In this episode of Catfish, we start off in a hotel in Virginia Beach, VA, wherein Nev is bringing Max breakfast. Once they dig right into their food, they also dig right into the story and begin a video from Chelsea.

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Chelsea is 21, and she speak the story of how she met a male named Charles on many of Fish over a year ago. She says he’s nice, funny, and also smart – and also don’t forget attractive. She says they associated right away and she gained really solid feelings for him. She admits the she’s also thought around moving come Florida to it is in closer come him, but unfortunately they only message and have only ever before had one call conversation. She says that recently, one of her friends carried something to her attention that she thinks he could be lying about. She demands some assist from Max and also Nev to fulfill Charles and also get some answers.

Since Chelsea left her phone number, Nev decides to Facetime her ideal away. Nev make the efforts to get to recognize her a little bit, and also we find out through his questioning the Chelsea is walk to institution to be a R.N., and also she stays with her ideal friend Dominique and her mom. She talks a little bit an ext about just how she met Charles on many of Fish and also how they speak on the phone in ~ the beginning of your relationship yet haven’t since. Max asks if she’s tried to contact him and also she admits that she has, and also the number she had no much longer works.

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Nev asks about Charles, and also Chelsea describes he’s 23 and also he said her that he’s in the Navy, yet when she told one of her navy friends the her boyfriend remained in the Navy and also sent him a photo, her friend let her know that the uniform Charles to be wearing in the photo is in reality an military uniform.

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Max states that’s a rookie mistake come make, and asks if Chelsea think he’s lying around anything else. Chelsea claims she has a feeling he might be lying about being married or having actually a child, and also he simply doesn’t desire to tell her. Max says that since they’re in the same ar anyway, they should just accomplish up in person.

After gaining her address, Nev and also Max take turn off to Chelsea’s house. Max doesn’t garbage anytime with telling Nev how he yes, really feels. “If you’ve unable to do a year and a fifty percent and the guy who ostensibly loves friend can’t number out exactly how to be through you physically climate he doesn’t really desire to be through you.”

Nev counters with, “People feel prefer they find a special someone and they want to hang in there and also they desire to make it work, yet long that takes.”