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Announcing it virtually a year in advance, seven-time Grammy award winner and Pollstar’s three-time peak female country touring artist Carrie Underwood will certainly launch a brand-new arena tour, The Cry Pretty tourism 360, in the feather of 2019 through special guest Maddie & Tae and Runaway June.

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Underwood do the announcement this morning in a an individual video to her fans, seen below. The tour comes to the Giant facility in Hershey on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Tickets, which begin at $46, plus fees, go on sale next Friday, Aug. 17 at 10 a.m. And also will be available at the Giant facility box office (550 Hersheypark Dr., Hershey), online at hersheyentertainment.com and ticketmaster.com, and also by phone in ~ 717-534-3911 or 800-745-3000.

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— Carrie Underwood (
carrieunderwood) respectable 8, 2018

Carrie Underwood will release she eagerly-anticipated brand-new album, “Cry Pretty,” top top Sept. 14. This will be her very first studio album on Capitol documents Nashville and also marks the first time she has co-produced her own album. The lead solitary and title track, “Cry Pretty,” debuted together the No. 1 tune in the United claims in every genres. The song additionally topped download charts in 38 countries around the world and also amassed end 3.5 billion society impressions throughout 66 nations during its week of launch in April, which to be culminated v a show-stopping power on the 2018 ACM Awards telecast. Underwood co-wrote the an effective single v Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, and Liz rose (a.k.a. The Love Junkies) and also co-produced “Cry Pretty” with other writer/producer David Garcia.

Following her effective The Storyteller tourism – stories in the Round, the new production will attribute a brand brand-new stage in the center of the arena floor, creating a unique 360-degree setting to permit fans on all sides of the arena one intimate watch of the concert. Barry Lather (Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson) is the tour’s an innovative director, and also Nick Whitehouse/Fireplay (Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé) is the production designer.

“I love performing in the round,” claims Underwood. “It’s so much fun for me and the band to play in every direction and also creates a much an ext intimate and also immersive endure for the audience, also in a bigger arena setting. The been interesting to introduce audiences to ‘Cry Pretty,’ and also I can’t wait to bring the brand-new album come life on this tour, along with every one of the songs we love to play live. I’m thrilled to be going out through an exceptional lineup – Maddie & Tae and also Runaway June space incredible artists that space going to carry even much more electricity to our shows.”

Underwood has arranged because that a donation that $1 from every ticket marketed for The Cry Pretty tour 360 come be added to Danita’s Children, which gives a for sure haven for abandoned and vulnerable children in Haiti when encouraging families to remain together through their education and also malnutrition programs.

The 35-year-old crossover country star emerged from the promise of her 2005 “American Idol” win to become a true multi-format, multimedia superstar, spanning success in music, television, and also film. A seven-time Grammy compensation winner, she has actually amassed end 100 major honors, sold 64 million documents worldwide, and recorded 26 No. 1 singles, 13 of i m sorry she co-wrote, with a brochure of song that have been streamed more than 2.6 billion time worldwide.

The an initial female artist to it is in twice named the Academy of country Music’s entertainment artist of the Year, Underwood was recognized by Pollstar as the optimal female nation touring artist for each of her headlining tourism in 2008, 2010, 2012, and also for 2016’s The Storyteller tour – story in the Round. She additionally topped Billboard’s height 25 tourism of 2016 as the leading female country artist and also was the top female artist on nation Aircheck’s top country radio performers perform for she success in both 2015 and 2016.

All 5 studio albums – “Some Hearts,” “Carnival Ride,” “Play On,” “Blown Away,” and also “Storyteller” – are certified platinum or multi-platinum, and each an American Music award winner together Favorite country Album and tallied an remarkable 40 weeks at No. 1 top top Billboard’s Top nation Albums chart. The RIAA’s highest certified nation album artist to debut this century, Underwood also holds the difference of the greatest album certification of any country artist to emerge since 2000 with the 8x multi-platinum success of her 2005 debut, “Some Hearts.” She is the all-time Top nation Artist (male or female) on RIAA’s Digital single Ranking, additionally placing her amongst the optimal 5 females in the background of RIAA’s Digital solitary Program throughout all genres.

In December of 2014, she released she platinum-certified “Greatest Hits: decade No. 1,” which produced two brand-new No. 1 access time co-written by Underwood, consisting of the RIAA-platinum, Grammy-winning “Something in the Water.” The cool Ole Opry member demonstrated her creative diversity in 2013, starring together Maria von Trapp in NBC’s three-hour vacation blockbuster, the Emmy-winning “The Sound of Music Live!,” whose airings attracted 44 million viewers. The reigning CMA woman Vocalist that the Year, Underwood declared her fourth win in the category amid the ongoing success of she chart-topping platinum fifth studio album, “Storyteller,” which created four No. 1 hits.

In 2017, Underwood returned for the fifth season as the voice of primetime television’s No. 1 program, “Sunday Night Football,” and in November, she co-hosted the CMA Awards for the 10th continually year.

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The wristband policy will it is in in effect for this event. Pan are permitted on the Hersheypark Entertainment complex property beginning at 7 a.m. ~ above Aug. 17. Two hours prior come the on-sale, fans will certainly be command in front of Giant facility box office, wherein they will certainly be approve a numbered wristband. Wristbands are accessible for one hour and, at the conclusion of that hour, a selected fan will certainly randomly choose a wristband that will recognize the heat order.