Choi Ara, model and brand-new Cast that Age of Youth 2

Debuting on the tiny screens v the part of life drama Age that Youth 2, Choi Ara made everyone look at she direction through her organic acting an abilities and tall number as Joo-eun, the brand-new girl in Belle’s Epoque. Despite her name is unfamiliar in the soil of K-Drama, Choi Ara is considered to it is in an experienced model who has been in high need for wade the runway by countless noteworthy designers, and being the design for renowned brand products. Considering her popular role in Age of Youth 2, that comes together no surprise that many world have come to be curious around Choi Ara and also her career before becoming an actress.

Thus, in this article, thedesigningfairy.com will carry out you with everything around Choi Ara, beginning from her personal profile, through the list of her functions in the fashion industry, newspaper appearances, advertisement shoots, TV shows, to she Instagram Feed. So, stay tuned!

Choi Ara’s full Profile


Stage Name: Choi Ara

Birth Name: Choi Ah-ra

Place and Date that Birth: Seoul, south Korea, January 14th, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Rooster

Nationality: south Korean

Education: Sungkyunkwan University, through a significant in the department of Acting

Talent Agency: Aile Model agency (formerly joined K Plus prior to it ended up being a component of YG Entertainment)


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Choi Ara’s Age, Height, and also Weight


As has actually been presented in her personal profile earlier, Choi Ara to be born in 1993. According to the Korean period System, in 2019 Choi Ara’s period is 27 year old while follow to the International period System, Choi Ara is 26 years old. Other than Choi Ara, there room other oriental celebrities that were born in 1993 as well, such together INFINITE’s Sungjong, IU, Yoo Seung-ho, T-ara’s Jiyeon, Lee Hyun-woo, Apink’s Eunji, Park Seon-ho, previous SISTAR member Da-som, Lee Tae-sun, Kang Yoon-jae, Bae Noo-ri, and also Shin Jae-ha. Choi Ara is thought about to it is in a really tall and also slim woman as her height is 178 cm, vice versa, her weight is 45 kg.

List of Choi Ara’s TV Show, Advertisement, Fashion Show, and also Magazine Appearances


Making her debut in the entertainment industry at the young age of 16, Choi Ara’s confront is fairly familiar among those who room interested in fashion. Gift 178 centimeter tall, Choi Ara commonly graces magazine covers and editorials.

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Besides, Choi Ara is the constant pick of developers who sign up with Seoul Fashion Week together she is may be to carry the outfits’ notion that the creators have in mind, be it feminine, tomboyish, trendy, or eccentric. Here, you can examine out the list of Choi Ara’s television show, advertisement, fashion show, and magazine appearances!

September 2009 – Singles Korea

December 2009 – J watch Korea

2010 – Music video clip of 8eight’s “The end is Coming” (along v 2PM’s Nichkhun)

2010 – Music video clip of Unknown Dress’s “Shooting Star”

January 2010 – Vogue Girl Korea

March 2010 – Marie Claire Korea

April 2010 – Marie Claire Korea, Dazed and Confused Korea

May 2010 – Elle Girl Korea, Marie Claire Korea, My Wedding Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea

June 2010 – Vogue Girl Korea

July 2010 – NYLON Korea, Elle Girl Korea

August 2010 – Elle Korea

September 2010 – W Korea, NYLON Korea, Dazed & confused Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Style H Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea

October 2010 – Marie Claire Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, W Korea, Vogue Korea

December 2010 – Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, W Korea, NYLON Korea, Singles Korea, Sure Korea

2010 – Commercial movie Sky ‘Jamband’ (along v idol team ZE:A)

2010 – Commercial film 2011 F/W- SKONO Korea (along through Lee Jong-suk)

January 2011 – Vogue Girl, Cosmopolitan Korea, Dazed & perplexed Korea, Elle Girl Korea, Lemon Tree Korea, Marie Claire Korea, NYLON Korea, Sure Korea

February 2011 – Elle Girl Korea, Singles Korea, Vogue Girl, W Korea

March 2011 – Dazed & confused Korea, Elle Korea, NYLON Korea, W Korea, Singles Korea

April 2011 – Harper’s Bazaar, W Korea, Vogue Girl

May 2011 – Ceci Korea, Vogue Girl Korea

June 2011 – Singles Korea, W Korea, My Wedding Korea

August 2011 – Vogue Korea, Harper’s Bazaar

September 2011 – Dazed & puzzled Korea, Wonder Woman, Elle Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Marie Claire Korea

October 2011 – W Korea, Singles Kore, Maison Korea, Elle Girl Korea, Dazed & confused Korea, Elle Korea, Style H, Vogue Girl Korea

November 2011 – Vogue Girl Korea, Nylon Korea, W Korea

December 2011 – Elle Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Luxury Korea, Arena Korea

2011 – Commercial movie Skin Food

2011- Commercial movie Demi Soda (along through musician and also actor No Min-woo)

2011 – Adidas Originals #represent campaign Korea (with Stephanie Lee)

2011 – SKONO Korea F/W 2011 (with Lee Jong-suk)

2011 – MLB style Korea S/S 2011

2012 – Fashion display 2012 S/S Seoul Fashion Week (Kwak Hyun-joo, Push button by Park Seung-gun, Steve J & Yoni P, Roliat through Hong Sung-wan, RAD by Rad Hourani, and How and also What by Park Byung-yu)

2012 – Fashion present 2012 F/W Seoul Fashion Week (Kwak Hyun-joo)

January 2012 – Elle Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Nylon Korea, Vogue Girl Korea

February 2012 – Marie Claire Korea, Singles Korea, Vogue Girl Korea

March 2012 – Allure Korea, Elle Korea, My Wedding, 1st Look, Marie Claire Korea, W Korea

April 2012 – Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Nylon Korea, Singles Korea, Vogue Girl Korea

May 2012 – Sure Korea, Dazed & perplexed Korea, Elle Korea

June 2012 – Vogue Korea, Singles Korea

July 2012 – Singles Korea, Ceci Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Vogue Girl

August 2012 – Singles Korea, Beauty+ Korea, Vogue Korea, Elle Korea, Dazed & perplexed Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Nylon Korea

September 2012 – Vogue Girl Korea, Ceci Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Elle Korea, In style Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Style H Korea, Sure Korea, Vogue Korea, W Korea, Elle Girl Korea, Lemon Tree

October 2012 – Ceci Campus Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Singles Korea, Marie Claire Korea, MAPS Korea, High Cut, Elle Girl Korea, Elle Korea, Dazed & perplexed Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea

November 2012 – Elle Korea (20th Anniversary), W Korea – Maison photographed through Jung Ki Rak (Stunning pictorial), Vogue Girl Korea, Nylon Korea, Ceci Korea

December 2012 – Vogue Girl Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Elle Korea, Ceci Korea, Allure Korea, Beauty+ Korea, Dazed & puzzled Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea

2012 – MLB Korea X past Closet S/S 2013 (with Ahn Jae-hyun, Park Hyeong Seop, and also Park Ji- woon)

2012 – Shu Uemura

2013 – Fashion show 2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week (Jardin De Chouette)

2013 – Fashion present 2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week (Kiok, Kwak Hyun-joo, short Classic, Paul & Alice, SongZio Homme by tune Zio, and Jardin De Chouette)

2013 – Fashion show 2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week (Low Classic and also Jardin de Chouette)

January 2013 – Elle Girl Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Sure Korea, Marie Claire Korea