson had actually something else in mind for the Broncos" soil game. After ~ compiling 90 yards on simply 13 carries (folks, that"s a 6.9 yard-per-carry mark), Anderson will certainly most definitely be considered in the mix because that lead dead in Denver"s offense.

The second-year running ago was explosive and perhaps an ext importantly, constant with breaking into the 2nd level the the Oakland defense. Anderson also included a 73 yards receiving top top just 4 receptions, demonstrating the confidence the Peyton Manning had in him, in spite of the fact that this is the only video game where he"s put up such numbers.

I"d bet that his typical game-time is around to increase, and he could provide a nice upside for Fantasy owner willing to take a chance on him.

The Browns soil game

Targeting the entire Browns running back staff may come off together strange to some, but hear this one out. The Bengals don"t have a really solid to run defense this year, yet the numbers the Cleveland"s backs to be able to combine for was still outstanding on brief rest.

Terrance West is currently owned in 66. 5% the leagues, but if that hasn"t been picked increase in yours, i wouldn"t waste time in grabbing him. He had actually 94 yards and also a touchdown this previous week. However, Crowell, who is only owned in 23.7% of leagues, likewise put increase 41 yards and also a score to provide owners a decent share the points for the week.

It confirmed that the Browns were willing to spread out the round around, not only indicating that your back is an ext likely to acquire carries in the run-by-committee system, however that he"ll likely be fresh when he sees playing time. Also Ben Tate, (the most owned, however who added the least) put up a score versus the Bengals.

More so 보다 the latter though, both West and also Crowell could be heavy targets if you"re hurting at the RB place on your roster.

49ers RB Carlos Hyde

The rise of Carlos Hyde took the next action in week 10. A second-round draft choose of the 49ers, Hyde had actually a dual-threat role in the much-needed roadway win at brand-new Orleans. Not just did he spark the running assault by providing a nine-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, he fielded 3 kicks and averaged 27.3 yards per return. He totaled 118 yards combined: 36 rushing and 82 on kick returns.

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Hyde took over the kick return duties after fellow rookie, wide receiver Bruce Ellington, suffered an fish eye injury top top a third-quarter punt return. That isn"t getting much work behind open minded Gore, but based on what we"ve seen from the rookie in his few carries, the is a must-have handcuff for Gore owners and also a clever stash in just about every organization if you"re in search of an RB who can emerge end the final stretch of the fantasy continuous season.

Vikings RB Matt Asiata

Chicago"s defense has been porous this season, i beg your pardon is simply one of countless reasons to pick up Vikings running ago Matt Asiata. The Vikings star, though no in the spotlight this past week due to a bye, is absolutely worthy of being in more than the 34% of leagues the he"s currently in.

Asiata placed up simply 26 yards versus Washington two weeks ago, however he also included 31 receiving yards, and an ext importantly, 3 touchdowns. Mega points ideal there. That should proceed to carry out fantasy owners with all the thinking in the human being to begin him versus Chicago, and also those in leagues that haven"t picked him up yet should add him to their roster as soon as possible

Texans RB Alfred Blue

The Texans can be beginning a new QB and also RB vs. The Browns in mainly 11. Ryan Mallett is set to make his first NFL start at QB, and also Arian Foster, who endured a groin injury in main 9, may not be over there to hand the sphere off too. Foster let go time earlier this year through a bum hammy.

Add Blue if you need a safety and security net if Foster is held out, and monitor his condition leading up to Houston"s mainly 11 game.