It’s going to it is in one entertaining game at the 2015 rapid Lane Bowl through the main Michigan Chippewas’ high-powered passing offense led by quarterback Cooper Rush. They’ll give their opponents, the Minnesota gold Gophers, all they deserve to handle. The Gophers get in this game in spite of a 5-7 slate in the consistent season.

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Can the Chippewas placed a stamp on their season with a large win? Or will certainly the Gophers explode for a shot at their an initial ever bowl victory? check out on for whatever you require to understand heading right into this bowl game.

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Central Michigan Chippewas vs. Minnesota golden Gophers Preview

Where: Ford Field, Detroit

When: Monday, December 28, 5:00 pm ET

Line: central Michigan Chippewas (+6) vs. Minnesota golden Gophers (-6); full 48.5view all NCAA soccer lines

TV Broadcast: ESPN2

Betting ~ above the central Michigan Chippewas (7-5)

Quarterback Cooper sirloin is no stranger to vast games. He is passed for 3,703 yards and 25 touchdowns this season, leading his team to rank 14th in the FBS through 313.3 yards every game. Rush has actually been breathtaking this season v eight 300-yard games.

Minnesota has a hard passing defense that might limit Rush, permitting just 182.4 yards per video game (13th in the nation). However the Chippewas quarterback is no stranger when it comes to exceling in the postseason. He was spectacular in the Bahamas bowl last year, throwing because that a lining 493 yards and seven touchdowns in a 49-48 lose to western Kentucky.

What renders Rush so dangerous is his capacity to spread out his scoring passes to his receiving corps. Ben McCord and Corey Willis lead the team with five touchdowns each. Meanwhile, Jesse Kroll and also Anthony Rice rank 2nd on the team hauling in four scoring overcome each. Joe Bacci is the only other player with multiple scoring receptions through three.

Central Michigan likewise excels on the protective end, ranking 16th in the FBS with just 328.2yards permitted per game. They don’t have plenty that playmakers ~ above the defensive side that the ball, ranking close to the bottom of the nation in sacks (123rd), tackles because that loss (114th) and interceptions (110th). However they perform one hell that a job in getting enemies off the field. The Chippewas rank fifth in the organization in time that possession per game, offering their violation 33:39 ~ above the field.

The Chippewas are very live ‘dogs. They’re 7-1 ATS in their last eight gamings as underdogs.

Betting on the Minnesota golden Gophers (5-7)


The Minnesota golden Gopher’s running game disappointed this season, ranking 101st in the nation with simply 142.9 yards every game. However they did admire in a pair of solid outings, running for 255 and also 326 yards against Illinois (12) and Purdue (Week 6) respectively. Running ago Shannon Brooks has actually been quite solid when provided the possibility to shine. He’s run for 644 yards and seven scores ~ above 104 carries. It is a an extremely solid 6.2 yards every carry.

If the Gophers are to manage this ballgame against central Michigan, climate they’ll need to utilize Brooks as lot as they deserve to to chew turn off the clock. They likewise have a solid backup for a adjust of pace. Rodney smith ranks 2nd on the team v 596 yards ~ above 142 tote this season. Brooks and Smith should have actually their same share of moments to light in this game.

Utilizing your running video game should disguise quarterback Mitch Leidner’s inconsistency. He is completed simply 57.8 percent of his passes this season v 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. However Leidner might have part success airing out the ball against a central Michigan an additional lacking in playmakers. Main Michigan only has actually six interceptions this season, 110th in the nation.

How Minnesota’s pass defense stop up against the Chippewas’ aerial attack is the an essential to this game. The Gophers have limited opponents to simply 182.4 yards pass per game this season. A pair of defensive backs, Jalen Myrick and Briean Boddy-Calhoun, solidifies the secondary. Myrick and also Boddy-Calhoun have displayed some big-play capacity this season, every with three interceptions including a pick-six.

While the Gophers dropped 4 of their last five games this season, they went 4-1 ATS over that span.

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Writer’s Prediction

The Chippewas (+6) regulate the ball leading to an uncomfortable of Minnesota. Create a betting account now and also grab the ideal odds and also lines because that this thrilling bowl season.