In the Cubs" long and also storied history, plenty of pieces that media have been made about them.

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Starting through the still popular poem "Baseball"s Sad Lexicon," the Cubs have frequently inspired creativity in many various forms.

While plenty of were likely lost to time, below is a perform of the top 5 songs written around the Chicago Cubs.

"Go, Cubs, Go" was composed by Steve Goodman as a downhearted apology to then Cubs GM Dallas environment-friendly calling his recent song "A dying Cubs Fan"s critical Request" as well depressing.

While the song has actually been the team"s main victory track for many seasons, it"s overblown delusions that grandeur and also excellence it seems ~ to it is in rubbing salt in the wounds of the Wrigley faithful once they view the Cubs win a game in mid-September, and the Cubs room 15 gamings out.

Eddie Vedder"s "All The Way" has recorded the hearts of Cub fans, reflecting a love that the team in the face of seemingly endless torturous season endings.

However, the song"s tones and lyrics seem to offer the feeling of part hopelessness, regardless of the song"s intent.

The quintessential Cubs tune was created by Johnny Frigo earlier in 1968, and it quickly rose to popular the next year together the Cubs come oh-so close come making their very first World series trip in 29 years.

Often supplied in nostalgic settings only, "Hey Hey, divine Mackerel" is still a solid song about the north Siders.

Despite gift laden through cynicism and despair, no perform of songs about the Cubs can possibly be complete without "A dying Cubs Fan"s critical Request."

When the track was written, the Cubs hadn"t to be to the playoffs in practically 40 years, and hadn"t winner the World series in more than 70.

The song chronicles the final wishes the a dice Cubs pan on his fatality bed, wishing a full funeral procession at Wrigley, despite becoming completely disillusioned v the team.

The track speaks the wanting to be cremated and having the singer"s ashes cleared at Wrigley.

While the Cubs officially refuse Steve Goodman"s family"s request to spread out his ashes in ~ Wrigley, legend has actually it that some of his ashes were snuck in against the understanding of the ushers and team and also spread anyway.

1: "Do the emboldened (Win that Championship)" by liquid Minds
5 that 5

While you"ve probably heard the an initial four songs here over and also over, I assure you, this is the biggest song around the Cubs that you"ve never heard of.

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Better than any type of of the various other songs, this tune embodies the never-ending enthusiasm of Cub fans, there is no the overtones that despair in "All The Way" or delusional claims of being a powerhouse in "Go, Cubs, Go."

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