Venue location

In the Val d"Orcia, 20 minutes driving from Montalcino, ~ above the Via Francigena, a course traveled indigenous 725 A.D. By merchants and also pilgrims top top their way from Canterbury come Rome.

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Venue description

An 800-year-old estate now turned right into a luxury resort established by the Ferragamo family. The Estate has the old castle ruins, a medieval church and a historic village that represents the love of the resort. There is also a private 18-hole golf course, a high-end spa and leisure facilities to game every type of guest in a beautiful environment.



Wedding ceremonies

The Villa can be the setting of an i can not forget symbolic consciousness that deserve to take location in a verdant garden overlooking the damages of the middle ages castle, in the historical church of mountain Michele Arcangelo or in a suggestive inside hall.




Wedding banquets

The characteristic main paved road that the cross the Borgo is suggested most of all for the cocktail, Ristorante Campo del Drago is the ideal place for a memorable dinner, through a large terrace overlooking the breathtaking panorama that Montalcino and also Val d’Orcia (approximately 100 seats).

After dinner is recommended by the suggestive pool overlooking the valley.


Menus are all set at the Hotel. Proposals combine the Tuscan traditions with the Chef’s personal touch. Every food selection will it is in accompanied by a choice of the wines produced at the estate.

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Castiglion del Bosco heritage is immersed in the unique setup of the Val d’Orcia herbal Park. The estate has 11 to exclude, Villas accommodating 176 guest in 89 twin rooms. 3 of the villas: Villa Castello, Villa Oliviera and also Villa Chiusa have actually 42 Suites and also are part of the Borgo, the love of Castiglion del Bosco. The various other 8 Villas are spread transparent the property amongst breathtaking Tuscan landscapes.

Borgo accommodations: Villa Castello has 3 bedrooms because that max 6 guests + 1 extra bed. Villa Oliviera has actually 3 bedrooms because that max 6 guest +3 extra beds. Villa Chiusa has actually 4 king bedrooms for max 8 guest + 2 extra beds. Total number of guests in the borgo: 20 guests + 6 extra guests.

The other 8 Villas have from 3 to 6 bedrooms each with exclusive en-suite bathroom and also are identified by substantial indoor and also outdoor spaces with personal gardens and heated swim pool. Continual capacity of these 8 villas is 72 guests through the opportunity to include 17 extra beds.

Breakfast is included in room rates.


From March to November.

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