Choose the substance v the greatest viscosity. I have the correct answer, yet I need a tiny help knowledge it.

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Hello. I had actually a problem in mine homework the I have a tiny trouble understanding. Originally, ns assumed AsBr5 had actually the highest viscosity since it had the highest possible molar mass. However, my teacher it was wrong and OBr2 to be the exactly answer. Ns wouldn't have guessed that especially because it has the lowest molar mass. Do know why that is? go it need to do v polarity?

Choose the substance through the highest possible viscosity.

A: SbBr3

B: AsBr5

C: IBr2

D: BeBr2

E: OBr2

Thank you and also sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Viscosity has to do with exactly how the molecule interact, if you try and yank them apart, how difficult would that be?

Obviously one method to gain there is lengthy polymers like rubber or starch that can acquire all wound increase in one another, yet these molecules are all rather small, so that's not it.

So us next must think around other attractive forces. The the main thing come look for below would be molecule dipole interactions.

A and also B space pyramidal, which is a an excellent start.

C is straight & symmetric. No net dipole, short viscosity.

D and also E room bent, i m sorry is a an excellent start.

Out of A, B, D, and also E, then, every one of these have similar bond dipole strengths... The just really large differentiator is the E is lot lighter than any other molecule here, and so will certainly be much much more densly packed and much more affected by dipole interactions, therefore E is the finest answer.

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I'm not sure if its exactly or not but I think it may have to do with intermolecular interactions.

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Lighter compounds are an ext easily impacted by intermolecular forces

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